Come prepared to be outside


Come prepared to be outside

Reminder – We are hosting a weightlifting seminar at the gym from 6-9pm. Regular classes are canceled.

Run 10k

Compare to Sept.24/13


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  1. Well since the secret is out 🙂

    Subbed for row
    10k row

    Time = 47:23

    First time attempting this pretty happy with my pace. Great job nooners! Thanks Blake! Great job to all of you for stepping into the land of the unknown 🙂

  2. Mob + wu x 1 (15reps)

    Wod: 5k run


    Did the long loop first so I wouldn’t spend the entire run thinking of reasons not to do it! So glad there were crazy people who chose 10k

  3. Tara Betts

    Wu+Mob x1

    23:22 (50 sec PR from the end of August)

    Happy 🙂
    Measurable progress is one of the many things I love about CrossFit. To see your effort manifest itself as an increase in reps, weight lifted or a decrease in time is a powerful motivator to keep us all pushing forward.
    Great job everyone!

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