Friday’s QOD


Friday’s QOD

You’ve been kidnapped. You can call on the characters from one television show to make a rescue attempt. Which show do you pick?

Row 10k with a partner
Switch every 1000m

*40 min cap

*Row-uary athletes – this will only count if you AND a partner from your team complete it together.


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  1. Ange

    10 km row with Katelyn – 8645m I think, I can’t remember what we wrote down

    QOD: Scandal – Olivia Pope and Associates all the way!!!!

  2. Mark D

    MOB + Group WU

    10km Row with Bob – 40 min cap

    QOD: 1 call to Jax Teller and all problems are solved when the boys from SOA roll in….you don’t want to “meet Mr. Mayhem”…you only get to meet him once.

  3. Mob + group WU
    WOD with partner Jackie
    Total–> 9565 meters

    Great job morning peeps!

    Open Gym
    12 km row

    QOD: The Incredible Hulk. You just done mess with Dr. Banner.

  4. Rémi B

    * Not today related but tomorrow…

    Only 10 spots available for the lab tomorrow with no option for the wait list. Any way I can get put on notice if there is room?


    1. Kevin W

      The wait list is currently full. You’ll just have to check to see if space opens up. We can’t have a full gym while the drop-ins are going on. That’s why the class size is set to 10.

  5. Frankie

    Group warm up

    10km row with Matt
    Switch every 1000m
    *40 min cap

    time: 39:38 and 10 km rowed for team 2!

    QOD: Jack Bauer from 24

  6. WOD with the lovely Maria
    Thanks for being my partner even though I only rowed with one leg 🙂
    Total: 7768m

    QOD: I’d want the cast of the Walking Dead. They’re resourceful. Tough as nails. Know how to use a variety of weapons. Physically Strong. Resilient. And a little crazy. Plus you know Darryl Dixon is going to go full on ham to get you out of there.

  7. Chris

    WOD – 5K single row
    Time = 32:19.3

    QOD: a day late but Sterling Archer and his team of misfit agents…and only if he brings an extra black turtle neck.

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