Saturday Bash!


Saturday Bash!

Part 1
Med Ball Situp Relay

Part 2
3 rounds
Max reps for 1 min

Part 3
With a partner,
75 KBS (can’t touch ground)
75 OH Lunges (can’t touch ground)
75 Pushups (while partner holds plank)

Compare to Dec.27/14

Bomb proof overhead squat

Bomb proof overhead squat

4 Responses

  1. Med ball relay with so many different med balls!

    Part 2 death – 232 reps total

    Part 3 fun with Vanessa!
    We each did:
    Sets of 10 for KBS @ 35#
    Sets of 10 OH lunges @ 25#
    Sets of 5 for pushups


    Great morning at the gym, thanks Kevin!
    …and thank you for getting me to go sweat out that wine Vanessa!

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