Friday’s QOD


Friday’s QOD

If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?

Hang Snatch – build up to a heavy double

Core cashout with options!

Who do you think won?

Who do you think won?

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  1. Trent

    QOD: Are you trying to say I could change my name to “Sir Trencho El Rey Del Mundo” hummm naaa I better not, I wouldn’t want my greatness to be so obvious.

  2. Hang snatch – build up to heavy double
    Kept light to see how the wrist feels
    35, 55 (many, many times), 65, 65

    Cashout: 60 hanging knee raises. Well.. the little grip I had before my wrist injury is gone. Wain.

  3. Mark D

    MOB + WU + 10 Wall Balls #14
    Group MOB + Burgener WU

    Hang Snatch – build up to a heavy double
    45# – 65#…trying to get down and up from a good squat

    60 Knee Raises

  4. Shane H

    I don’t know what I would change my name to! 
    Hang Snatch – build up to a heavy double

    95/115/135/155/165 x 1/ 165/165 failed only once at 165. Felt good this morning was really concentrating on speed, pulling myself under the bar! 
    15 skin the cats, strict no kipping. 
    Also managed to do a couple back levers! 
    Thanks for the class Maria! Great work everybody! 

    Score: 2

  5. Heather S

    Light HPSnatch
    Worked on keeping bar close
    35- 45 X many
    65 X 2 sets

    15 (approx) skin the cat
    Ring inverts X ?

    Well I don’t think I was close enough to skinning any cats to scare them, but happy with the progress since I’d never tried them before (Thanks for catching that on video Tracy – so glad you aren’t tech-y enough to post that anywhere!!).
    And bonus round – now that I’ve tried them, ring inverts are no problem. Apparently the trick to CFT is trying something worse to make your fear seem manageable!!

    Big thanks to Heidi for inspiring me to give it a try πŸ™‚

  6. Janet

    Mob WU x 1
    10 wall balls
    Group WU

    Hang Snatch – build up to a heavy double
    35# x2 – 40# x2 a bunch of times and 45# x 2 a bunch more times

    Thanks for the tips kevin

    60 knee raises

  7. Hang snatch x2

    15 “skin the cat”

    Thanks Blake!
    And thanks Blake and Josh for getting me started on some MU progressions

  8. Mob WU x 1
    10 wall balls
    Group WU

    Hang Snatch – build up to a heavy double
    20 then 25 many, many times, light for shoulder. Worked on technique.

    60 knee raises

    Impressed by Bob doing Skin the Cats. I didn’t know he could do that!! πŸ™‚

    Nice work all and thanks Maria for the class.

    QOD: I like my name so never entertained another one.

  9. I think Lynne won, she’s super quick and agile πŸ™‚ Sorry Alex! You get bonus points for doing it in your uniform though πŸ˜‰

    QOD: People call me lots of weird names, which leads me to believe that maybe my own name isn’t all that memorable. Dan calls me “Tosha”. I have friends who call me “LC”. All throughout school, I was called “Terrible”(a play on Tara Bell). If I had to choose a new name for myself, I would pick something Gaelic like “Aoife”, or something from Greek Mythology like “Circe”.

  10. Heidi

    Hang Snatch x 2

    I had to fight hard to hold on to the 70#. Oddly, the last set felt better than the first 2. This lift still gets in my head.

    Cash out: 15 Skin the Cats.
    Turns out, these were fun!

    My name change….I guess it would be Daigle, since I already changed it to that many many years ago. So far, no regrets so I’ll stick with that as my answer. I can hear the collective “Awwww” now πŸ™‚

    Happy weekend.

  11. Hang Snatch up to 75#

    Cashout: I was getting nauseous going upside down! Shouldn’t have skipped breakfast. So I did a little bit of everything πŸ™‚

    QOD: I like my name because it’s not very common. Hmmm if I could change my name it would be something funky and you know Apple or Pink..and I would only be known by my first name haha.

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