Mobility Clinic


Mobility Clinic

Have a hard time with Overhead Squats? Or your rack position is pretty tight?

Spend 90 minutes with Coach Blake at CrossFit Moncton on improving your mobility and learning how to get into better positions!

He will touch on Posterior and Anterior Shoulder, Arms and Trunk, and Posterior Chain and Legs using a variety of mobility methods.

Let’s improve your movement, reduce your injuries, speed up recovery and increase your range of motion. Sign up today!

What: Mobility Clinic
When: July 30, 2015 @ 8pm-9:30pm
Where: CrossFit Moncton, 359 Baig Blvd.
Cost: $15

Hang Squat Clean – 2RM

2 min Box Jumps (30/24β€³)
1 min Rest
2 min Burpees
1 min Rest
2 min Burpee Box Jumps

Compare to Dec.30/13

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  1. Gillyon

    Hang squat clean x 2 55-75-85-95-100
    Pretty sure that’s a PR. Kevin taught me something new…and man it helped!

    WOD rxd (whoop)

    1. Blake

      Damn, I thought you would come Faithfully With Open Arms. I was going to get you mobile Any Way You Want It, and we’d finally find out Who’s Cryin’ Now.
      But we’ll go our Separate Ways and you’ll have to miss the Lovin’, Touchin’ Squeezin’…minus the Lovin’.

      1. Helen

        This made my day too Amanda!!! I’ll be there Blake and hopefully it will be with open arms by the end of the session!!!

  2. Mobility
    WU x 1 + 500m row
    Group Mobility

    Strength: Hang Squat Clean – 2RM

    2 min Box Jumps @24β€³
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpees
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpee Box Jumps

    Total: 86 rx

    Great class Kevin. Nice work 6 am’ers!

  3. Mark D

    Mobility + WU x 1 + 500m row
    Group Mobility

    Strength: Hang Squat Clean – 2RM
    Did Hang Power Clean – 95#

    2 min Box Jumps @20β€³
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpees
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpee Box Jumps

    Total: 65

  4. Kevin

    I was inspired by the Teens competition at the Games last night. So Joanna and I tried the 16-17 y.o. WOD – Double Hanger.

    3 rounds
    70 Double Unders
    7 Hang Power Clean + Jerk (185#)

    I tied the last place teen at 8:28. I feel pretty goof about that, seeing as how they are literally half my age.

    Then I planned on doing today’s WOD with the 8:30 open gym’ers. I was about 20 reps in to the first box jumps and BAM! Goodbye shin bone. I stopped after that round, but managed to tie my old PR of 41 (even with a little stumble).

    Great to see you Vanessa. Come back soon.

    1. Heather S

      Working out against kids half your age? Pffft, no big deal! (And you better get used to it my friend πŸ™ )
      Now everyone over 40 say “Amen!!”

  5. Heather Colleen

    Hang squat cleans 2RM
    That’s a PR for reps at 105, and a PR for weight at 110.

    WOD Rx: 82

    Box jump: 31
    Burpee: 35
    Burpee BJ: 16

    Thanks for the race, Vanessa!

  6. Teen Double Hanger Games WOD with my Love

    3 Rounds
    70 Double Unders
    7 HPC + Jerk 115#


    ….and I’d be dead last…oh well. It was a fun WOD and I got to see the lovely Vanessa so it was worth the trip to the gym πŸ™‚

  7. Hang squat clean 2RM
    10#PR! So happy πŸ™‚ ugly elbows, but I got it up

    WOD rx: 82 reps
    Loved this WOD. I think I could have went faster on the first box jumps, but I had concerned with the 24″ lol

    Cash out: 800m run, hugs and wound cleaning. Great morning! πŸ™‚

  8. MOB + WU + 500m row.
    Hang Squat Clean – 2RM

    2 min Box Jumps (12″ box) – 38
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpees – 31
    1 min Rest
    2 min Burpee Box Jumps – 21
    Total = 90

    Really need to get off this 12″ box, so tried 18″ before I left, and didn’t fall on my face/shins/forearms and did 5 I think. Thank you Amanda!

  9. Blake

    WU x 1 in pissy mood + 500m Row

    Hang Cleans x 2
    135 – 155 – 175 – 185 – 195 (PR … 1 RM was 175)
    Mood improves slightly.

    WOD as RX’d – 91 reps
    — 30″ Box Jumps = 43
    — Burpees = 30
    — Burpee Box Jumps = 18
    Mood much improved but achilles was a bit sore for some reason.

    Shower with no towel, dries self with t-shirt – Mood regresses to grumpy.

      1. Amanda

        Not the calf smashing, voodoo band therapy, my failed clean, nor your insults about my performance. πŸ™‚ (although I appreciated the first two)

        The class was fun…. lots of laughs, which is what I need in the middle of my work day to restore some sanity. I love the nooners. πŸ™‚

  10. Steph H

    WU x1
    500m row

    Group Mob

    Hang Squat Clean x2

    2 min BoxJump (blackbox)19
    1 min rest
    2 min Burpees20
    1 min rest
    2 min Burpee Boxjumps10
    Total Reps: 49

  11. Gilles

    mob wux1+500 m row
    hang squat clean 2 RM
    2 min box jump 20 in
    1 min rest
    2 min burpees
    1 min rest
    2 min burpees box jump

  12. Lance

    Mobility warm up x1

    Hang squat cleans x2



    Total= 73 rx

    I missed the box… my shin hurts. Thanks for wodding with me steph was a fun one.

  13. Marcel

    WU x 1 + 500 m row

    Hang Cleans x 2


    WOD – RX’d

    66 reps

    The 30″ box and I are not very good friends.

  14. Hang Squat Clean x2

    2Min Box Jump 24″ (37)
    1Min Rest
    2Min Burpees (36)
    1Min Rest
    2Min Burpee Box Jump (20)

    Total = 93 Rx (1 Rep PR from 2013 lol)

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