Partner Cindy


Partner Cindy

Best of luck to Blake, Amanda and Kevin today. They’re running the 8km Terrain Run at the Hopewell Rocks today.

AMRAP 20 min
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

-One Partner Runs 400m
-Other Partner works through Rounds of Cindy
-Running Partner picks up where other Partner left off, keep alternating
-Score is total number of rounds completed

Compare to July 11/15



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  1. Snatch Balance x3 + Squat Snatch x3
    75# – 95# – 135#

    WOD: 2016 Regionals Event 1 – Scaled
    10 squat snatches 75# (done at 1:40, cap 2:00)
    8 squat snatches 95# (done at 3:40, cap 4:00)
    6 squat snatches 115# (done at 5:48, cap 6:00)
    4 squat snatches 135# (done at 7:47, cap 8:00)
    2 squat snatches 155# (cap 11:00)
    = 10:17

    Very cool workout! I can appreciate the regionals a bit more now. 🙂 Will try it again in the future.

    Rounds of 8 and 6 will work cardio/legs, then 4 and 2 need concentration on power and technique under fatigue. Kept riding that line under each time cap, got two no-reps on round of 10. Used two barbells, same as regionals, one for the first 3 sets, another for last 2 sets… I guess I could’ve kept stacking 10s.

    Also, current PR is 175#, heaviest weight used is about 88%.

  2. CAM

    Group WU
    WOD Rx”d with Amber, THE best partner 🙂
    15 rounds even.
    First run of the year! It was the same as every run…every year… Sucked huurrd!

    Thanks Ron

  3. John

    Open gym

    Mob, WU
    Double under practice, power clean warmup

    5 Rounds
    5 Power clean @ 75% = 95#
    10 double unders


    This one was a “hey this will be a good way to work on doubles in a WOD without being too crazy”. Yeah. I was laid out on the floor after. Turns out, pretty good WOD.

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