Perfect your snatch


Perfect your snatch

Snatch technique

21-15-9 reps
T2B (2x kickouts)
Snatches (115/80#/65%)

Morgan reaches for his toes

Morgan reaches for his toes

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  1. Mobility
    WU x 1 (15reps)
    Group Mobility

    Snatch technique
    Practiced at 35#

    21-15-9 reps
    Snatches @25# (65% would have been 43# but wasn’t feeling very strong/solid with form)

    Time: 9:30

    Thanks for the tips Chantal 🙂 Good job everyone!

    1. Chantal L.

      Good job this morning Kelly – Have you ever thought of going to Oly class? ( you need to be able to snatch 45# and Clean & Jerk 65# ) but focusing on these movements would help! And you still get a WOD in! 🙂

  2. Tracy

    Snatch practice

    T2B (scaled to 2x kickouts)
    Snatch 65% (used the 15 bar)
    Time: 14:41

    So sad to be back to the using the wee bar but so so so glad that Steph fixed the movement for me….clear as a bell now – the entire thing feels different. …Now, if I get serious about doing my shoulder mobility maybe I’ll stop tipping over!

    Thanks Steph

  3. Hannah

    Group mobility
    Snatch review

    15 and 20lb wu
    25-30-35-40-45-50lb (PR 🙂 )

    Knee raises
    Snatches @ 30lb
    Time: 9:59

  4. Steph H

    Mob/ wu x1 (15)

    Group mob

    Review snatch technique

    WOD 15 min cap

    Knee raises
    Power snatch #50

    Time: 9.58

  5. Frank

    wux1 (15 reps)
    group mob

    practiced snatch technique

    toes to bar
    snatch 80# – light weight because of injuries

    time 12:22 – light or heavy weight, those snatches are tough!

  6. Cara

    Snatch technique – build up to wod weight (or heavier)
    (did a lot of reps at each weight working on putting the movements together)

    toes to bar – scaled to knee ups
    power snatch @ 45#

    Time: 10:43

    First wod with full power snatch (have done hps) – felt good but need to work on the jump/shrug and getting weight back on my heals

    Thanks Amanda for all the help tonight – I’m still so new to this lift!

  7. Ryan

    – Mob
    – WUx1 (15 reps)
    – Group mob + wu

    Started on snatches but even with just the bar I felt a bit of a pinch in my shoulder blade (recovering from minor injury) so switched to cleans, up to 95#

    WOD: Scaled to knee tucks & cleans @95# = 10:35

  8. Claire

    Mob, WU x 1 (15 reps)
    Group mob + wu

    20-30-35 trying to get more comfortable with the movement

    Toes to bar (did almost half ttb and the rest knees to chest)
    snatch @ 20

    Next time I will add more weight, the snatches felt easy but I’m still not comfortable with the movement. Baby steps!

    time: 8:32

      1. I thjnk so. It really depends on the WOD. My legs felt like lead after all the snatches so running was the last thing I wanted to do. The important thing to me is that I did it even though I really didn’t feel like it. I have only missed going once since we talked and that was only because it was POURING rain. Should I just continue to go this distance or increase it?

  9. Heidi

    WU x 1

    Snatches x 3 Reps

    Toes to Bar
    Snatches @ 35#
    Time = 11:35

    Been a long time since I’ve squatted snatches. They were REALLY tough. Legs were feeling the burn.

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