Raffle basket


Raffle basket

We are selling tickets on this lovely Canadian Christmas Basket. You can keep it for yourself, re-gift it, or just keep the wine and give away the rest. All proceeds will go directly to our Christmas Family, who we have found out is a single mother with 2 boys at home ages 14 and 15.

It is all packaged in the lovely Moose design canvas basket on the right in the picture and includes:
Large (super soft) throw
Pine scented candle
Fun board game
Tin of hot cocoa and mug
Christmas Moose decoration
Ganong chocolates
Jost Vineyards red wine
750ml Bottle local maple syrup

Tickets are…..
1 for $5 or 3 for $10

Tickets will be available and donations accepted until December 13. This will give Kevin and I about a week to put everything together and deliver to the family just before Christmas.

You can see the basket on the table under the warm-up board. Ballots and donations can both go in the bin beside it (the one covered in red garland).

Back Squat x7
5 sets @ 70%

AMRAP in 5 min
Wall Balls (20/14# @ 10/9′)
*each time you break, 7 Med Ball Situps


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  1. Mark D

    MOB + WU + 15 Wall Balls
    Group MOB

    Back Squat x7
    5 sets @ 70%
    WU – 135# x 2

    AMRAP in 5 min
    Wall Balls – 14#
    *each time you break, 7 Med Ball Situps
    Count: 48

  2. Maria

    Open gym
    Back squats x 7 5 sets @ 125#

    WOD Rx’d

    I don’t know how many sets…like 5? Airball and dropped the ball twice :)… but I did a wallball WOD alone with minimal swearing so that’s progress.
    Great job Kevin!

  3. Hannah

    Group WU
    “Screw Them In”

    Back Squat x7
    5 sets @ 70%, 90lb

    WOD: AMRAP in 5 mins
    unbroken wall balls 10lb @ 9′
    **Each time you break, 7 med ball situps

    58 wallballs

  4. Breanna

    Back Squat x7
    5 sets @ 70%
    130# .

    AMRAP in 5 min
    Wall Balls
    *each time you break, 7 Med Ball Situps

    90 wall balls . (3 times med ball sit ups)

  5. Steph H

    WU x1
    15 wall balls

    group mob

    Back Squat x7
    WU @ 85 & 95#
    5 sets @ 110#(1 set) & 105# (4 sets)

    AMRAP 5mins
    – Unbroken Wall Balls
    *Each time broken 7 med ball situps
    Total: 50 Wallballs

    *This was class #400 for Me! WooHoo!

  6. Gilles

    mob wux1 + 15 wall ball
    group mob
    back squat x 7
    135×5 185×7
    200×5 5 set
    AMRAP in 5 min
    unbroken wall ball 16#
    each time you break (7 med ball sit up)

  7. Frankie

    WU x 1 + 15 Wall Balls

    Back Squat x7
    5 sets @ 215#

    WOD: AMRAP in 5 min
    – Wall Balls
    *each time you break, 7 Med Ball Situps

    Score: 60 Rx

  8. Heidi

    Back Squats
    Built up to 115# (Based on 70% of 160#…not really sure what my 1RM is any more)
    5 Sets of 7 Reps

    Max Wall Balls in 5 Min. – 14#
    Every break do 7 WB sit up
    10-7-7-7-6-2 = 39 Wall Balls

    Less than stellar performance on this one, for sure. On my first set of 10, I could have done more, but my strategy was to stop before I gassed out. In hindsight, think I should have kept going for max effort on the 1st set. The wall ball sit ups really toasted my shoulders & then I didn’t have much left in them when I went back to the wall balls. Really struggled to hit the 10′ mark in the later rounds.

    Welcome back to the 6 a.m. show Natacha. Hope to see you around more often.

  9. Amanda

    WOD RX’d: 49 reps

    I made the mistake of thinking the target was 10 feet and I did my first two rounds like that. The next two I did at 9 feet, and was doing my last set when the clock ran out.


  10. Annie

    Back Squat x7
    5 sets @ 70% @ 80#

    AMRAP in 5 min
    Wall Balls (20/14# @ 10/9′) #10
    *each time you break, 7 Med Ball Situps

    total 64

    Thanks Steph for squatting with me #solocrossfitter

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