Friday’s QOD


Friday’s QOD

How do you deal with a significant other not following your diet/fitness habits?

Overhead Squat – 3RM

Weighted Ring Dips – 5RM

Weighted Situps – 8RM


It’s still summer!

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  1. Alaina

    Mob. and WUx2
    Group Mob.
    OHS 3x (45, 55, 65, 70) PR for reps for me 🙂 Thanks BJ and Heidi!
    RIng Dips (hold 5 sec, lower slowly, negatives, one full dip with box, one without, hold again 5 sec.) Great progression, need to do that on my own before each WOD to get stronger…note to self
    OHWS 8x (45, 50) 6 x 55…PR for weight and reps, thanks for being my partner Bob, good job!
    Cashout: 1 min plank
    Then 300 singles and smashing to strengthen my Achilles
    Thanks Amanda!!

  2. Amanda

    QOD: If I’m feeling motivated and emotionally strong about my diet, I’m not too bothered by what anyone else is eating. If I’m emotionally weak about my eating, that’s when I struggle with the food that everyone else is consuming.
    I’m pretty motivated right now after a too-lengthy hiatus from clean eating, I haven’t felt good physically or mentally and I didn’t get a PR all summer in the wods. I’m getting back on track and starting to feel good again so I’m not so tempted to eat badly.
    I think the only reason that you have to ‘deal’ with someone else’s bad eating habits is if you haven’t quite committed to eating well yourself. Once you’ve decided it, it’s way easier to ignore the bad food and make a healthier choice.
    That’s my rant for the day…I love talking about food & diet so I enjoyed today’s QOD. 🙂

  3. Heather Colleen

    OHS 3RM
    35-45-50-60-65 (1)

    That was a huge PR – the most I’ve ever done is 55# for 2, and this felt more stable.

    Ring Dips – static hold 5 seconds x 5, negatives 2reps x 4, assisted with 12″ box 5reps x 3

    OH Situps x8 – 15-35
    Kept them light to focus on getting my head through faster. Felt way better on my shoulder.

  4. Crystal

    Friday 6am Fun!
    Ring Dips
    Good times
    OHS x 8
    Had to leave to get the fam ready for the day.

    Planked at my desk as part of my plank challenge, today was 60seconds.

    Thanks Amanda! 🙂
    QOD: Ditto Amanda’s response…I feel the exact same way!

  5. Gabriel

    Mob. and WUx2
    Group Mob.
    OHS 3x (95-115-125-135-145×4) 5 # PR of 1 rep max
    Ring Dips – 20#x5-40#x5-45#x2
    OHSU 8x -45-65-65-65-70×7
    Cashout: 1 min plank

    Great work am folks!

  6. Amanda

    Decided at 11am to go to the nooner – didn’t have time for a full class so I did OHS & dips

    3x 75-85-95-105-120 – that’s a 10# PR on my 3RM. Thanks Kevin!! 🙂

    3 sets 5 reps of strict dips

  7. Ginette

    warm up x2

    OHS x3 (#25,30,35,40)

    Ring dips

    weighted sit ups x8 (#25,30,35)

    Fun morning…. great class Amanda!

    Have a great weekend everybody!

  8. Heather S

    When I first started eating clean, I was caught up in making multiple meals to meet everyone’s needs which is just ridiculous. I got over that pretty quickly 🙂 and now when I cook, I make the same thing for everyone without any expectation that everyone needs to eat like I eat – but if you don’t eat like the cook, you make your own. That works both ways though – if someone else is cooking (or more likely ordering in) and it’s not what I choose, then I cook for myself.

    Of course, I’m usually the one getting the groceries and cooking big batch meals so it’s easier than it sounds for everyone to eat from the same menu! Besides, pouring through recipes and trying new stuff is fun and cooking together is a big part of that 🙂 So buy a new cookbook and give it as a gift to your significant other!

    Eating clean isn’t a hardship – things taste better and I’ve never heard of anyone saying with their dying breath, “Man, I wish I’d eaten more bread” (or whatever you think you’ll miss!)

  9. QOD: I’ll spin this around on eating with little children who don’t always eat Paleo approved foods. I’m very pleased with my kids eating habits overall. I often cook different vegetables and proteins for them (one only eats carrots, the other brocoli, one eats chicken the other fish). It works for us and I love to cook and I don’t mind as long as they get their meat and veggies. Now, breakfast sometimes they’ll have cereal or bagels SMELL so good, I just make sure to have some paleo alternatives on hand for me if I’m feeling like I want some breakfast carb goodies (sweet potato pancakes for example).

