Friday’s QOD


Friday’s QOD

Did you ask Santa for any CrossFit gear?

Yankee Swap!

Everyone that comes will select a number and then choose a ‘present’. Upon opening it, you’ll find a workout. If you were #2, you have the option of switching with #1. Number 3 can switch with 1 or 2, and so on. Person #1 will be allowed to switch with anyone…so you’d better hope to get #1!

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  1. Jackie

    Ugh !!! This sounds like fun, and yet again this thing called work is sending me away again today. 🙁 I always miss the good ones and when I’m home I get wall ball and burpees!

  2. Kevin

    Pulled out Elizabeth this morning…yay

    Squat Cleans (135#)
    Ring Dips

    9:18 (no PR…knee acted up after first round, so switched to power cleans)

      1. Nvm, I just look at the old posts, all squat clean. Was under the impression I had done it with power cleans, but just realised I never did the full prescribed weight.

        Good score btw!

  3. Jeff L

    Yankee Swap – picked out Grace and got to keep it, Merry Christmas to me 🙂

    Rx’d – 3:59

    No PR but there’s a huge difference working out in the morning when you’re used to evenings in my opinion.

    1. Valérie Arseneau

      Already did 100 wall balls this week… I am hoping to avoid more wall balls… especially Karen! Last 2 times I saw her, we did not get along very well…

  4. Blake

    WU x 1
    Group Workout disguised as a warmup

    Drew “Diane” and kept it.
    — Deadlifts @ 225#
    — Handstand Pushups

    Time: DNF – Had 3 HSPU left at 15 min.

    Did the first set of 21 HSPU of then did the rest with an abmat. Should have done them all that way and maybe finished. Need to practice kickups more and get my HSPUs back.
    Wrist felt good though so that’s a positive.

    Always fun though!

  5. Melissa H

    WU x 1
    Group WU

    Yankee swap. Got Elizabeth, traded for Isabel and ended up with Grace.

    Grace @ 65#

    Not a time PR but a weight PR. April 8, 2013 did Grace @ 50# in 2:54.

  6. Ginette

    Warm up x1
    Group warm up

    WOD: yankee swap: Jackie
    -1000 m row
    -50 thrusters #25
    -30 pull ups (green band)

    Time: 13:58….thought I was going to die, but I guess I am still here to complain about it!!!! Fun morning, thanks for the push gang….felt like giving up!

  7. Valerie Arseneau

    Mob + WUx1
    Group WU

    Jackie Rx
    1000m row
    50 thrusters at 45#
    30 pull ups


    Happy with my pick, happy with my time, annoyed with my hand re-ripping.

    Thanks Corinna for your extra festive-ness 🙂

  8. Frank


    Group Warm up

    “Yankee Swap”

    Jackie Rx
    1000m row
    50 thrusters at 45#
    30 pull ups

    first time going Jackie – will push harder next time I meet Jackie

  9. Gillyon

    Group warmup

    Pick and kept Elizabeth
    Small band

    Wish I had it in me to do this sans band, but 45 ring dips in a lot…

    Shout out to my traveling friend, Rachel. She tackled Fran today at CFM. Took a PR and sub 6 minute. 🙂

  10. Lora

    Group WU

    WOD “Yankee Swap”

    Was the second to pick. Got “Karen” which ordinarily I would love, but after Monday’s wall balls and burpees, my legs are wrecked. Quickly stole “Grace”. Quickly lost “Grace”….and got…………………………………..wait for it……………………………….yup, got “Karen” back.
    I guess it was meant to be.

    Karen @ Rx
    150 wall balls 14#, 10′
    Time = 8:07

    PR of 41 seconds from July. Super happy with that. Next time will try for sub 8:00.

    Love Yankee Swap day. Fun class Corinna.

    1. Heidi

      Yeah…sorry about sticking you with Karen, Lora, but as a 3rd round pick, this was my only play, unless I wanted to keep Karen for myself. No way hosay!! Congrats on the PR. See, I did you a favour 🙂

  11. Maddy

    WU x 1 + first part of the group WU

    Yankee Swap!

    Fran – picked it and decided to keep it 🙂
    Thrusters 35#
    Pullups (black)

    Time : 9:10

    Happy to finish it under the cap and happy that I didn’t bail on the weights… my back up plan was to take the 10# plates off and do the thrusters with just the 15# bar if my knee acted up.

    Last time doing Fran was on 2013-07-29 and I had done push press @55# + air squats and finished in 6:09 mins. But I won’t compare because air squats are NOT thrusters.

    1. Lora

      YAY for thrusters! I’m happy the “rehab” of your knee is going well enough to start doing thrusters. Onward and upward, my friend. Great work tonight. It was so nice to see you 🙂

  12. Corinna

    WU x 1

    Group Warm-Up


    3 rounds

    500m run
    12 Deadlifts body weight =140lbs
    21 box jumps @ 20′


    Good cardio WOD! Sorry Terry for taking Christine from you!

    P.S. Hi Christine!

  13. Melanie

    Group WU

    Yankee swap!

    Elizabeth @ 85#


    Squat cleans


    What?! Squat cleans!…It was just as mental as it was physical. Tried to maintain form throughout but some reps suffered!

  14. Shane Hayes

    Wu x 1
    Thanks Kevin for your wish before u left tonight and Jack making it come true!!
    Yankee swap got #2 ended up with a
    Wod: Karen
    150 wall balls @ 20#
    Rx 8:19
    I had drawn Diane which I really like. Ended up with Karen which I don’t like.. Lol
    But it was a big pr because I have never finished it. I think I actually over paced it because I wasn’t as winded as I thought I would be.
    Very fun class Corinna, great work everybody tonight.

  15. Maddy

    QOD : My family doesn’t really ‘get’ the whole Crossfit thing yet… they just know I go to a ‘gym’ so they wouldn’t know what kind of stuff to buy. So I get to shop for xfit gear for myself, and since it’s a good ’cause’ I don’t feel guilty about splurging a little. 🙂

  16. Steph L

    Group WU

    WOD: yankee swap!! “Jackie”
    -1000 m row
    -50 thrusters @35#
    -30 pull ups

    Time: 10:41

    First time trying Jackie it was pretty good!!! Fun Day Thanks Kevin!

  17. Heidi

    WU x 1

    Group WU

    Pulled Karen debated trading with Heidi for Grace, but she threatened cutting me off; so I traded with Jeremy for Christine. However, Jenn B took her from me and gave me Diane…I still can’t believe it.

    Wod: “Diane”
    Dead lift @ 225
    Handstand push ups

    Scaled to 185#, haven’t done heavy DL in a while, HSPU with 25# plate & Ab Mat,

    Time: 10:38

  18. Heidi

    Yankee Swap

    30 Clean & Jerks @ 85#
    Time = 6:21

    10# more on weight, but time was 2 1/2 minutes slower than at 75#, so not so good. I’ll blame it on the Christmas diet….too many treats at the office these days.

    Grace is a sweet girl & I was happy to have kept her for myself, after a near miss of loosing her. I love you Marcel 🙂

  19. Jeremy L

    WU X 1 (9 strict pull ups pr of 2 reps)
    Group warm up

    Yankee swap:

    Wod : Karen
    150 wall balls 20#
    10 min time cap

    Rx: 9.36. pr first time finishing.
    Last 2 attempts I reached 145 reps and 113 reps.

    Fun class Corinna!!

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