Old one


Old one

Complete three rounds for time of:
50 Lunges
21 Power cleans (155/115# or 65%)

Compare to Dec.3/09


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  1. Vanessa Champion

    CFK baseball. Super fun!!

    3 rounds
    50 lunges
    20 power cleans 55#


    Cash out: lots of stretching.
    Great Saturday morning!

  2. Amber

    Vacation WOD challenge! Davis is in Golden BC and I am in Red Deer AB. I picked a challenge and then sent it to Davis.
    150 push-ups for time
    Amber: 16:50
    Davis: 20:05
    I was really surprised I thought he would kick my butt! However his form may have been better. I had a hard time lifting my lower back as time went on. But I am very happy that I did them all without going on my knees!

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