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  1. @ nooner open gym yesterday

    Snatch up to 95# for some footwork technique

    WOD Rx
    20 + 1 clean

    6 rep PR from Dec 2012 (14 + 1 Clean). Enjoy this WOD everyone!

  2. Mob. and WUx 2
    Ring Rows @ 4 feet-6, 3 feet-4, then 5 and 5
    Group WU
    Split Jerk
    2x (#85, 90, 95, 100, 105)
    WOD: 11.3 Amrap 5 min.
    1 Squat Clean #75
    1 Jerk
    Score: 21 rounds or 42 reps
    Thanks Mario!!! Nice small class today πŸ™‚ Great job everyone!!

  3. Kelly B

    WU x 2

    Group Mobility

    Strength: Split Jerk x 2 (from the floor)
    55, 65, 75, 75, 85, 95#

    WOD: AMRAP in 5 min
    1 Squat Clean @75#
    1 Jerk

    Total: 27 rounds/54 reps

    Thanks for your tips Mario. Good job everyone πŸ™‚

  4. Heather Colleen

    WU x 2

    Group Mobility

    Strength: Split Jerk x 2
    75-85-90-95# Stopped there to be on the safe side. Next time, go for 110-115#.

    WOD @ 65#

    Total: 54 reps

    Clustered the first 7 rounds…fun, but not functional. Then started jerking, then split jerking.

    BONUS: Both shoulders feels great!! Woohoo!! Next time, use actual 70%!

  5. Kevin

    Preamble – I hate repeat Open WODs.

    Split Jerk x2
    125-165-195-215-230 (pr for reps)

    11.3 Rx’d
    23 rounds (46 reps)

    3 reps shy of PR.

    Good pace starting out (1/10sec), then legs gave out for the jerks. Hard to push through the pain when there isn’t 70+ people yelling at you.

    Cashout – accumulated 60 feet of handstand walking
    5 non-false grip muscle-ups

    If you want to get better at something, doing when you’re tired is the answer!

  6. Warm up with knee tucks and toes to rings. These felt good today until Mario informed me it’s toe THROUGH rings lol
    Split jerks X2 with Heather
    75-85-90-95-100x1PR, 100X2 last one was a bit of a press
    5#PR and couldn’t be happier with it!!

  7. Morgan

    WU+Mob x 2

    Spilt Jerk x 2
    65-95-105-115-125-135-140-145-155, last set was not solid landing

    WOD: “Open 11.3”
    AMRAP 5 min

    1x Squat Clean
    1x Jerk
    36 reps

  8. WU+Mob x 2

    Spilt Jerk x 2

    WOD: β€œOpen 11.3β€³
    AMRAP 5 min


    20 reps

    4 rep PR happy with that! Thanks for the tips Kevin, the push Amanda and the encouragement Kevin M. you were right! I really enjoyed this WOD! All about pacing for me (I’m not so great at pacing).

  9. Group Mobility

    Strength: Split Jerk x 2 (from the rack)

    WOD: AMRAP in 5 min
    1 Squat Clean @110#
    1 Jerk

    Total: 18 rounds/36 reps. 4 rounds less than last time but 15# more.

    Thanks for coaching, Kevin.

  10. Amanda

    WOD rx’d: 14 rounds (28 reps)

    It’s a 5 round/10 rep PR!

    My very favorite WOD of all time. Made a plan for pacing and was just one rep shy of my goal. Really happy!

  11. Push Jerks X 2


    WOD – Rx’d

    Score = 40 reps (20 Rds)

    6 rep PR over April 17/2014

    Stuck to my plan of 1 Rd every 15 seconds basically, had one failed squat clean.

    Thanks for the class Kevin!!!

  12. Mob + WU x2
    Strength: Split Jerk X2 …
    45#,55#,65#,75# – annnnd that was that πŸ™‚

    Open 11.3
    AMRAP 5 min
    1 Squat Clean @ 40#
    1 Push Jerk

    Score 40.

    Had a tough time trying to figure out a good spot with weight this am; should have asked (I do every other day, not sure what happened today?) anyways felt a little off, but happy nonetheless’ish πŸ˜‰

    Thanks Mario, fun class!

  13. Steph H

    WU x2

    Group Mob

    Split Jerk x2

    WOD: Open 11.3
    AMRAP 5 mins

    1 xSquat Clean (#60)
    1 xJerk

    Total: 42 rep-21 rounds

  14. mob wux1
    group mob
    split jerk x2
    95×2 5 set
    WOD 11.3
    AMRAP 5 min
    1x squat clean 95#
    1x jerk
    22 round 44 rep
    first time doing squat clean since Oct
    angle felt good

  15. Ryan

    – Mob
    – WUx1

    Split jerk x2…
    75×5-95×2-115-125-135-145-155(PR for reps)-165×1(10# PR, x2 wasn’t happening)

    WOD at 115# = 44ish reps (I counted to 22, but I’m not confident that number represents the number of clean & jerks completed)

  16. Cara

    Split Jerk – Heavy double
    15# PR going by the last time I tested my C&J 1RM of 115# in November

    AMRAP in 5 min
    1 Squat Clean @ 95#
    1 Jerk

    21 rds even = 42 reps

    Thanks Mario!

    ps – I think this confirms I’ll attempt Grace Rx next time…someone hold me to it haha (Amanda…)

  17. Heidi

    WU x 1

    Split Jerk x 2

    These felt great & getting closer to getting back to my jerk PR weight of 120. I doubted myself & didn’t go for it & regret it now.

    WOD at 95#
    12 rounds = 24 reps.

    First heavy (well heavy for me, anyway) in quite awhile. Felt good to grunt πŸ™‚ Nice having Chantal there to grunt along with me.

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