Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Good mornings
50 Sit-ups

*25 min cap

Compare to Aug.13/14

Julia is off to Kenya. Everyone at CFM wishes her a safe trip!

Julia is off to Kenya. Everyone at CFM wishes her a safe trip!

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  1. Open Gym did Mob. Mein I’m pretty beat up this week.

    Group Mob
    Wod Michael Rx’d
    Time: 23:33 Pr’d by 31 secs

    Mein my calves, my poor calves.

  2. Mob, WU (15 rep), 400m run


    Michael (scaled)
    3 rounds:
    400m run
    50 good mornings 15#
    50 sit-ups

    Time: 22:10

    I think I could have done 35# on the good mornings. I may feel differently in the morning.

  3. Baukje

    Group WU – Sally squats (ouch!)

    WOD: “Michael” 25 time cap
    3 rounds of:
    800m run
    50 good mornings @ 15#
    50 situps

    My time: 23:57

    My runs were sloooow today… wow! My 3rd run was the worst, because my knee started to hurt a lot! That’s what I get for no mobility for a month… :$ Did lots after the WOD

  4. Marcel

    Mob, WU (15 rep), 400m row

    Sally Up

    Michael (scaled)

    3 rounds:
    1000 m row
    50 good mornings 45#
    50 sit-ups

    2 Rounds + 16 good mornings

    Pain in my foot prevented me from running, this is a whole other WOD with rowing. Last year I completed with the run. Thanks Steph! Grat to see a big crew this morning.

  5. Mob, WU (15 rep), 400m run

    Sally (yuck, I don’t like Sally)

    Michael (scaled)
    3 rounds:
    400m run
    50 good mornings with stick
    50 sit-ups

    Time: finished at 25 minute cap with 2 rounds + 10 sit-ups.

  6. Shane Hayes

    Mobility and Wu x 1 @15 reps
    Group Wu (sally) and mobility
    Wod Michael rx’d 21:44
    Havent done this one before, but it is a pr for this type of Wod. I wanted to walk really bad, but didn’t, generally I stop on that amount of situps also but I didn’t. Happy with myself for that..
    Had a great group to push me this morning, great class Steph and great work everybody.

  7. Elba


    400 m run
    50 Good mornings 35lbs
    50 sit ups

    Not a PR but going back to routine 4 WODs this week yay!! Thanks for the help Steph 😉

  8. Amanda B

    Mob, WU (15 rep), 400m row

    Sally ( I will be happy if I never hear that song again)

    Michael (scaled)
    3 rounds:
    1000m row
    30 good mornings with stick
    30 sit-ups

    Got through 2 rounds and 1000m row

  9. I did Sally Squats for the first time today. Although i am not sure I enjoyed it, I see I have some work to do..
    Michael 3 rds
    Row 1000m
    50 good mornings (5lb bar)
    50 sit ups
    I found my hamstrings were on fire from the rowing, followed by a wobbly walk back to my bar! I am thankful I followed Steph’s advice and took a lighter bar! To quote Alisha Keys ‘This girl is on fire!’ Can anyone guess where?! Lol
    I had 45 sit ups left to do when time was up..

  10. Heidi

    3 rounds
    800 m run
    50 good mornings @ 35#
    50 sit ups

    Was at 32 sit ups in the 3rd round at 25 min. time cap. Completed WOD in 25:46

    Did this at open gym on Monday morning.

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