Change For Change


Change For Change

Bring in $5 if you’d like to switch up your workout today.

5 rounds
400m Run
30 Wall ball
30 Box jump

*40 min time cap

Compare to July 31/13

Team Jenny Craig hit the pool wod

Team Jenny Craig hit the pool wod

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  1. Shane Hayes

    Mobility and Wu x 1
    Group mobility
    Wod: Kelly
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall balls @ 20#
    30 Box Jumps @ 24”
    Rx’d 29:29 (21 sec pr)
    Went pretty hard first round, unbroken (which was a mistake) just to see how super man Kevin Wood aka coach could do this in 20 min. F#$& that. Wow!
    I was going to do Jackie on change for change but decided Kelly was the more attractive lady!
    Great class Patrick, great work 6 amer’s!

      1. Shane Hayes

        And thank you, the wall balls felt really good today, box jumps were slower than I wanted and the run was beating me up a bit. But, those are 3 of my nemesis!

  2. Alaina

    Mob. and WU x1
    Group Mob.
    250m row because we were ready early 🙂
    WOD: Kelly
    5 rounds
    400m run
    30 wall balls #10
    30 box jumps 18″
    Decided to do the exact same as in July to have a good comparison for time.
    July Time: 33:00
    Today Time: 30:32……..almost a 2 1/2 min. PR
    Very excited about this! Next time will try to do Rx
    Great class everyone!! Missed you Val !!

    1. Valérie Arseneau

      Awesome PR! Sad I missed out. Slept like crap and ended up cancelling in the middle of the night. Would of been a rough day running on such little sleep.

  3. Vanessa Champion

    Kinda wish I was signed up for today to try this one for the first time… Then I remember… Wall balls… Lol

  4. Gabriel

    Group Mob

    WOD “Kelly’ as RX’d
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall balls @ 20#
    30 Box Jumps @ 24”
    Time–> 31:54

    First time doing this WOD. I found the Wall Balls easy for a change, everything else was not!
    Great WOD.

    Awesome work morning crew!

  5. Elba

    Wu x 1
    Group mobility

    Wod: Kelly Rx

    Time 29:22

    Wall balls were mainly done in sets of 10 but the box jumps were just brutal.

    Thanks Pat for entertaining Luna.

    Around 7-8 rounds of 5-6 reps
    HSPU progression 1 inch to halfway to the floor
    Bent Over Rows @135#

    Cashout: Watched Kevin finish a Main site wod, just crazy.

    1. Heather S

      Actually Trent what’s “crazy” is you doing work in the Lab after that wod. Great job on the wod and the Lab. Crazy and Inspirational 🙂

  6. Kevin

    Tested out a Main Site WOD today. It’ll probably show up on a Saturday this month 🙂

    115-lb. deadlifts, 50 reps
    50 walking lunges
    115-lb. back squats, 40 reps
    40 toes-to-bars
    115-lb. power cleans, 30 reps
    30 burpee box jumps, 24 inch
    115-lb. thrusters, 20 reps
    20 triple-unders


    1. That sound Like a lit of fun!!! Are the ladies weight the same?! I may give it a whirl since I’m not yet equipped for wall balls here… 🙁 hmmm but could do thrusters instead… Oh the choices….

      What’s the option instead of triples… 2x doubles?

  7. oneyebrydges

    Did change for change with Shawn Johnson
    Group mobility.
    WOD. “Deck Of Death”
    Running deck of death
    23:40 26 sec pr
    Rob Brydges.

  8. Steph L


    Change for change

    Running Deck of Death RX
    Time: 25:00 (5sec PR)
    *Got the two jokers back to back… = brutal lol

    Great Class Thanks Kevin!

  9. Blake

    Mobility / WU

    5 rounds of:
    — 400m Run
    — 30 Wall ball @ 20#
    — 30 Box jump @ 24″
    TIME: 32:17

    Realized I hadn’t done this one before so had to give it a shot. Tough.
    Great work Nooners!

    1. Shane Hayes

      Great work Blake, both time I’ve done this I wanted to quit at 3 rounds. But for some reason I love it when I am done.

  10. Melanie

    WUx1 (Did 5 toes through ring…yaye!)

    ‘Scaled’ Kelly

    3 rounds

    400m run
    30 wall balls @ 10#/10′
    30 box jumps @20′


    1.2km run

    Wall balls mentally defeated me! Had just as many ‘no reps’ as I had good ones!

    Great job Nooners!

  11. Heather S

    Change for Change – April 10

    4 rounds for time:
    4 X 10 farmer’s carry (50#)
    50 squats


    I have a rule that I decide whether to change BEFORE I see the WOD. So glad I had decided on the farmer’s carry wod before I looked… not that 200 squats didn’t do me in. I had time left over so tried to skip. It did not go well!

  12. Hannah


    Change for Change- April 10

    4 rounds of:
    4x 10, farmers carry (35lb)
    50 squats


    Aaaand the squats are catching up to me! Feeling them now 🙂

  13. Amanda

    I never do this, but I switched my workout!

    “Jackie” RX’d: 12:02

    Last time was 3 years ago: 35# thrusters, green band for pullups: 14:21.
    That certainly puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

    1. Amanda

      Hats off to everyone who did Kelly today – that looks like a brutal wod (which I have yet to do) and congrats to Ryan for his first RX wod (Kelly, at that!!)

  14. Ryan F.

    – Mob
    – WUx1
    – Group Mob

    Deck of Death: 87 reps left, did both rows… Last time I had 56 reps & 1 joker, but used a band for pull ups 🙂

  15. Dave H

    5 rounds of:
    – 400m Run
    – 30 Wall ball
    – 30 Box jump
    TIME: 25:58 rx

    Brutal WOD, need my running legs back!

  16. Group Mobility

    5 rounds of:
    – 400m Run
    – 30 Wall balls @ 20#
    – 30 Box jump @ 24″
    Back/neck/shoulders have been bothering me this week so had decided to go with 14# for wall balls. Then I noticed when I had looked back to last time I had tried 20# then switched to 14# after 12 of them. So I decided to do that today to compare.

    TIME: 39:00 (last time I didn’t finish. Was 15 BJ’s short.)

    Great work Nooners!

  17. Craig H

    Deck of Death Rx
    short 6 pullups at time cap
    did 400m runs instead of rows.
    first time trying the full version next time i will get it.

  18. WOD: Team Kalsu Rx w/ Lance
    100 Thrusters 135#
    * 5 Burpees every minute on the minute
    ** Partners alternate work every minute
    = 9:55

    M- 10,10,8,8,5 = 41
    L- 18,13,10,9,9 = 59

    Thanks bud! Good times!

  19. Amy Hayes

    Group Mobility

    scaled to 3 rounds, 8# WB & 20″ box
    Time 29:42

    Last time I switched to a 6# WB, used an 18″ box & finished @ 33:46. Next time I need to take less breaks & do the 5 rounds.

  20. Mob, WUx1

    Change for change – Deck of Death – 25 minute cap

    Total: 98 reps remaining, 23 rep PR, but got both rows and pulled about 30 more burpees this time than last!

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