Oly Total


Oly Total

15 min to find 1RM Snatch

15 min to find 1RM Clean and Jerk

New Brunswick is one of the few provinces that doesn’t have a weightlifting association. A couple weeks ago, I went to Fredericton to become an NCCP certified weightlifting coach, and I’m also a member of the board. We are in the process of developing a new association to rekindle the sport in the province.

Today, we are going to have a little in-house competition. We will follow some of the rules outlined by the CWF, such as no press outs or re-bending of the arms. Normally, each athlete gets 3 attempts per lift, but due to time constraints, we’re going to set the clock for 15 min.

Hope you enjoy today!

Not bad for an old fella! Great job Ron!

Not bad for an old fella! Great job Ron!

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  1. Valerie Arseneau

    Great initiative Kevin! Good luck 🙂

    Mob + WUx1
    Group Mob + WU

    1RM Snatch
    I can do more than 65 but my wrist is wonky… I need to get it checked. It was painful trying to catch 65#.

    1RM Clean and Jerk
    10# PR! These felt great!! My quads were sooo sore from yesterday’s WOD but I still managed a 10# PR. This makes me super happy as I tried to do squat cleans for the double down and failed miserably. This was exactly what my ego needed 🙂

    Was able to get under 115 but couldn’t get up. I can do this weight I am sure. Next time 🙂

    Thanks Kevin!

  2. Kevin

    Made it to 175# (PR for squat snatch)

    Made it to 235 (knee was acting up – getting under it was not happening. Jerks felt great)

    Total – 410#

    1. Blake

      Nice work coach, your Jerks looked awesome and your Snatches were super-smooth.
      I love how that this is one of the only sites were that is not as awkward as it sounds.

      Right? … guys? Uhm…

  3. Chantal L.

    WU x 1 + smashing WTF ouch.

    2×55 – 2×65 – 1×75 – 1×85 – 1×90 (not sure if my arms locked out… my feet landed WAY too wide so.. F), 90F .. NO PR

    90 – 105 – 115 – 125 (getting nervous) – 135 (BOOYAH Matched my PR) – 140 (CLEAN PR, failed the Jerk, but I have jerked more than that before)

    Oly total: 220#

    SO excited about my clean PR. They felt really good this morning, and looking forward to add more! Since I’ve been going for massages more often I feel like my elbows are faster around the bar… is that related?

  4. Shane Hayes

    Great picture Ron.
    Wu x 1 + extra mobility
    Group mobility and Wu
    Max Snatch
    45/95/135/155/175/185 f/185 failed wasn’t getting locked out properly. Still a huge pr for full snatch, best good snatch prior was 135.
    Max Clean and Jerk
    135/185 /205 /225 /245 f/ 245 f/245 f/245 f wasn’t getting under it, still trying to push it up instead of getting under it 40# Pr on split jerk though.
    Fun class Kevin, great work 6 amer’s, nice to see some new faces!

    1. Shane Hayes

      Kevin, your pointers at oly are the only reason I got as high as I did this morning. I am trying really hard to not just put weight up with brute Strength. I know I can do more, but I want to get better technique. As frustrating as it can be, I appreciate all the help greatly!

      1. Shawn Johnson

        Thanks. I’m only starting to get the right “feel” for cleans. It only took 1.5 years sheesh. Now to start tweaking. All pointers and call outs welcome!

  5. Vanessa Champion

    Group leg smashing

    Max snatch
    Ended up pressing 55# next time I’ll get it

    Max C+J
    Again, I was pressing the 75#. Once I got that, Kevin informed me my feet were too narrow. Fail. Haha
    Thanks for the help today Kevin. I really appreciate the tips and corrections

    2min skipping

  6. Heather Colleen

    WU x 1 (pushups might actually be starting to come along)
    Group Mobility

    Bergener WU

    Max snatch (squat)
    15-20-30-35-40-45-50 <– 20# PR

    My power snatch is still heavier, but the technique might be getting better. Also, most I've squatted OH in a year, only 5# off my OHS PR.

