Friday’s QOD


Friday’s QOD

What is ONE food that you have cut out of your diet since starting CrossFit?

Skills – HSPU and Vertical Jumps (rope jumps)

AMRAP in 8 min
8 Med Ball Cleans
10 HR Pushups
12 Situps

Beautiful butterflies

Beautiful butterflies

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  1. Skills – HSPU and Vertical Jumps (rope jumps)
    Rope jump = 34″ (this scares me..I know it’s just a rope but still)
    HSPU( strict abmat with 10# plate, worked on gettting head through, Great tips Kevin!)

    AMRAP in 8 min
    8 Med Ball [email protected] 14#
    10 HR Pushups
    12 Situps

    7 rounds + 7 MBC

    Pushups were less than perfect in the last couple rounds.

    QOD: Peanut butter! PS Almond butter you are NOT peanut butter the end.

  2. Trent

    Skills – HSPU and Vertical Jumps (rope jumps)

    Rope jump = 45″ Ran out of time, but match pr and had room to go higher 1″-2″
    HSPU – Tested out wrist – 3 reps first set and 5 reps second set – used ab mat, felt great

    WOD RX – 7R + 6 MBC

    First pushup wod Rx in a long time! Wrist held up great but the pushups got sloppy in the last couple of rounds.

    QOD- Pasta. I’ll still eat pizza and the odd sub once and awhile but pasta is something I rarely eat anymore. Use to make it all the time.

  3. Jen C

    QOD: I have yet to fully cut anything out, but my tea intake is way down – one a day or sometimes I am able to skip the tea which is nice compared to drinking eight or nine large cups. Water intake is increasing and feels great.

  4. Kevin

    QOD: Pasta. I just don’t like it anymore.

    HSPU – practiced a few pike pushups and held a handstand.

    Rope Jump – 50.5″ (PR)

    WOD Rx’d
    6 + 1 Pushup

    As with Trent, first time doing a pushup workout since July. Felt pretty good. Thanks Vanessa!

  5. Rachel

    wu x 2
    Skill – Rope jump = up to 22″ ?
    Skill – HSPU practice with box on Knees

    WOD : AMRAP in 8 min
    8 Med Ball Cleans 6#
    10 HR Pushups
    12 Situps

    Total rounds = 5 rounds + 7 HRPU
    cash out – couch stretch

  6. Heather S

    QOD: Pasta and I don’t miss it since discovering spaghetti squash and recently discovering the “Vegegetti” gadget to make zucchini ribbons that have an even more pasta-like look. Gotta try it 🙂

    5 rounds + 2 situps*

    *Might have been 10 situps done and 2 left, or 2 done and 10 left…not really sure. Maybe I need to eat more pasta!!

    Great fun this morning with the crazy 8:30 crew joining us at 7a.m. It was REALLY loud 🙂

    1. Angela

      I’m going to take your “830 crew” comment as a compliment 🙂 That was such a fun class today…wish I could do 7ams more often….

    1. Heather S

      Yup bed bath and beyond is where I got mine, but then I saw it at trinity walmart in the “as seen on TV” section near the front. It works like crazy and the little “stumps” at the end of the zucchini I just chopped up and threw in with my eggs the next morning

  7. Tara Betts

    Ohhhh me too!! Where can you buy that Vegetti thing?? I’ve just been using a box grater all along but it would be nice for it to be more “noodley”.

    Vertical jumps- Seriously this is one of my biggest CrossFit fears. I worry about doing a really spectacular faceplant and hurting myself. But I sucked it up and managed 21″(the best I’ve EVER done 🙂

    HSPU- I so want to learn how to do this. It’s ridiculous, I’m a grown woman and it’s not even a skill you can put on a resume. But I AM going to learn to do this eventually. I can do a handstand against the wall but can’t do anything beyond that. Yet. Practiced off the box today.

    AMRAP 8mins
    8 Med Ball Cleans(6#)
    10 HR Pushups
    12 Situps

    4 Rounds +1 med ball clean

    I am slowly figuring out that CrossFit is about so much more than being strong and lifting heavy. Mental toughness and grit is a huge component. It’s the difference between “I can’t” and “I can”.

  8. Valerie Arseneau

    QOD: Pasta and Bread. I eat it occasionally because Chris doesn’t follow paleo and when its his turn to cook its often pasta. One thing I havent had since I started would be peanut butter, like Maria.

