Sunday WOD


Sunday WOD

(1+3+5) x 5 sets
Push Press
Push Jerk

Row 1k for time

Compare to Nov.29/13


Row 2k for time

Compare Dec.10/13

The CrossFit Moncton reindeer!

The CrossFit Moncton reindeer!

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  1. Lab
    Front rack lunges x5 per leg


    Front squats x5

    Scapular pull up hold 5x10seconds

    10am class
    (1+3+5) x 5 sets
    Press, Push Press, Push Jerk
    Thanks for sharing the bar Claire!

    Row 2k for time
    8:29. 4 second PR from the end of the last Lifestyle challenge

  2. Great picture!

    Open Gym

    cleans x 5 working on technique

    Decided to WOD with Christine fun! Always better woding with a friend.

    3 rounds
    30 sec L Sit ( wow maddening! Legs were bent)
    20 Pullups (very broken)
    10 thrusters @ 65# all unbroken

    time= 9:08

    The kids were in no rush to leave so..

    1000m row
    time = 4:38

    Busy morning at the gym! I love how all the kids are around hanging out 🙂 Great way to spend our morning!

  3. Mob, WU,
    CF Kids Activty…always great trying these out!

    (1+3+5) x 5 sets
    Push Press
    Push Jerk

    60-65-65-70…ran out of time for last set – also messed up with weight and started a bit too heavy but other than the press getting difficult, everything else felt good!

    Row 2k for time: 8:35 (first time doing this)

    Thanks Ron!

  4. Matt Brennan

    2nd class & 1st post!


    (1+3+5) x 5 sets
    Push Press
    Push Jerk

    Ran out of time for 5th set – slow getting set up and estimating proper weight, still learning. Need to get better idea of 1RM’s. Comfortable with weight today.

    Row 1k for time – 4:00

    Thanks Ron!

  5. Alaina

    Mob. and WUx2 plus 500m row
    10 wall balls @ #14
    1 press plus 3 push press plus 5 jerks x 5
    (55, 60, 65, 70, 75(F on the press) got the push press and jerk
    1k row
    Time: 4:12
    Thanks for the rowing tips Ron!!

  6. Amy Hayes

    Mobility & WU
    No show burpees

    I did one round of presses @ 50# but had to stop. My wrist was killing me. Switched to back squats x5 70-75-80-85-90

    I didn’t set it for 2k. I finished with 9:49 2018m.
    A great way to spend a Sunday morning. Thanks Ron.

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