Pull all the things!


Pull all the things!

We have an 8 day streak of not a single no-show!! Let’s keep that going!!

Rope Climbs

Sled Pulls

Row 50 calories for time

Remi the Machine

Remi the Machine

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  1. Mob. and WUx1 plus 20 cal. row
    Rope Climbs: got halfway up once then worked on progressions
    Sled Pulls: #25, #45, #75
    Row 50 cal. Time: 2:45
    Great class everyone!!! Awesome rope climbing Natacha, Gabe and Heidi ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ChristieN

    Mobility and WUx1 + 20 cal. row

    Rope Climbs: worked on pulling self off ground and footwork on rope
    Sled Pulls: #25, #45, #55

    Row 50 cal. Time: 4:27

  3. Kevin

    I pulled myself up the rope a few times (spanish wrap, scissor wrap, no feet).

    I pulled the sled a few times (45-70-80#)

    I pulled the oar on the rower about 50 times (50 cal in 1:37)

    Then I couldn’t pull my jacket on because my arms were missing.

  4. Open Gym

    Mobility and WUx1 + 20 cal. row

    Row 50 cal. Time: 2:29

    Row 10k Time 45:29 518 cals
    this was not fun…

    Although it’s interesting that I can row 10k faster than I can jog it.

  5. Mob + WU x1

    Hang Power Clean x10

    C2B Pullups:
    3×20 reps, rest 2 min btwn
    – 0:00-0:59 (7-7-6 reps, 0:59)
    – 2:59-4:06 (7-6-7 reps, 1:07)
    – 6:06-7:49 (7-4-4-5 reps, 1:43)

    WOD: Row 50 calories = 1:59

    Note: Did a few rope climbs here and there this morning, left elbow didnt seem to mind. #recovery

  6. MOB
    Group Mob

    did a rope climb before class started hands felt like i left them on a fryer, so opted out of the rest of that skill work.

    Did 2 rounds of the sled pulls 45 and 90

    Row 50Cal

    Thanks Mario!

  7. Daniel Davey

    Lots of mobility.
    Rope climb x
    50 call row-2:15
    Peer pressured into a Wod with Darryl
    Power cleans-ab mat sit up-Russian kbs
    14:38 I think

  8. WU ร— 1
    20 cal. row

    Group MOB

    Grippy morning

    Rope climb ร— 2
    First attempt= halfway point, second attempt got a little higher. Will now be a week getting ropey bits out of my tights!

    Sled pulls
    25, 45, 70

    50 calorie row = 3:43

    Fun morning with the always encouraging (and strong) 6 amers. Love ya!

  9. Keith H

    I came in to do mobility today and to see how rowing, felt so I rowed the warm up calories (20) in one min and thought 50 would take about 1:40. So with the help of Jeff(standing on the back of the rower) and Steph (watching the time) and a gym full of encouragement I started pulling. I pulled till there was nothing left and my prize was………………..

    50calories in 1:16

    I’m not gonna lie I almost make the pukie wall today lol.

  10. Baukje

    Rope climb: Made it all the way up. I need to remember NOT TO WEAR SHORTS!!! #ropeburn
    Sled Pulls: 45# – 70# – 80#! Ouch! #ropeburn

    WOD: 50 Cal row for time
    My time: 2:59 (was hoping for better, but need to work on technique – thanks Amanda for pointing it out! I felt a difference immediately!)

  11. Heidi

    WU x 1 + 20 cal. row

    Sled pulls: 25-45-70

    Rope Climbs: Managed to hit the “easy” button twice. Last time I chickened out before getting to the top.

    50 Calorie Row: 3:21

  12. Krystal

    WUx1 + 20 cal row

    Rope Climb: practiced getting rope around foot and pulling myself up, attempted first rope climb and got maybe 1/3 of the way up ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for holding the rope Krista!

    Sled pull

    50 calories row

    Thanks Mario!

  13. Rachel

    WU ร— 1 + 20 cal. row
    Group wu
    Skill & Stuff
    Rope climb ร— 2
    Sled pulls
    25, 45, 70

    WOD : 50 calorie row for time

    Time = 3:54

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