Bench Day!


Bench Day!

Strength – Bench Press 5RM

Compare to Feb.12/14

Cashout – Tabata Down ups

I own this bar

I own this bar

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  1. Valerie Arseneau

    Strength – Bench Press 5RM
    55-65-75-85(x4) – 85(x1)

    So close to getting my 90! next time.

    Cashout – Tabata Down ups
    71 reps.

  2. Alaina

    Strength: Bench Press 5RM
    Cashout Tabata Down Ups: 63 reps
    Worked on toes to bar! Need to keep working on the hollow hold kip(thanks Val) and thanks Mario for a great class!!

  3. Amanda

    Lots of awesome pictures coming out of the Open this year – mostly thanks to Gillyon, this one was taken by Jenn Brander with Gillyon’s camera. Nice work ladies, I’m really enjoying them!

  4. Vanessa Champion

    Lab-t2b progression
    Clean and jerk
    65-75-85-90PR-95ugly PR haha
    Need to work on getting under the bar and squatting

    70# farmers carry with Ang

    Bench press

    Cash out
    Tabata down ups
    Total 53

    Overall great productive morning πŸ™‚

  5. Heather Colleen

    Mob (ish) WU (ish)

    70# Farmer’s Carry + burpee

    Bench x5
    55-60-65-70-75(3) 5# PR

    Tabata Down Ups
    52 reps

    So much fun on the bar this morning – congrats on the multiple PRs, Vanessa!

      1. Heather Colleen

        It’s like…a few leg swings, a bunch of pass throughs, some stick OHS, maybe a pushup or two… It’s what happens when you get to class late. πŸ™

      2. Vanessa Champion

        No, the up roar was me being early and Ang being late hahaha

        And great job today heather on the bench press πŸ™‚

  6. Helen

    Looks like I’m missing another ‘bench’ day…my favorite! I could probably do the bench press but I can’t see someone else bending down and picking up the weights for me! LOL
    DL 1, Helen 0.

  7. Maria

    Bench x5 with my bench buddy Crystal, that was fun!

    65-75-85-95-105 x 2

    I think I should have tried 100 x 5, next time!

    Tabata Down ups

  8. Blake


    T2B practice – 11 consecutive
    MU practice – 3 consecutive (but did not lock out on bottom of #2 )

    Bench x 5 – Continues to be one of my goats.
    135 – 155 – 165 – 170(f) – stopped as wrist was pinched.

    20 consecutive wall balls @ 20#

    Tabata Down-Ups: 78
    the first 5 of the first round were full burpees because I am an idiot.

  9. mobility
    wu x 1
    lacrosse ball

    Bench Press x 5

    cash out – Tabata Down ups = 27 had to stop half way my knee was not impress with the down ups next time i will walk it out thanks Chantal for the tip.

  10. Heather S

    I just stood up after sitting at my desk for the last 3 hours. Let’s just say that I can now feel 14.3 from yesterday, and the thought of doing downups is making me whimper

  11. Mob, WUx1
    * first time I’ve done all 10 WU pull-ups with only a green band! They weren’t unbroken, but that’s the next goal!

    Group mob

    Bench press 5×5
    45 (WU) – 65 – 75 – 85 – 95 – 100(x3)

    The most I’ve ever benched was 90#, so it was a 5# PR on my 5RM, plus a 10# PR overall for the lifts at 100# πŸ™‚

    Cash out – Tabata down ups
    Total: 49

  12. Bench Press
    95-115-125-135(2) (every day can’t be a PR….but today wasn’t even close to previous one)

    Cashout: 40 reps

    10 illegal burpees in 20 seconds

    1 T2B fail…

    Based on the above you wouldn’t think I enjoyed myself today but I did.

  13. Jeff L

    WU X 1
    Group Mobility

    Bench Press X 5

    185-205-225-245-265(PR for 5RM)

    Cashout – Tabata Down Ups = 37

    Fun class (minus the tabata down ups that is) Chantal!!

  14. Krystal

    WU x 1

    Group Mobility

    Bench Press:
    25-30-35-40-45 .. (wanted to see if I could do 50 @ 5, and it was a success!)


    Tabata Down-ups: 46

    Fun Class Chantal! Thanks for sharing the bar Susie and Christine πŸ™‚

  15. Craig H


    Bench Press 5rm

    Tabata down up’s
    Total: 68reps
    Legs locked up part way through down ups tough to finish

    good job tonight Frank

  16. Steph L


    Group Mobility

    Bench Press: 5RM
    50-60-70-75(PR reps) 80(2)PR

    Tabata Down-up’s
    Total = 81

    Great Job 6:45 Class!!!

  17. Trent

    Lab Weighted Pullups x5
    20 – 25- 30 -35(3 pullups + 2 chinups)
    cashout 10 non weighted strick pullups. (they came really easy after the weights, good feeling)

    Bench Day x5

    Tabata Down-ups = 79

    Worked on better technique for bench. Use to have arms 90 degrees to body which gave me a wider grip. Now trying to keep it to 45 degree but grip is a little closer. something to work on.

    Baseline in the evening for friends who did a drop in.
    Time 4:34
    10 sec PR compared to Dec 6, 2012

  18. Marcel

    WU x 1

    Bench Press x 5


    Tabata Down Ups. — Had to bail on these due to sore paw after round 3, opted for squats.

    Total 115 reps

  19. Heather S

    Mountains of mob + wu

    Bench press 5×5
    Wu 45
    65-75-85-95 (failed on 3) 90

    Tabata down ups – 71

    Great job in the bar ladies, sooo strong!

  20. Ryan F

    – Mob
    – WUx1
    – So much foam rolling
    – Group mob

    Bench press x5:
    45-75-95-115-125-130(x4, only managed 2x feb 12th so I’m happy πŸ™‚

    Tabata down ups, 8 rounds: 62 reps

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