    AM mini wod. 2.4k run 12:49.

    P.S. Miss you guys and miss CrossFit! GAH! There is a sled at the base gym and last night we did a EMOTM for 16 min sled push ~120# on even (we dont know how much the sled is) and 3 power cleans 95# on odds (chris did more reps). Equipment is limited but enough to do a few wods.

  9. Skills – HSPU on box. Difficult on the knee bruise and realizing my triceps are very weak. It was fun though!
    Tried a free standing head stand. Thanks for the help Kevin and Ang for the back rub haha
    Vertical Jumps (rope jumps) 30″

    AMRAP in 8 min
    8 Med Ball Cleans 14#
    10 HR Pushups
    12 Situps
    5+8 sit ups

    Really liked this WOD. Such a fun morning with the 8:30am reunion at 7am.
    Where were you Kevin Mac!!!???

    1. QOD: I haven’t touched Greek yogourt since the last paleo challenge. I ate it everyday before. I also don’t do milk/cream. Big difference digestive wise. I’ve limited a lot of other things like pasta and grains, but sometimes I still have them

  10. Tracy

    HSPU on box….this is going to need some work.
    Vertical jumps – 25″- the rope is less threatening than the box!

    AMRAP in 8 minutes
    8 med ball cleans w/ 10 lbs
    10 HR pushups from knees
    12 situps

    Total 5 rounds + 6 situps …however the med ball cleans were very wack-a-doodle so not sure if they should even be counted!

    QOD: Pasta is long gone and glad of it….don”t miss it at all.

    1. I think wack-a-doodle should definitely be in the Crossfit dictionary. And if you need I demo video Kevin, pretty sure I can manage that!!

      Great job this a.m. (As usual) little sis. Way to go after that vertical jump. 25″ is no joke. Now when the zombies come, you’ll be able to hurdle dead bodies in your neighbothood

  11. Ginette

    Warm up x2
    Skills: vertical jumps – went as high as 22″ 🙂
    HSPU- practiced on box

    WOD: Amrap In 8 minutes of:
    -8 med ball @ 8#
    10 HR pushups on knees
    -12 sit ups

    Total :5 rounds even
    Fun class this morning, great coaching Kevin and Mario, and great energy!

  12. Mob, WUx2, group mob

    Skill – vertical jump
    Last time I tested was last fall, and hit 28.5″ (barely). This time around I cleared 33″ no trouble, and tried at 36.5″. Mario said I cleared it, but I came down on the rope. So if you count that, it’s an 8″ PR 🙂

    Skill – HSPU (pike pushups on box). Tried from the shorter box, got a few reps in. Stepped up to the larger, failed the first time in getting head to the floor. Tried again, got head to the floor but shoulder gave out coming up. Bailed off the box to the left, and nailed my left knee into the corner of the box 🙁 ow

    WOD @ 14# medball
    Total: 3 rounds + 7 situps

    I’d really like to try this again in a couple weeks when my knee isn’t aching 🙁

    QOD – I’ve been trying to give up energy drinks, and for the most part have succeeded, except in a few emergency situations…

  13. Crystal

    Warm up x2
    Skills: vertical jumps – went as high as 22″ 🙂
    HSPU- practiced on box

    WOD: Amrap In 8 minutes of:
    -8 med ball @ 10#
    10 HR pushups on knees
    -12 sit ups

    Thanks for the great class Kevin and Mario! LOve having Mr Wood there!

  14. QOD: I never buy grain products with my groceries any more.

    Mob + WUx2 + Group Mob

    HSPU – 2×10 reps strict w/ abmat only

    Vert. Jump = 36, 40, 42, 43.5in (tripped rope on last attempt at 45in)

    WOD Rx = 6 + 1 Pushup

  15. Amy Hogan

    WU x 2
    Group mobility

    Rope jump: 38″
    HSPU: 1×5 reps strict w/ 25lbs + abmat

    WOD : AMRAP in 8 min
    8 Med Ball Cleans #14
    10 HR Pushups
    12 Situps

    Total: 5 rounds + 7 med ball cleans

  16. Hannah


    HSPU- 20inch box from knees
    Vertical jumps

    WOD: AMRAP 8 mins
    8 med ball cleans 10lb
    10 h.r. pushups
    12 situps

    TOTAL: 5 rounds and 15 reps

    Cashout: couch stretch

    QOD: Most wheat. I won’t pretend that I don’t have the occasional piece of cake, but I definitely refrain from having sandwiches, etc…because apparently they make me feel icky. Never would’ve realized it if hadn’t been recommended that I experiment and cut it out for a bit..thanks Mom 🙂

  17. Baukje

    Skill: Rope Jump. Got to 29 1/4 inch.(ran out of time)
    Skill: HSPU. Got 1ish with the 45# plate and abmat. Not entirely sure if I really touched the mat.

