Welcome to the new website!


Welcome to the new website!

Take a look around. Most of the stuff is still in the same spot. There’s just a separate page for the WOD blog. The main page obviously looks a little different, but we’re hoping it looks a little better than our old site. And it’s actually in our gym colours (go figure).

For time:
80 KBS (50/35#)
80 HR Pushups
80 AbMat Situps
80 Squats
80 Double Unders

*scale reps as needed

Cashout: 400m “Run”

Can you find all our CFM peeps in the picture?

Can you find all our CFM peeps in the picture?

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  1. Rachel

    wu x 2 + 2min skipping + scale 15 push press 20#
    group mobility

    WOD :
    80 KBS scale Push press 20#
    80 HR Push ups (Knees)
    80 Abmat situps
    80 Air squats
    80 DU scale 160 singles

    Time = 20:38
    Cash out – 400m run

  2. Trent

    80 KBS (50/35#) – Sets of 20
    80 HR Pushups – Sets of 5
    80 AbMat Situps – unbroken
    80 Squats – Sets of 10
    80 Double Unders – 30-20-30

    Wod Rx’d = 18:05

    Lost track on which of 10 I was on for the squats, so I did 10 extra just in case.

  3. Heather Touchie


    I love the new website! It looks great 🙂

    80 KBS 25#
    80 HR Pushups
    80 Regular Situps
    80 Squats
    160 Double Unders

    TIME: 20:17

    Great class !!! Thanks Kevin.

  4. Gabriel


    80 KBS (50#)
    80 HR Pushups
    80 AbMat Situps – unbroken
    80 Squats – unbroken
    80 Double Unders

    Wod Rx’d = 20:16

    Cashout : 400m run

    Also did an unofficial (as no one saw it) 3 consecutive Muscle Ups. Will make it official this week.

    Great work 6am peeps!

  5. Christie

    MOB + WU x2; 2 mins Skipping + 15 KBS at 15#
    Group WU
    60 KBS 20#
    60 HR Pushups from knees
    60 Regular Situps
    60 Squats
    120 Single Skips
    TIME: 17:03

    Great class; thanks Kevin!

    Note(s) to Self 🙂 there was no more 25# left & thought 30# would be too tough … should have done 30#! Broke up KBS in 20’s, everything else in 10’s. Squats killed due to knees; have to work on being quicker with these and push through.

  6. Amy hogan

    wu x 2 + 2min skipping + 15 KBS 25#
    group mobility

    WOD :
    80 KBS 35#
    80 HR Push ups
    80 Abmat situps
    80 Air squats
    80 DU

    Time: 20:38 Rx

    1. Jackie Cantin

      Love the new website! Poked around yesterday and read our coach profiles and other good stuff. Very professional.

  7. Shane Hayes

    Had an amazing experience this weekend at the seminar! Thanks Kevin for being able to do what you do for us at the gym. It was also really cool to see the way you teach is the way some of the best in crossfit train people. We are very lucky to have you as a coach! Not trying to swell your ego either, but I will give credit were credit is due!
    Ps: I love our gym, members and trainers! CFM rocks!! ☺

  8. Hannah

    Group M+WU

    80 KBS
    80 HR pushups
    80 Abmat situps
    80 air suats
    160 single skips

    Time: 21:24

    Started with 35lbs but switched to 30lbs (can’t remember how far in).

    Cashout: 400m run

    Fun ladies class (+Mario)

  9. WOD :
    80 KBS 35#
    80 HR Pushups (20 from plank, the rest from knees)
    80 Abmat Situps (All strict with butterfly legs.)
    80 Air Squats
    80 DU

    Time = 19:05
    Cash out – 400m run

    I’ve been walking around on a high since Saturday morning at 8:30am, and I don’t expect it to end any time soon. Having this killer WOD right after the L1 (still so sore just from holding a PVC pipe!!) was pretty intense, but I’m pretty happy with my performance. So much so that part of me really wants to measure and calculate my ft. lbs/hr….

  10. Steph H

    WU x2
    2 min skip
    15 light KBS

    group Mob

    WOD: 30 min cap
    80 KBS (30#)
    80 HR pushups
    80 abmat situps
    80 Air squats
    160 single unders
    Time: 20.49

    cashout: 400m run

  11. Robyn

    1) Love the new site! Looks sleek and fresh! 🙂
    2) Great coaching, Kevin! You have such great energy!

    WOD scaled to 40 reps…
    80 KBS (50/35#) >>> 25#
    80 HR Pushups
    80 AbMat Situps
    80 Squats
    80 Double Unders >>> 2x singles


    I was pretty happy with this!

    Cashout: 400m “Run” … Let’s just say I desperately need running WODs

  12. Amanda

    WOD RX’d: 24:00

    Such a fun class, and a fun wod! I hadn’t seen my 4pm peeps in way too long!

    Those PUSHUPS were pretty brutal.

    What a great day for a little run!! And I LOVED having the gym door open!

    Thanks Mario!

  13. Melissa H

    WU x 2
    2 min skipping
    15 “light” KBS @ 25#

    Group WU

    40 KBS @ 30#
    40 HR push-ups
    40 Abmat sit-ups
    40 squats
    80 singles

    Cashout: 400m run

    First WOD back in 3 months. Felt good to be back to the gym. Starting to feel sore already though…should make for a fun few days 🙂

  14. Shawn Johnson

    WOD RX’d: 25:01

    First time doing DUs since the injury. Slow going but I’m happy with the progress. Had a 15 unbroken once.

