Grand Re-Opening


Grand Re-Opening

Please join us today from 9am-12pm for a celebration of our third location, 359 Baig Blvd. We will be running workouts throughout the morning. The workout will be great for first timers, but challenging enough for seasoned veterans.

We will also be collecting donations for the food bank, so please bring what you can.

We look forward to opening our new doors to you.

-Kevin & Jo and the members of CrossFit Moncton

Welcome to our new home

Welcome to our new home

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  1. Lisa

    Happy Grand Reopening Crossfit Moncton! Love all you guys! Thanks for doing what you do sooooooooooo well!!! Proud to be a member. Wish I could be there today.

  2. Good luck And have fun at the grand re-opening today. I’m unfortunately buried under a mountain of school work and since I’m coaching tomorrow I have to stay in today 🙁

    Kevin and Jo congrats on the new gym it’s fantastic!!!

  3. Gillyon

    Love the new gym. So much space. 🙂
    Loved WODing beside you, Kevin! It was fun.
    I had my non-perishable item…but it is still in my car. I’ll bring it tomorrow.
    Great seeing some new and old faces.

  4. Kevin

    Thank you to everyone who came today to celebrate our new space. And thanks to those that helped make today run smoothly. The gym would not be what it is without excellent members that fill it.

    It was awesome to see many faces from different boxes. Hope to see more come for visits more often.

    AMRAP in 2:30min
    5 Burpees
    10 Lunges
    15 KBS (50#)
    4 sprints
    Rest 30 sec/complete 3 cycles

    2+5 Burpees
    1+3 Sprints
    1+3 Sprints

    Total: 207 reps

  5. Shane Hayes

    Wu x 1 (12) reps c2b Pullups
    Group mobility
    Strength 1rm squat cleans
    135 / 185/ 205/ 225 / 245/ 265/ 270f was under it but didn’t have the elbows up. 10# pr with no oly shoes Yay!
    EMOTM for 20 mins
    (HSPU strict) with abmat and made sure I squished the abmat everytime
    Squat cleans @ 80% (210) didn’t think I would be able to do all of these but I shouldn’t have underestimated Kevin programming. I wanted to go lighter but he said no. Have to take my time a little more 3rd rep was too wide when I rushed it.
    Great class Kevin, great work 6 amer’s.

    1. Shane Hayes

      Grand opening Wod
      3, 2.5 min amraps
      5 burpees
      10 lunges
      15 kbs @ 53#
      4 20 m sprints
      2 rounds 3 lunges
      1 round 15 kbs
      1 round 8 kbs
      197 reps
      Awesome race Kevin and Gillyon!

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