Sunday WOD


Sunday WOD

Turkish Getups practice

Open 14.4
AMRAP in 14 minutes
60 cal Row
50 T2B
40 Wall Balls (20/14# @ 10/9′)
30 Power Cleans (135/95#/60%)
20 Muscle-ups

Compare to Mar.21/14


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  1. Open Gym

    Practiced muscle ups with Amanda….and well I did it! Yay. Got 3 of them 🙂 Thanks Amanda, Kevin and Mario 🙂

    WOD 14.4

    Got to the cleans, 6 reps. 10 reps less than last time. I’m ok with that 🙂

  2. Cara

    Turkish Getups practice

    WOD: Open 14.4
    AMRAP in 14 minutes
    60 cal Row
    50 T2B – knee raises
    40 Wall Balls @ 14#, 9′
    30 Power Cleans @ 75#
    20 Muscle-ups – 20 jumping pull ups/20 assisted dips

    Got to 5 jumping pullups

    Happy to get to the last section, could have increased the PC weight I think. Knee raises took too long, need to learn better technique for T2B/scales for these in a lab asap.

    Thanks Mario! Great job to everyone and Amanda/Karen/Shane nurse those injuries!

    Congrats Maria on the MUs!!!!

  3. Lots of Mob (low back felt a little tight this AM)
    WU + (watched Maria pump out MU’s)

    WOD: Rx’d
    Got to the MU’s with about 30 secs, was just too fatigued to rep one out! I think if i had waited just about 10 secs more I probably could have gotten at least one.

    Thanks Mario, Awesome class!

  4. Shane Hayes

    Lab, did lots of mobility and Wu for the 10am class. Hurt my shoulder last year on this Wod.
    Got to watch Maria get her muscle ups! Which was awesome.
    Wod 14.4
    Everything went well, got to the muscle ups with 2 minutes to spare, got 3 no problem and hurt my shoulder on the fourth… Very upsetting!
    Great work everybody on this one. It’s a tough Wod.

  5. It was great to get to do this one again. I haven’t gotten T2B yet, so last year was rowing and then a bunch of trying to get a T2B. Scaling it this time around meant getting a great workout in.

    Mob, WUx1, 20cal row

    Group mob

    WOD 14.4 (scaled)
    AMRAP 14 minutes
    – 60 cal row
    – 50 tucks
    – 40 wall balls 14#
    – 30 power cleans 75#
    – 20 ring rows/20 parallette dips

    Total: made it to 22 power cleans 🙂

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