Team Grindy


Team Grindy

20 Alternating Clean and Jerks – 135/95# (Person A does 1, then person B does 1, etc, until 20 are done)
5 rounds of Cindy (Person A does 1 round, person B does one round, etc, until 5 are done)
20 Alternating Clean and Jerks
5 rounds of Cindy
20 Alternating Clean and Jerks

*Partners must use the same weight
**Cindy is 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats

Compare to May 11/13

Big balls

Big balls

6 Responses

  1. Partner Grindy with Matt
    C&J @ 120#
    Time: 12:25

    Started feeling the extra weight in the 3rd round of lifts but loved that wod
    Thanks for all the love from the Saturday crew on my 500th class & special thanks to Kevin for coming in AND surprising me with a donut ❤️
    So happy to have my tshirt 😊

  2. Marcel

    Partnered with Mike Moody

    Cindy Rx, but scaled weight.

    Used 115#

    Time: 14:04

    Congrats Cara glad I was there to see you get your 500th class shirt. Thanks for the class Shane and great job Mike.

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