Wednesday WOD

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  1. Laura

    Push Press
    5×[email protected]% = 55#

    Row 500m, then,
    Push Press (50#)
    HR Pushups

    Time: 11:44

    Glad I dropped the weight, push press went downhill fast! Split the 21 into 12/9, the 15 into 3,5,4,3, and the 9 into 5,3,1. Those were hard after pushups! Also, rowing is still frustratingly awkward, maybe I should do a 30 day rowing challenge instead of (or after) burpees 😉

    30 Burpee challenge with Alaina: 1/30

    Thanks Kevin!

  2. Mob and WUx1 plus 300m row
    Push Press 5×5 @ 65%
    5 x (55-75-75-75-75-75)
    Row 500m
    Then 21-15-9
    Push Press @ 65#
    HR Push ups
    Time: 9:20
    Great job everyone!! Thanks Kevin for the great coaching as usual 🙂
    30 Burpees with Laura, thanks Laura for joining me 🙂

  3. Tony Steeves

    Mobilityx1 warm upx1 +300m row
    Push press 5x5x65% 85#

    Row 500m then
    Push press (115/75/65%)
    HR push ups 13.44 time
    Great job 6am class, thanks Kevin, and welcome to the gym katlyn… Sorry if spelt wrong..

  4. Great picture! Strong ladies!

    I’m excited for the Spartan Race, but I’m also going to miss the prep class on Sunday nights. It was so much fun!

  5. Crystal

    Lotsa mobility
    Row 500 Meters
    One arm push press @ 20#
    HR Push Ups on the Wall
    Time: 6:34
    Cashout 30 burpees! Thanks for the idea Tara! 🙂

    Great music today Mr. Wood.

  6. Heather S

    MOB + WU x 1 + 300m row

    Push Press 5×5 @ 65%
    warm up @ 65; 80#

    WOD: Rx’d

    Time 11:00

    I haven’t rowed enough lately – might have to start that when the running program is finished…

    Push presses were challenging after the push ups – or maybe the push ups were challenging because of the push presses. Either way, great work out.
    (Good job Ang 🙂 )

  7. Amanda

    Wod with 65#: 13:05
    I don’t say this very often but I really didn’t like that wod. Cause I don’t like push press, and my pushups are weak. Fun nooner though. 🙂

    1. Tara "I want pushups like Amanda" Betts

      Is this Amanda?
      Like, Amanda, Amanda?
      It can’t be.
      There must be a new Amanda in the gym because I only know Amanda “my pushups are the bomb dot com” Arseneau. Not Amanda “my pushups are weak”.

      PS. You need a profile picture 😉

  8. Steph H

    WU x1
    300m row

    Group Mob

    55# WU- 5 x5 @65#

    WOD 15 min
    Row 500m
    PushPress 65#
    HR pushups
    Time: 10.33

  9. Frankie

    WU x1
    300m row
    Group Mob

    Push press – 5 sets x5 @115# (65%)

    WOD Rx
    Row 500m
    PushPress 115#
    HR pushups
    Time: 12:48

  10. Push Press 5 X 5 @ 155#

    WOD Rx’d = 9:21

    Push Presses were 9, 6, 6 then 15 and 9 were unbroken
    Squats were slow
    Push ups were all sets of 3 with quick breaks

    Thanks for the class Kevin!!

  11. Shane Hayes

    Mobility and Wu x 1 +crossover symmetry
    Group mobility and Wu
    Strength push press x 5 @ 155
    Wod rx’d 8:14
    Good Wod, my right shoulder got really fatigued but went pretty good. Row felt great!
    Great class Kevin and great work 6 amer’s!!!

    1. Shane Hayes

      Also if anyone happens to notice they grabbed the wrong sweater this morning (6 am) I am missing it and my car keys that were in the pocket.

  12. Push press 5×5 @65%
    5×5 @ 75#

    WOD as Rx:

    This was gross haha, push press form needs a lot of work…as do my push ups!! But like any tough wod, feels great to get it done! Great job tonight to the big 7pm class.

    Stuck around to talk to Amanda about some new goals and get weight numbers sorted out.
    Thank so much Amanda!

  13. Matt H

    Push press 85-85-95-105-95

    WOD @ 85#
    I really struggled with the pushups on this one, especially last 2 rounds…need to work on them!

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