Fish Oil


Fish Oil

If you’re not taking fish oil (or at least eating 3 servings of fish per week), you should be. The research has been done and it overwhelming shows positive results. Here are just a few:

  • Reduced joint pain and inflammation
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Improves insulin response
  • Improves brain function
  • Reduces triglycerides

We have some ProMega3 Fish Oil at the gym if you would like some. There’s 120 gels per pack for $37. If you purchase some elsewhere, ensure there’s at least 200mg of DHA and 500g of EPA in each gel. Anything less, and it’s just filler.

Push Press x5
Build up to a heavy set

Death by 10m (Farmer-style)
70/50# each hand

For the first minute, go 10m. In the next minute, go 20m. Then 30m. And so on. Go until you are no longer able to travel the set distance in the given minute. And please don’t drop the kettle bells. They can do some damage to your little piggies.

Cashout – 25 Russian Twists NFT


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  1. Ginette

    Warm up x1
    Group mobility
    Group warm up

    Strength: push press x5 : 35, 45, 50, 55, 60 (Γ—3) (nice sharing the bar with Jackie and Tania! πŸ™‚
    Death by 10 m farmer style
    Total: 6:3

    Great class Patrick and great job 6amers! Great scores this morning! πŸ™‚

  2. Chantal L.

    WU x 1 + Mobility

    Push press x5 – build up to a heavy set
    75-85-95-105 (x3) Probably started too heavy – wain

    WOD with 50# – 8 rounds + 8 x 10m

  3. WU x 1
    Group MOB

    Push Press x5
    35 (warmup), 45, 50, 55, 60 (fun with Ginette and Tania)

    Death by 10m (Farmer-style)
    50# KB in each hand

    9.8 RX πŸ™‚

    Note to self: get the wedding band off before doing this again.

  4. Crystal

    WU X1
    Push Press x 5 build up to heavy set
    Got to 95 for 5 but stopped because I have to work on my forum more.

    Death by 10m (Farmer-style)
    8 + 40m

    Cashout 25 Russian Twists

  5. Melanie

    Open gym

    Mobility + WUx1

    Push press (x5)
    35-65-75-85-95-100(x4) – failed 5th attempt. (5#PR + reps)

    Death by farmer’s carry
    RX – 8 rounds + 6x 10m

    Cash out: 25 Russian twist @ 25#

  6. Andrea

    Open Gym

    WOD: “Fight Gone Bad”

    3 rounds (with 1 min rest between rounds)

    -1min Wall Balls #14
    -1min sumo deadlifts high pulls #55
    -1min box jump 20″
    -1min Push Press #55
    -1min Row (calories)

    Total= 208 RX

  7. Push Press

    35 x5(WU)
    45-50-55-60-65 x5

    So glad I tried that last set! I didn’t think I could but Karen said “Even if you can’t do all 5 reps, just try it and see”. Well I did and I COULD!!! πŸ™‚

    WOD “Death by Farmer Carry” @#40/side

    Total: 8 Rounds + 6 x10m

    Cashout: 25 Russian twists @#25, bought 2 CFM tshirts + a pair of socks and decided it was safer to wait out the freezing rain at the gym. Watched the cars sliding all over the road with Julie, Heather and Karen. Kevin found the near misses and people banging into the curb highly amusing πŸ˜›

  8. Amy Hogan

    Warm up x1
    Group mobility

    Strength: push press x5 :

    Death by 10 m farmer style @#50/side
    Total: 8+7x10m

  9. Terri-Lynn

    Mobility + wu x 1
    Group Mobility

    Strength: Push Press x 5
    45-60-70-80-85 (Failed at 5) 5#PR

    Death by 10m farmer carries @50#
    Total: 8 + 5 x 10m Rx

    cashout – 25 russian twists @ 25# (unbroken)

  10. Shane Hayes

    I love fish oil!!! Also I’m out so I will be trying a bottle of those.
    Mobility and Wu x 2
    Group mobility and Wu
    Strength push press x 5
    135/ 155/ 175/ 185/ 205 x 1 wasn’t feeling it this am.
    Wod rx’d 11.10. This is a good one!
    Great class Patrick and great work 6 amer’s!!

  11. Heidi

    WU x 1
    Push Press X 5

    Death by Farmers Carry @ 50# KB’s

    Note for next time: Messed up on the distance carried. Actually carried 80 m. in the 70 m. leg…that just means I should PR this WOD next time it comes up.

    This was a fun one!

  12. Happiness


    Push press (5)
    Nice sharing the bar with you Jill. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the tips, Kevin. Crazy…after 5 years at CFM…I am still learning new ways to improve to my technique. Thanks!

    Death by farmer walk (35lbs)
    7 rounds + 6.

  13. Frankie

    WU x 1
    group mob

    Push press x5 – build up to a heavy set

    WOD with 70# – 7 rounds + 7 x 10m – I was going too slow as my knees were aching.

    See you guys in January. I’m taking the next month off to rest.

  14. Christie

    WU x 1
    Push Press X 5

    Death by Farmers Carry @ 30# KB’s
    Learning lots, class #4 in the books πŸ™‚

  15. Cara

    Mob/WU/Group WU

    Push Press x5
    Build up to a heavy set

    55-65-75-80-85# (PR) and feel like I can add a bit more – before today my 2RM was 80# and my last 5RM from July 31st was 65# πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing the bar Bev and Jon!

    Death by 10m (Farmer-style)
    70/50# each hand

    WOD Rx’d:

    8 rds + 8

    Cashout: 25 Russian Twists @ 25# (2:1 count, unbroken)

    Thanks Amanda and great job 7pm class!

  16. LittleLisa

    Mobility, WUx1, Group Mobility, Group WU

    Push Press x 5
    45 – 55 – 60 – 65 – 70 – 75

    Awesome sharing the bar with you Amber and Baujke! And thanks for the push to do a 6th set Baujke, I’m glad we did! πŸ™‚

    WOD: Death by farmer’s carry (10m) scaled to 35#

    6+1. – my lungs and grip were both failing me. Looking forward to improving this result next time.

    Thanks for the encouragement to go Janet and Amanda!

    It was really great to meet more people – all great athletes in the 7pm class! Very impressive!

  17. Mob, WUx1

    Push Press x5
    55 – 65 – 75 – 80 – 85

    WOD – Death by Farmer Carry 10m @ 70# each hand
    Score: 7 + 5

    This is my first RX weighted WOD at CrossFit Moncton (not counting the Open)! I really loved this one, it rocked!

    Cashout – 25 Russian twists @ 25# plate

  18. Krystal

    Mob + WU

    Push Press x5
    Build up to a heavy set


    Death by 10m (Farmer-style)

    WOD at 35#

    10rds + 6

    Cashout: 25 Russian Twists @ 25#

    Thanks Kevin!

  19. Elba

    Mob + WU

    Push Press x5
    Build up to a heavy set

    Death by 10m (Farmer-style)

    WOD Rx’d
    8 + 6

    Cashout: 25 (knees up on the bar)

    Thanks for the bday burpees πŸ™‚

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