    WOD: AMRAP in 8 min
    8 Wall ball cleans @ 10#
    10 H.R pushups (all from toes!)
    12 situps

    5 rounds + 1 push up

  18. – Mob
    – WUx2
    – More mob

    – HSPU: I just did some handstands.
    – Vertical jumps: Up to 41.5″ (1.5″ above my max box jump 🙂 )

    WOD Rx: 5rds + 10 HRPU

    QOD: Nothing’s been cut out from my pre-crossfit diet but I do put more emphasis on getting enough fat, and (loosely) time what/when I eat around when I’ll be coming into the gym (i.e. I need fuel in me, but nothing that will feel gross while doing burpees).

  19. Cara

    HSPU: 2 sets of 5 reps with 45 plate & ab mat, attempted just the ab mat a couple times but once my head sinks in I can’t push back up. Had fun with it, thanks Bev for the encouragement!

    Vertical Jump: 34″ over the rope and then 36″ & 38″ I was landing with my feet on top of the rope

    WOD: AMRAP 8 mins
    8 med ball cleans @ 14#
    10 HRPU (rd 1&2 from toes, rest from knees)
    12 sit ups

    5 rds + 6 sit ups

    QOD: In the 4 months I’ve been here I haven’t cut anything out completely (yet) but I have definitely been making changes, especially lately. I cut out pasta before starting here and love finding alternatives like zucchini ribbons, broccoli slaw or spaghetti squash.

  20. mob wux1
    group mob
    skill HSPU
    3 HSPU with 45# 10# plate and AB matt
    skill vertical jump
    36 in
    WOD AMRAP in 8 min
    8 med ball clean 20#
    10 HR pushup
    12 sit up
    7 round RX

  21. REALLY fun morning with a huge group of 6amers!

    QOD: Pasta an d bread. My sister says that if I was Superman, bread woud be my Kryptonite!

    WU × 2
    Group MOB ( Kevin had amnesia on some of the instructions, just sayin’)

    Skill: Vertical jumps to 22″…ran out of time
    Skill: HSPU – Practiced on the big box

    AMRAP 10 min
    8 me ball cleans @ 10#
    10 HRPU from toes
    12 situps

    4R and 3 situps

    Soooo fun this morning. Thanks Kevin and Mario.

  22. Laura

    Skills – HSPU on knees and on toes using the abmat
    Vertical Jumps (rope jumps) ran out of time at 22 inches

    AMRAP in 8 min
    8 Med Ball Cleans (8#)
    10 HR Pushups
    12 Situps

    4 rounds + 8 hrpu (actually I think I forgot to slide my penny on the last complete round so it might be 5 rounds, but I’ll say 4 rounds to be safe)

    Fun class thanks guys!

  23. Heidi

    WU x 2

    Vertical jumps 38 inches
    HSPU strict with ab mat & 2 10# plates

    8 med ball clean @ 10#
    10 HR Push Ups
    12 Sit Ups
    5 rounds even.

    Super excited to have sore quads tonight from the squats on my med ball cleans. First time in a long time my back has allowed me to do squats in a WOD. Yippee!

    Fun class this morning. Big group and had the Kevin/Mario duo.

  24. **Open Gym**

    WUx1 + Mobility

    OHS 1RM
    110×1 (PR)
    115×1 (PR)

    WOD: 21-15-9

    -OHS @ 65#
    -Russian KBS @50#

    Time: 5:59 Rx

    Thanks Mario!

  25. Gabriel

    mob wux1
    group mob

    skill HSPU strict
    HSPU with 10# plate and AB matt
    skill vertical jump 40 in approx

    WOD AMRAP in 8 min
    8 med ball clean 20#
    10 HR pushup(ab mat)
    12 sit up
    6 rounds + 4 med cleans

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