    Max C&J (squat clean/split jerk)


    ALL the PRs here:
    -first time putting 100# over my head in any lift
    -squat clean 30# PR
    -split jerk 40# PR
    -any jerk 5 #PR

    Total: 150

    Tried handstand hold when I got home….and no. Not yet.

  7. Kelly B

    WU X 1
    Group Mobility

    1RM Snatch
    40, 40, 40, 40, 45, 50, 60
    (Need to work on landing in a full squat)

    1RM Clean and Jerk
    55, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 95, 100(F)
    (Need to work on a wider landing)

    Really appreciated being able to work on these two lifts. Thanks very much Kevin!

    Welcome to the new crew at 6 am 🙂

  8. Kevin Mack

    WU X 1
    Group Mobility

    1RM Snatch
    45-55-65-75-85# (still landing too wide)

    1RM Clean and Jerk
    65-75-85-95-105-125-135 (biggest weight I have ever split jerked. Previous was 80# last night)

    Handstand Hold 1:13

    Toes to rings – 6

    Thanks for the coaching Kevin. Fun class.

  9. Jack

    WU x 1

    25 pullups for charity

    Max Snatch

    65,85,95,105,115 (F)

    This would be a PR for full squat snatch. This has been eluding me forever. I can power snatch 170 but can’t seem to get my mind around going under the bar and landing low. Working on it and not giving up.

    Max Clean and Jerk (Split)


    Got the clean but couldn’t get under the jerk. Since I just learned split jerk 2 days ago I would call this a PR.

    Total: 320#

  10. Brigitte

    WU X 1

    Group Mob
    Bergener WU

    1RM Snatch
    15#(3) – 20#(5) – 25#(7) – 30#(1)

    1RM Clean and Jerk
    20#(2) – 35#(2) – 40# – 45#(2) – 50# – 55# – 60#

    Total : 90#

  11. Maria

    1RM Snatch
    Working on squat snatch.

    1RM Clean and Jerk
    65-75-85-95-105-115-125 (F)

    Energy filled nooner! Lots of grunting lol

  12. Blake

    WU x 1
    Barbell Mob. w/ Maria
    Burgener WU


    1RM (Squat) Snatch
    95 / 115 / 135(f) / 135(f) / 125 / 135 (PR)/ 145(f)

    1RM (Squat) Clean & (Split) Jerk
    135 – 145 – 175 – 180 – 185 – 195 – 200(f) – 200(f)

    Total: 330

    Sooooo close on my 200# Jerk! Would have been a Jerk PR but was still a PR for my (squat) clean. I am finally very, very close to surpassing my power snatch (140) and power clean (215) numbers which feels pretty awesome.

  13. Crystal

    1RM Deadlift Snatch something something…bummed shoulder so Coach Kevin had me do these. #105
    1 RM Squat Clean and Split Jerk
    up to #75
    Great nooner today! Lots of energy and groaning/crying on the calf smashing! 🙂

    Thanks Kevin!

  14. Jenn M

    Warm up mobility x1
    Group warm up

    20#(4) – 25#(4) – 30#(6)
    I have to remember to keep my hands in the correct position on the bar it got better the more I did though.. (Or at least I think they did)

    Clean and Jerk
    20#(2) – 35#(3) -30#(3) -40#(6)
    I need to work on having a wider split, keeping my chest straight instead of leaning forward and having the bar fall behind my head too far back…

    Total weight of 70#

    I really enjoyed the 6am class!!

  15. Mob, WUx1

    Group mob/bergener WU

    40 – 50 – 55 – 60 – 65 – 70 – 75 (PR 5#)

    Failed a couple times at 70, and once at 75, but I knew I could get it in!

