Practice power snatch

30 Snatches for time (135/95#/60-70%)

Compare to July 9/13

He not only coaches CrossFit, he also BBQ's a mean burger!

He not only coaches CrossFit, he also BBQ’s a mean burger!

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  1. Open Gym
    Practiced DU’s 30 minutes
    Max Wall Balls 5 minutes 25# – 41 PR of 9 from last week.

    Snatch Practice

    WOD – Isabel

    30 Snatches @ 75#

    Time 2:59 PR of 1:12.

    Fun morning. Thanks for coaching, Amanda.

  2. Heather Colleen

    Open gym: Mobility, some push up practice, and not enough coffee.

    Snatch Practice x3
    35-45-55-65-75(f) repeatedly…pretty sure it’s 20% in my hips and 80% in my head. Went back to 55 to work on form with Amanda, and it felt better than it ever has!

    WOD – Isabel

    30 Snatches @ 55#

    Time 2:12

    Thank you Amanda for this one…I wasn’t looking forward to it, and without your coaching this morning it would have sucked. Instead, I left feeling NO PAIN in my shoulder, great about the lift, wishing I had done more weight, and planning a re-do in a few weeks.

    1. Amanda

      It was as fun for me to see you doing Isabel with a barbell this morning as it was for you. Great progress Heather!

  3. Today Paige and I joined in for some fun snatch practice..
    Snatch practice 15-20-25-30-35.. We both stalled out at 35 and realized our technique suuucked!!
    Special thanks going out to coach Amanda and ALL her amazing patience and attention to detail.. We both walked out feeling a little more confident on what we need to do to get better..
    We both did the wod with 30# I did the wod hang snatch.. I think Paige did the same.
    Paige 4:02
    Moi 4:05

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