Snatch Day!


Snatch Day!

Our CrossFit Wedding got picked up my Men’s Fitness!

Spend the class working on your snatch. You have the option to do snatch, power snatch, hang snatch, or hang power snatch. If you don’t know the difference, you really need to get in today.


Compare to March 26/14

A big thanks to our MANY volunteers!

A big thanks to our MANY volunteers!

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  1. Blake


    Mob/WU/Bar Smashing
    Burgener. Warmup x 2

    (Squat) Snatch x 2
    45 – 65 – 85 – 95 – 115 – 125(1) – 125 (got a little stuck here until Coach Mario fixed me up!)
    125 – 135 – 145(1) PR! Wanted to get it for 2 but didn’t have the gas.

    3 min Plank Unbroken (might be a PR as well)

    Fun day!

  2. Chantal L.

    Cool article! That WAS a fun wedding – never thought I’d be lunging at a wedding! πŸ˜‰

    I love all the hopper pictures! Keep em coming!

  3. I know it’s Snatch day, which is usually my fav but this morning I felt inspired by the Games and tried a 1RM OHS instead during the Lab.

    OHS x1
    105 115 125 135 140…145…150…155 !!!! &%$! PR (also PR for rack jerk/weight overhead)

    Do you know what that means? I would not have been last in that event at the Games!! Second last…but still. I guess you could say it was a good lifting day. Happy.

  4. Burgener wu

    Snatch day
    Worked on hang snatch-speed is the focus. Need to stop worrying about gettin low enough and work on getting under the bar faster


    AMRAP plank 3 min
    1:03, :30, :20. :30
    Total: 2:23

    Nice class after last nights crazy

  5. Snatch day

    Worked on full snatch up to 70# (form not good lol)
    DId remaining sets up to 85# with Hang Power Snatch-worked on speed of getting under the bar.

    cashout 3min plank.

  6. Mob & wu x 3
    Burgener wu

    Snatch day
    Power Snatch

    15-20-25-30-30-35-40-45-50#(5# PR)

    Worked on keeping the bar close to my body and exploding up.

    AMRAP plank 3 min
    Total: 2:27

  7. Melissa H

    Snatch Day
    Chose Hang Snatch
    Worked on getting under the bar, feeling solid in landings.


    Paused a but at the bottom of the landings. A few felt a little shaky on landing but the pause helped me feel that position. Thanks for the help Kevin.

    AMRAP 3 min plank

  8. Terri-Lynn

    mob & wu x 2
    group mobility
    burgener wu

    Snatch Day – Power Snatch

    15# PR

    I think I will try Hang Snatch next time to work on squat portion.

      1. Terri-Lynn

        Thanks Maria. In some things I feel like I am making a ton of progress, others not so much. I have a long list of things to work on. πŸ™‚

  9. Lance


    Snatch x2


    Accumulate as much time in plank as possible in 3 mins
    Total= 3 mins

    Snatch 185# over my head twice no problem hold a plank for 3 mins straight holy mother of god thats hard.

  10. Fred

    hang Snatch (x2)
    First time doing snatches

    cashout: plank 3 min (did 2:40 ish)

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