Filthy Cindy meets Jackie


Filthy Cindy meets Jackie

500m row
5 rounds of Cindy
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders

Compare to Feb.18/12

Craig signing off on a job well done

Craig signing off on a job well done

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  1. Amanda

    This picture makes me want to cry! Craig you did awesome this weekend. And you know what my favorite part of this picture is? Jeremy out there to congratulate him, giving him a “great job” pat on the back. We’re so proud of you guys, proud to have you as members of CFM. You’re both awesome athletes!

  2. Craig H

    After the first couple wods jeremy and i actually cared less about the standings and more about our own internal competition against each other. It was a blast and i cannot wait to give the next one a go.

    1. Jeremy L

      After the first WOD I knew I wasn’t catching you Craig, you did great! Really loved working out and hanging out with everyone that was there either to compete or for support!!

  3. Maria

    Great photo. So many great moments during the Beatdown, Craig you worked so hard! You’ve inspired me to push harder at the gym. Looking forward to next year!

  4. Ryan F.

    Did the 9:00am intro with my girlfriend today, trying to get her to switch from the Y 🙂

    – Mob
    – Modified WU (10x lunge, good morning, jumping jack, burpees, Samson stretch)

    Baseline (ring rows instead of pull ups): 5:46
    … Claire got 5:33 :-O

  5. Mob + Burgener WU

    Snatch Balance 5-5-5-3-3

    Snatch 1-1-1-1

    Group Mob & WU

    WOD Rx = 14:03

    Just kept moving, kept moving, trying to get better at that. Good job everyone! Enjoy the week-end!

  6. Alaina

    Mob. And WUx2
    Wall balls @ 14lbs. Large ball 2rounds of 10
    Handstand push-ups, halfway down did 3 times
    WOD: 500 m row. 1:58
    5 rds of Cindy 5 ring rows, 10 HR push-ups, 15 squats
    50 burpees
    150 singles
    Great job everyone!

  7. Amy Hayes

    Practiced DUs (got 10 in a row)

    did ring rows, pushups from knees & singles
    Time 20:46

    Practiced DUs (got 5 in a row)

  8. Coach Lora

    Love this photo! It embodies one of my favourite parts of the Beatdown: the camaraderie. The support and encouragement we all had for, and got from one another, made my weekend!

  9. Jen C

    Mob (missed full Wup)

    WOD: Filthy Cindy Meets Jackie
    500 m row
    5 rounds of Cindy (5 pullups with red band, 10, pushups, 15 squats)
    then 50 burpees and 150 single skips

    Time = 16:40
    May have squeezed in a 6th round of Cindy as I lost count 🙁

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