Yankee Swap


Yankee Swap

*Classes will be capped at 16. If you’re on a wait list, please select a different class. 

Everyone that comes will select a number and then choose a ‘present’. Upon opening it, you’ll find a workout. If you were #2, you have the option of switching with #1. Number 3 can switch with 1 or 2, and so on. Person #1 will be allowed to switch with anyone…so you’d better hope to get #1!


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  1. Laura

    Yankee swap:

    Jackie (2 years in a row!)
    1000m row
    50 thrusters 45#
    30 pull ups (ring rows)
    Time: 11:20

    PR of 10# and 25 sec from last year 🙂

    Thanks Patrick!

  2. Ange

    My favourite day at CFM…
    I got “Georgia” again this year…. so excited….

    “Georgia” RX
    5 Rounds
    10 Power Cleans @ 95#
    15 Push Ups


    Last year I used 85# and finished at 8:50 – 9 second PR and 10# more… I’m very happy with that.

  3. Yankee Swap

    Fran – Thanks Bob 😉
    Thrusters @65#
    Pull-ups (ring rows)

    Time: 7:27 (PR for weight, not time. Just glad I didn’t puke)

    Fun. Good work everyone 🙂 Thanks Patrick.

  4. Terri-Lynn

    Yankee Swap
    150 wall balls (20/14)
    @ 10#

    I had a date with Karen for the third year running. Finally finished it for the first time with a second to spare. 🙂 What a great morning.


  5. Amanda

    Darrell, I’m sorry!

    I ended up with Fran. It was my 10th time doing it. 2nd time RX. And I didn’t get a PR but I was still happy with my time. 8:12

  6. Yankee Swap!

    Elizabeth with power cleans

    Power Cleans @ 85#
    Ring Dips

    Time = 6:37

    I had this WOD last year too! But I did squat cleans @ 75# instead and ring dips..my toes were touching, my time was over 9 min. It’s hard to compare. Not a bad WOD considering the options 🙂

  7. Heather S

    Fran RXd!!!
    First time ever and so excited. And respectably under the time cap. Big big big benchmark for me so Merry Christmas Fran -for now you’re my favorite❤️

    Time: 7:45

  8. Mob+WU x1

    Group Mob & WU (5 Pushups, Situps, Squats) completed 3 rounds and 2 push ups in 90 seconds

    Yankee Swap
    “Georgia” 15 min cap
    – 10 Power Cleans (135/95#) did @ 80# like Sunday
    -15 Push Ups

    Time – 10:10

    Merry Christmas to everyone I don’t see tomorrow for the 12 days of Christmas!

  9. Matt H

    Well, “Christine” showed me what it feels like to be away from crossfit for over a month..

    Christine rx – 3 rounds
    500m row
    12 deadlifts @ bodyweight (175#)
    21 box jumps 24″


    Fun class, glad to be back even though it was hell.

  10. Heidi

    Drew Fran but traded with Gabe for Grace 🙂

    30 Clean & Jerks @ 85#
    Time = 6:32 or 6:37 I think. My book is at gym

    That we really heavy! I am quite certain that I have not done Grace over 75# before. Slowed me down, but the heavy weight was fun (sort of)

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