  15. Gilles

    mob wux2
    +2 min skipping
    +15 light KBS
    80 KBS( 50# )
    80 HR push up
    80 Abmat sit up
    80 Air squat
    80 DU ( x 2 single 160)
    time 16:33

  16. BJ

    WOD :
    80 KBS @ 35#
    80 HR Push ups (Knees)
    80 Abmat situps
    80 Air squats
    80 DU scaled to 160 singles

    Time = 23:50
    Cash out – 400m-ish run (to big puddle and back)

    Great workout! I still love coach Mario!

    The site looks great! Only thing missing is the like button in the comment section.

  17. Alaina

    Mob. and WUx2 plus 2 min skipping
    80 KBS #35
    80 HRPU from knees
    80 Abmat sit-ups
    80 Air Squats
    160 singles
    Time: 16:37
    400m run
    Thanks Amanda for the tips and Amber for the chat and BJ for letting me trick her into signing up today 🙂 Love the new website and all of you amazing inspiring people!!!

  18. Vanessa Champion

    WOD with 20dus and 120 singles.
    Time: 18:25.

    Probably should have moved to knee push-ups because my form wasn’t the best.
    Great class and so much energy today from everyone! Especially you Kevin!!

    800m run cash out. (Being a show off as Angela informed me) haha

  19. Cara

    WOD as Rx
    Time: 21:13

    So happy to be back after another 3 days off!! Felt good with how I paced the KBs and HR push ups but feel like I could have pushed through the sit ups and squats faster, would like to be sub 20:00 next time! DUs are still coming along, started off great but then got tripped up because I was raising my arms, as always.

    cash out: 400m RUN!!!!!
    When I drove down Loftus street and saw the gym door open I was SO EXCITED! What a beautiful day, it’s amazing how happy nice weather can make you 🙂

    Great class and great effort 6pm peeps, thanks Chantal!

    PS: New website is great! Love all the updates, and still very easy to navigate. If people didn’t want to join before, they sure will when they see the cool site!

  20. CAM

    Preface: Love the look of the new site, a song comes to mind; Outkast – So fresh, so clean 🙂 look it up, great tune!
    Group WU wit a fun Kevin show 😀

    WOD: Rx’d
    Time: late 15 or 16 mins Forgot to look at the clock. I was concentrating on not dying.

    Cashout: 400M run and 1 burpee over wall damn that this is wider than I expected.

    It was fun to see the face of the 5pm crew again. Everyone was so happy this evening; i think it had a lot to do with the temperature 😀

  21. Frankie

    Great site Kevin. Change is always good.
    wu x 2 + 2min skipping + scale 15 push press 20#
    group mobility

    WOD :
    80 KBS 50#
    80 HR Push ups
    80 Abmat situps
    80 Air squats
    80 DU scale 160 singles

    Time = 23:48 – push ups were really slow as shoulder was hurting.
    Cash out – 400m run

  22. Heather S

    Wod Rx’d
    Time: 16:25

    Kbs and sit-ups unbroken
    Push-ups in sets of 10 til the last 10 them 4-3-3
    Squats 20 rep sets
    Du’s a freakin mess

  23. Tara Betts

    60 [email protected]#
    60 HRPU(20 from plank, remainder from knees)
    60 Ab Mat sit-ups
    60 air squats
    120 single skips

    Time 16:14

    Really fun WOD! Great energy 8:30am class! I was actually glad to get out and run. I don’t think I would have been saying that a year ago

  24. Marcel

    wu x 2 + 2min skipping + 15 KBS 35#
    group mobility

    WOD :
    80 KBS 50#
    80 HR Push ups
    80 Abmat situps
    80 Air squats
    80 DU scaled to 160 singles

    Time: 23:09

  25. Krystal

    Mob + WU
    2 mins skipping
    light KBS
    Group WU

    WOD rx’d 24: and some seconds, didn’t get a good look.

    That was one crazy workout! But fun!! Thanks Kevin!

    Love the new site! 😀

  26. Janet

    wu x 2 + 2min skipping + [email protected] #
    group wu

    WOD :
    60 KBS 25#
    60 HR Push ups (Knees)
    60 Abmat situps
    60 Air squats
    60 DU scale 120 singles

    Time = 12:38 (will attempt 80 next time)
    Cash out – 400m run

    Great new website…Was my first ever WOD with a run or the Doors open 🙂 as I started at the beginning of this winter.

  27. Tina W

    40 KBS-20#
    40 HRPU
    40 Abmat SU
    40 Air squat
    160 singles ….forgot to scale this 1 !

    17:00 minutes 30 min time cap

    400m run

  28. Baukje

    80 KBS (@30#)
    80 HR Pushups (first 20 from toes, rest from. knees. Started with 10 – 5 – 5 from toes, which made from the knees hard! They were so slow!)
    80 Abmat Situps (I thought I lost count, so did 10 extra to make sure I would actually do 80)
    80 Air squats
    80 DU (I wasn’t sure if I was going to finish if I was going to do these. Once I was done squats I looked at Mario and he said go for it, so I did. I got all 80!)

    Time: 22:50 ish? It was in the 22nd minute, but I’m not sure how many seconds in!)

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