Deadlift Tuesday


Deadlift Tuesday

Deadlifts x5

10 rounds
3 Deadlifts (70%)
3 HSPU (6 HR pushups)

Tina, one of our newest members.

Tina, one of our newest members.

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  1. Kimmy

    Strength Deaflifts x5

    10 Rounds
    3 Deadlift 275#
    6 HR Pushups
    Time: I forgot to write it down. It was more than 8:30 but less than 9:00.
    That was hard.
    Just realized this is the first time I have done Pushups from my toes since well before getting my cast!

  2. Mob + Crossover Symmetry
    WUx1 + Hamstring Smash

    Deadlift x5

    WOD Rx (305#) = 11:13

    … that was rougher on the back than I thought, stupid shovelling. Fun WOD with Steph! Good job! 🙂

  3. Cara

    Deadlifts x5
    WU 85#, 100-120-130-140-150#

    10 rounds
    3 Deadlifts (70%) @ 135#
    3 HSPU w 25# + ab mat (graduated from 45# to 25# plate, yay!)

    Time: 5:27

    Fun class! Great work everyone and thanks Steph!

    1. Amanda

      Great job on the HSPU Cara! You’ll be rx’ing those in no time! And PS, you’re a beast. I can’t wait till you start competing. 🙂

  4. Deadlifts x5

    10 rounds
    3 Deadlifts @115#
    6 HR Pushups

    Time: 6:45

    Guys!!! Today was the very first time that I did REAL Pushups in a WOD!!! I am so happy. I really did it!! Such a small thing, but I can’t stop smiling

  5. Gillyon

    Deadlifts (5) 85-95-105-105 Used the barbell. Still feels good.

    3 DL (105)
    3 Parallette push-ups (last 5 push-ups were from knees)

    Fun class. Thanks for the cheers. 🙂

  6. Patrick Arseneau

    Woohoo! What a fun class that was.

    Deadlift 5x (based on 275#)

    WOD @ 195#

    Loved this WOD. Used a belt and took my time with the deadlifts due to past injuries. My back is a little sore already but in a good way I think.

  7. Hannah

    Home WOD:
    Partner WOD
    Clear off the backyard rink
    Partner: My daddy
    Time: Over 2 hours

    Shovel off the trampoline

    I would like to thank Crossfit for prepping me for surviving the aforementioned endeavour. Although you are what made me a grudging candidate for the job, on behalf of my muscles and my parents, thank you.

  8. Oly Class

    Clean and Jerk X 2

    60-70-75-80-90-100(1) in kg

    (132-154-167.2-176-198-220 in lbs)

    EMOTM X 10 min = 3 Back Squats @ 70% = 285#

    Thanks for the fun class Kevin!!

  9. Amy Hayes

    It’s been too long since I made it in so I did some at home.

    Worked on dips X 10
    Negatives, on a box behind the rings and with purple band

    Deadlift x 5

    WOD with 95# & HRPU from knees
    DNF- Dog got into some broken glass in the garage. Don’t worry she didn’t cut herself.
    6 Rounds 4:45

  10. Jen C

    Mob + Wup x 2

    Deadlifts x 5 (1 rep max is 155lbs)
    52% 80lbs
    62% 95lbs
    67% 105lbs
    72% 110lbs
    77% 120lbs (watching your breathing)

    WOD: 10 rounds of
    3 deadlifts (70% 110lbs)
    3 HSPU (2 rounds HSPU, but wrist is funky so rest were hand-release pushups)

    Time = 4:23

    Cashout – 10 mackenzie pushups

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