  10. Jen C

    Workout at school today:

    Mob + Wup x 1

    Strength – deadlifts
    5 x 135
    5 x 140
    3 x 145
    2 x 150
    1 x 155 – had to switch grip here, but a 5lb pr

    WOD: 3 rounds with small rest between (about 1 min.)
    10 russian twists @ 12lbs
    10 HSPU

    I am by myself right now so I just have to struggle with my own bad eating habits. I tend to get cravings for A&W teen burgers. I have been eating healthier more often than not now and I finally understand what Kevin was saying about how he and Jo would eat a pizza and then feel really gross after from the grease and bread (he told us this in the prep course – I thought he was crazy as I have never really had that kind of reaction). Now when I eat fast food (esp. pizza) I get that feeling and I really hate it. Amazing how much better your body and mind feels with proper hydration and good food. Have a great Friday everyone.

  11. Hannah

    Group mobility

    OHS 3RM:
    15-25-30-35lb- Tried 40lb but only got 2 reps

    Weighted ring dips:
    Holds, 5x 5 secs

    Weighted sit-ups 8RM:

    Cashout: 1 min plank

    QOD: I hurt them.
    Just kidding. In reality, a lot of people my age do not do what I do or eat what I eat, and I’ve had people try to argue with me that about my non-wheat diet. I generally just brush it off. What I do works for me 🙂 .

  12. Melissa H

    WU x 1
    Group mobility

    OHS 3 RM
    Should have had 85 x 3 but on the way back up on the third rep, the bar came down…boo. It was weird.
    80 x 3 is a 5# PR
    85 x 2 is a 10# for weight

    Weighted dips
    Did 5x 5-8 sec holds.

    Weight OH sit-ups
    40-50-55 10# PR

    Cashout: 1 min plank

  13. CAM

    MOB + WU X1
    95(3),135(3),145(3),155(1) Fail, 165(2) Failed Ugh, really gotta work on the stability.

    Weighted Ring Dips X 5
    25,30,35,45 (ran out of time)

    Weighted Sit ups X 8
    65,75,90 ran out of time

    Cashout 1 min plank.

    QOD: Since Krystal knows I will inevitably do whatever I want, I extend the same courtesy to her with a few minor caveats: Embrace the consequences, and keep the complaining to yourself 🙂

  14. Frankie

    Group Mob

    OHS 3x (95-135-145-155-165(F)-165(F)
    nice sharing the bat with you Cam, great job
    Ring Dips x5 – 25-30×1-25
    OHSU 8x -65-75-90

    Cashout: 1 min plank

  15. – Mob
    – WUx2
    – 5 million extra mob, feels good!
    – Group mob

    65-85-105-115-125 (20# PR, I hit 105 6 months ago and haven’t retested since, could have gone a bit heavier but played it safe)

    Ring dips:
    2-5(red band)-5(purple)-5(purple)-informed bands are a no no-1+ negatives for the remaining 5 reps 🙂

    Weighted overhead sit up:
    55-65-out of time

    1 minute plank

    QOD: We’re pretty much on the same page when it comes to diet as well as fitness so there isn’t really any issue 🙂 Diet = well balanced, all things in moderation and don’t stress about the occasional indulgence. Fitness = exercise feels good so do it and get faster/stronger 😀

    1. Oh, on the same page except when it comes to first thing in the morning exercise. Claire often will try to get me to go for a run first thing when we get up and I tend to just whine and watch cartoons/cuddle dogs instead 😛

  16. Andrea

    OHS 3RM
    55-65-75-80-85-90(2) (#15 PR)

    Weighted Ring Dips
    -5 sec holds
    -Negatives with a box
    -Dips with box (2)

    Weighted sit ups 8 reps
    40-50-55 (#10 PR)

  17. Did Air Force in the open gym

    Used 75# and 4 burpees

    Time – 11:59

    Thrusters and Jerks were unbroken within the minute

    Thrusters were 20, SDHP were 2(after thrusters)-9-9, Jerks were 20, OHS were 3-5-5-4-3 and front squats were 7-7-6

    Burpees were horrible after the jerks, this was the 3rd or 4th WOD I ever did at CFM and used 45# and time was 10:54

    Horrible feeling for about an hour afterwards….Thanks for the class Mario!!

  18. Amy Hogan

    WU x 2
    Group mobility

    OHS 3 RM

    Weighted dips
    Did on box(5 reps) x5

    Weight OH sit-ups

    Cashout: 1 min plank

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