Friday QODs are back!


Friday QODs are back!

What was your highlight of the Open?

Bench – 3RM Test

Core Cashout
50 Ring Inverts
50 Plank Switches


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  1. What a great WOD! Who could ever come up with such brilliant ideas?!

    It’s hard to pick one moment from the Open…I think I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed all the WODs this year.

  2. Trent

    Wu x2
    Group Mob

    Wod RX’d
    15:48 (10sec PR)

    Ha, I cant believe I got a PR on this Wod with the rep scheme ascending.

    Fun Class!

  3. Janet

    Best part of the open was judging and watching Hannah finish 16.2. Watch out for her in the future. Best part post open was finding out Heather S qualified for Masters Qualifier. She really is a Gym Class Hero

  4. Kevin W

    Bench x 3
    Thanks for sharing the bar Cody. Nice PR!

    Cash out
    Broke into many sets.

    Played 2 hours of squash this afternoon. Will play a couple more tonight!

  5. Q.O.D.-
    First- that i friggin did it! It scared the crap out of me to sign up, but it was all good.
    Second- i loved getting to know my tribe better and the Comradery- go wodding crashers
    Third- knowing how next year can only get better

  6. Mike M

    185-225-245-255-275-260(but crapped out after1.5). Good job dell and Anthony of course. Next time I try 295 three times before I get tired
    Cash out – knee raises sets of 7-8
    Push up switch things. Sets of 8-10

    See everyone tommorrow

  7. Mike M

    Seeing Trent and Elba do the 6 am class so they can ensure that they will be with libations and beverages dressed in green doing their Irish thing at night # dedication

  8. Mario B

    Never did bench press in class so did
    Wu 45 then 85-95-115-135-155-165 x3.
    Favorite part of the open personally was being able to compete in it, was very tentative to sign up
    Making it to 16 minutes in 16.2 was my best result.

    Great bunch of people in the gym and great coaches. Feels very reassuring everything you get corrected in a movement as they are all concerned with everyone improvements and proper technique!! Really looking this Crossfit thing!!

  9. Nick

    MOB WUX2

    Group MOB

    Bench Day 3RM

    Core Cashout
    -Did 18 Ring Inverts and the remainder in kneee rsises
    – 50 Plank Switches in sets of 10-15

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