Back Bay Beast


Back Bay Beast

With a partner,
50 Burpees
50 Pull ups
50 Box Jumps
100 Wall Balls
150 Double Unders
100 Wall Balls
50 Box Jumps
50 Pull ups
50 Burpees

*alternate every 30 seconds

Steve, one of our newest members, enjoying the Bear Complex

Steve, one of our newest members, enjoying the Bear Complex

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  1. Ryan

    – Mob
    – WUx1

    Baseline with a friend who came in for the trial class this morning = 5:57 (probably a few seconds less, started a couple seconds late)

    … Looking back I’m surprised to find that this was my first time doing baseline Rx.

  2. OLY
    MOB X 1
    RDL + Squatting muscle snatch + OHS X 8

    Back Squat @ 210 10r5s
    Hang Snatch (mid thigh) @ 110 3r5s
    Halting Snatch DL (hip) @135 3r3s
    OHS 3r5s
    115 – 125 (3s) – 135

    WOD: Partnered with Remi
    Time: 21:14 ish

    Remi sir, you are a f’n BEAST!!! 🙂

    my day is officially over!

    Thanks Kevin!

  3. I like this WOD much better this way than the given partner reps. I didn’t hate myself nearly as much 🙂

    Mob, WU (12 reps)

    Partner WU

    WOD with Terri-Lynn
    Ring rows, 20″ box 14# ball, singles

    Made it to 23 of the last 50 burpees before the 25 minute cap

    Good job TL!

  4. Terri-Lynn

    Mobility & WU x 1

    Partner WU
    Row 500m
    Partner 1 row 250m
    Partner 2 hold plank

    Partner WOD with John Gunn
    box jumps @ 20″
    Wall balls @ 14#
    Ring rows
    I did double unders/John singles – made math tricky a couple of times.
    DNF – got 23 of the last 50 Burpees.

  5. Partner warmup with my partner for the day Tania
    First partner rows 250 m while the other one does a plank, then switch.

    Then the WOD…
    25 min cap
    Ring rows
    18″ box (jumps for Tania, step ups for me)
    Single skips

    Time- 24:16

    Yay! Under the cap. Another epic Saturday! I loved partnering with you Tania, you were perfect. Thanks Kevin. 🙂

  6. Tina W

    partner warm up with Sherry

    first partner rows 250 m while the other 1 planks

    * 50 wall balls *
    6 # wall balls and 12″ box jumps

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