Clean up day


Clean up day

Med Ball Clean Practice

30 MBC
30 Ring Dips
30 MBC
30 C2B Pullups
30 MBC
30 Pushups
30 MBC

*16 min cap

And Heather wasn't going to register. Pfft!!

And Heather wasn’t going to register. Pfft!!

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  1. Open gym

    Worked on some strengths I missed

    front squats

    Then 15.1 competitors killed it!

    thrusters 5×5 @ 75%
    85# for all 5 sets

    Then..since my children were not causing too much mischief..

    WOD Rx

    time: 14:24

    Gross! A lot of MBC! Thanks Amanda, a well run morning!

  2. WOD with 14# MB, assisted ring dips and run rows

    Time: 15:01
    That was tough on the legs AND arms. Wooo. Felt pukie in last round of MBC. Thanks for the encouragement Maria. Fun to WOD next to you.

  3. Shane Hayes

    Lab, Mobility and Wu and crossover symmetry
    Practice du’s, I think they will be in the next open Wod. 🙂
    Finally got my 100…wohoo I didn’t even try for more just tossed the rope at 100…
    Judge for Joey on 15.1 way to go big guy and congrats to everyone who competed today!
    10 am class. Med ball clean practice
    30 mbc
    30 ring dips (did parallete dips)
    30 mbc
    30 c2b (did strict) these were hard today!!
    30 mbc
    30 Pushups, gotta make sure I lock out
    30 mbc
    this was kind of hard on the shoulder today.
    Great class Amanda!! Great work everybody!

  4. Kevin

    100 DU for time

    WOD Rx’d

    MBC – 12-10-8
    RD – 7-7-then I forget
    C2B – 12-6-4-4-4
    Pushups – 7-7-4-2-then 1’s

    100 DU for time
    :53 sec (PR)

    AMRAP DU in 2 min

    Fun morning!

    Congrats Shane!

  5. Laura

    WOD with 14# MB, paralettes and run rows. Push-ups were from toes for 24, switched to knees or the last 6- didn’t think I could do one more without really losing form.

    Time: 15:35
    Thanks Pat/Amanda!

  6. Amanda

    WOD rx’d: DNF, only did 13 pushups.

    Then did AMRAP 2 mins DU’s with Kevin, got 130.

    Thanks Patrick for covering 11:00 so I could wod 🙂

    1. Note to self: good job on pacing. The wod felt good. Broke the medball in 5 reps (next time do it from the first round), paralettes in 5, rows in 3 and pushups in 3.

  7. Open gym! Wanted to work on movements that haven’t shown up in the Open yet. Went for OHS and DUs. Unfortunately, my DUs were just completely off, so after a few rounds of working on them I decided to cut that short rather than get overly frustrated.

    Mob, WUx1

    Overhead Squat
    65×5 – 75×5 – 85×3 – 90×3 – 95×1 – 105×1 – 110×1 – 115×1

    15# PR 🙂 up above 100#, I found the hardest part was the jerk to get the weight up and locked out. I think I need to practice this some, just because it felt a bit awkward. Once it was locked out, however, the squats felt solid. A bit wobbly at the start of the 110, but 115 felt awesome.

    Also got to cheer on the awesomeness of 15.1 going on 🙂

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