Partner Chipper


Partner Chipper

With one partner working at a time:

150 Double Unders
135 Situps
120 Pushups
105 Squats
90 Box Jumps
74 Pullups
60 Lunges
45 Burpees
30 K2E
15 HSPU/30 Pushups

Val's last hoo-rah!

Val’s last hoo-rah!

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    1. Valerie Arseneau

      Thanks!!! Glad I was able to attend and see all your prettt faces!!!

      HUGE thanks to Jo and Kev for being some if the most awesome people!!! I will miss CFM greatly! My next box will have big shoes to fill!

  1. Ron

    WOD with Julie Siliker (Julie is a monster)
    Sooooooooooo much fun doing the partner WOD’s.

    I did 1 sled push @155# and cannot believe how easy the Crossfit Games athletes do it. That s**t is tough.

  2. Ron

    Sad to see Val leave, what a great Crossfitter and a super person.

    Good luck Val, and make sure to visit when your in town.

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