Games WOD


Games WOD

Thrusters x3
5 sets @ 70%

Triangle Couplet
15-10-6 reps
Bar Muscle-ups (2x pullups)
Thrusters (165/115#/heavy)

*10 min cap


We’ve now had visitors from 5 different continents.

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  1. Maria

    Open Gym
    “Michael” Rx’d
    Abmat for situps

    Time = 19:43

    10 seconds off my PR, still happy with my time! Great job Heather and Kevin, I was happy to have a couple of friends join in on the fun 🙂

  2. Mob + WU

    Back Squat
    225# x2 x3sets
    245# x2 x3sets
    275# x2 x2sets
    295# x2 x2sets

    Group WU

    Thrusters x3 x5sets @ 165#

    WOD 15-10-6 reps
    – Pullups (x2)
    – Thruster 135#
    = 9:32

    Did one Bar MU, then struggled to do another, switched right away to x2 pullups… almost puked on that one, one of the worst pullup/thruster WODs I’ve done.

    Good job gang!

  3. Mob + WUx1(15 reps)

    Group WU

    Thrusters x3 x5sets @ 50#

    WOD 15-10-6 reps
    – Ring Rows (x2)
    – Thrusters 50#
    = 4:30

    Arms felt like they were going to fall off. Next Thruster WOD I will need to increase the weight. They were hard but need to be harder.

  4. Shane Hayes

    Quick mobility and Wu, plus extra mobility.
    Tested squats, not happening my back is too tight today…
    Did a version of the triangle couplet
    Bar mu’s
    Thrusters @165 I did push presses @ 135
    7:08, I think.
    Good Wod, I will try the thruster version when my back is up to it.
    Thanks Steph!!

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