    Clean & Jerk (split jerk)
    55 – 65 – 70 – 75 – 80 – 85 – 90 – 95 – 100 – 105 – 110 (PR 5#)

    Total: 185

    It was a lot of fun getting more practice with split jerk, and I felt amazing with my squat cleans today! I don’t think I’ve ever felt that fast under the bar on a clean!

    Also, I PR’d both of these lifts earlier this month, that makes today’s PRs even better! Plus that 110 on the C&J matches my previous clean 1RM, and I know I could have cleaned more without the jerk for sure!

  16. Jenn B



    Score =235

    PRs on both lifts.
    Thanks for being an awesome partner Spencer. You’re getting so strong.

  17. Maddy

    Mob + WU x 1
    Group mob (calf smash)
    Bergener WU

    Snatch (squat)

    Clean & Jerk (squat on the clean)

    Score : 110

    My weak point was the squats, which is why I started off so low… it’s frustrating because I never really know where to start. Is it a good knee day or a bad knee day..? But it was good to work on technique. I didn’t really reach my OH max but I started feeling it in my knee so that was enough.

    First time doing split jerks… a few wobbles but felt better by the end. Can’t wait to practice those again!

  18. Spencer

    65-75-80-85-90-95-105 PR #10


    Love sharing the bar with ya Jenn! You’re an awesome partner as well, you’re crazy strong and your lifts were looking great.

    Great Job tonight everybody! 🙂 Fun CLASS Kevin!

  19. Craig H

    group mob

    max snatch
    95,115,135,145,155,165pr,175pr,185(f) total 20# pr

    max squat clean and split jerk
    135,155,175,195,205,215pr,225pr #20 pr on both

    total 400#

    Lifts felt good tonight. Thanks for the pointers Kevin really helped at the heavy weights. good job frank and jeff on the bar tonight.

    practiced muscle ups

  20. Snatch
    135 – 145 – 155(x) – 155 – 165 – 185(x) – 175(x)

    Clean & Jerk
    185 – 205 – 225 – 245 – 255(x) – 255(x)

    Olympic Total = 410

    No PRs today, but lifts felt good. 🙂

  21. Amy Hogan

    WU X 1
    Group Mobility

    1RM Snatch(squat clean)

    1RM Clean and Jerk(squat clean/split jerk)

    Total: 155

  22. CAM

    Calf Smashing with Jenny

    1RM Snatch
    95-105-115-135-155-165 {PR by like 30!)

    1RM Clean and Jerk
    I Power cleaned the last Set really need to work on my front squat. I could have gone heavier on the Jerk but im most definitely limited by the cleans.

    Total: 390

    Nice Job 6:45, Thanks Mario

  23. Frank

    group mob

    max snatch
    95-105-115-125-135 (didn’t get low enough on squat)

    max squat clean and split jerk

    total 330#
    That was a fun class, Great job on the snatches Evan! Great sharing the bar with you Craig and Jeff!

  24. Jeff L

    Mobility, WU X 1
    Group mobility

    Snatch 1RM


    Need to practice getting under it quicker and landing in the bottom.

    Clean and Jerk 1RM


    Total – 310

    Nice sharing the bar tonight Craig and Frank!

    Thanks for the tips Kevin!

  25. Ryan F.

    – mob
    – WUx1
    – Group mob
    – Group wu
    Squat snatch x1

    Squat clean & split jerk x1:

    Need a huge amount of work on squat snatch, may need to dedicate some lab time to it.

  26. Jen C

    Mob + Wup x 1
    Calf smash with Cam
    Group Wup – Bergener

    Strength Day: looking for 1 rep max
    Max Snatch
    20, 25 (too light)
    3 x 30 (needed to lock arms)
    2 x 35 (better, but not great)
    3 x 40 (still need to work on form)

    Max Clean & Jerk (split jerk)
    3 x 35
    1 x 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 (think I could have gotten 80)

    Total = 115

    PR for the day – writing down my numbers so I can start tracking PRs properly

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