Sunday WOD


Sunday WOD

There is no CrossFit Kids today. The classes will be starting back up next week.

EMOTM for 10 min
3-5 weighted pull-ups

AMRAP in 7 min
HR Pushups
OHS (95/65#/60#)


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  1. Kimmy

    Sloww warm up.
    Cleans- worked my way to 135#

    Mini WOD w/Vanessa
    EMOTM 5mims
    3 Cleans 135#
    5 Knee Raises

    Ab Torture w/Vanessa
    3 rounds
    12 Russain Twists
    1 min plank

    10am class
    EMOTM 10 mins
    5 weighted pull-ups scaled to ring rows

    AMRAP 7mins
    Hand Release push-ups
    OHS 65#
    Total 103 reps
    I started with push-ups on my toes but moved to knees on the round of 9. I tried. All my OHS were unbroken tho 🙂

    Sufficiently tired.

  2. Open Gym

    worked on butterfly pullups

    OHS x 3

    EMOTM 10 mins
    strict pullups
    did 5 for first 2 rounds then switched to 3 for the rest. Used a combination of mixed grip and overhand grip.

    WOD Rx

    95 reps

    Shoulder work today! Good because my legs are not 100% 🙂

    Thanks for the class Steph!

  3. Baukje

    EMOTM for 10min: 3-5 weighted Pullups
    Did 5 ring rows

    WOD: AMRAP 7 min
    HR push ups (from knees)
    OHS (one handed, because of a shoulder injury. These are hard!!! First time doing these… started with 15# for 3 and 6, then had to switch 10#. They were definitely not pretty)

    Score: 85

  4. Cara

    EMOTM for 10 min
    3-5 weighted pull-ups
    -scaled to 5 horizontal ring rows from a box

    AMRAP in 7 min
    HR Push ups
    OHS (95/65#/60%) @ 55#

    made it to 15 hr push ups then got 8 OHS in that round

    total reps: 83

    Fun sunday in the gym, holy shoulders!
    Thanks for the OHS advice and the class Steph!

  5. MOB

    EMOTM for 10 min
    3-5 weighted pull-ups @35
    I was doing four for the first 4 mins, that quickly deteriorated to 3 for the rest of the 6 mins.

    WOD: Rx’d
    98 reps

    PR for going to both weekend classes I think. 😀 Can’t really remember if I’ve ever been to both sat and sun classes before.

    Fun class, and good energy considering the God awful conditions outside 🙂
    Thanks Steph!

  6. Mob + WUx1

    Shoulder Press x10

    Push Jerk
    115 x5
    135 x3
    155 x3
    185 x1-1-1
    205 x1-1-1-1
    185 x1-1-1
    195 x1-1-1

    AMRAP 5 mins
    Goblet Squat 40# = 91 reps
    … used a med ball target to try and not go too low

    EMOTM 15 mins
    Wall Balls 25#/10ft x 7 reps
    … few no reps but no drops

    Group WU

    EMOTM 10 mins
    Weighted Pullups 20# x 4 reps
    … all unbroken except last 3 sets (2-2, 3-1, 2-1-1 reps)

    WOD Rx = 98 reps (completed 15s + 8 HR Pushups)

    1. Cara

      I was wondering what you were doing with the med ball, that’s a really good idea…going too low/dropping my butt was a bad habit I developed pre cf/being coached.

  7. Lab
    DU’s- thanks for taking time out of your lab to analyze my technique Amanda!

    Hang cleans

    EMOTM 5mins
    3 hang cleans 90#
    5 knee tucks
    This was a lot harder than expected.. Thanks for joining me Kim

    12 Russian twists 25#
    1 min plank
    3 rounds. Time: 5mins

    EMOTM 10 min
    5 hard ring rows

    AMRAP 7mins
    HR push ups
    OHS 45#
    Score: 81

  8. Shane Hayes

    Mobility and Wu x 1
    Ghd work/ mu’s these are getting better on the shoulder everytime! Du practice and some core work.
    Group mobility
    Strength EMOTM 10 minutes
    3-5 weighted Pullups
    Used 60# did 7 rounds with 5 reps and the last 3 rounds did 3
    Wod Rx’d
    with a box to keep from going to low on the squats trying to get my knee better!
    144 reps, got to 18 Pushups in the round of 21
    Great class Steph and great work everybody!

  9. Amy Hayes

    DU practice
    T2B practice (wasn’t coming close to the bar today )
    Switched to rings and got closer. It really feels weird to go back to the bar after the rings.

    400 row

    EMOTM (10 min)
    Ring rows (4)

    AMRAP (7 min) @ 30#
    Total 63

    Great way to start a Sunday.

  10. Mob, WUx1, 400m row

    EMOTM 10 minutes – 5 ring rows

    WOD @ 45# OHS
    Total: 65 (12’s + 5 HRPU)

    First WOD back after a month off 🙂 totally was all my weaknesses – arm/shoulder strength. Went a little light on the OHS since I figured my balance might be a tad off, and I was right haha It felt great to get my ass kicked!

  11. EMOTM for 10 min
    5 pull-ups — ring rows one step out and feet on middle of plate
    -worked on keeping them strict like Kevin taught me Friday.

    WOD: AMRAP 7 min
    HR push-ups
    OHS 35#
    Got to 18 push-ups
    Total 108 reps fun class, lots of energy and great coaching steph!!!

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