Saturday WOD


Saturday WOD

Not sure what the WOD will be. We’ll make something up when we get there 🙂

Some late night mobility

Some late night mobility

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  1. Julie j

    Group warm up


    AMRAP 90 sec

    Goblet squat @25# – 33

    AMRAP 90 sec

    Kickouts – 12

    And then……for time:

    Take the number of squats and the number of kickouts from the AMRAP and do them again

    Time: 3:20

  2. Amanda

    Haha, that’s pretty creative! Let me guess, the 2nd part of the wod was a surprise after you were done the first part?

    I think I would have done better on the second part! My brain doesn’t like AMRAPS!

  3. Tania

    Paleo Benchmarks:
    2km row – 8:47.8 (2 sec. slower than my time at the end of the last paleo challenge 🙁 )

    Ascending ladders of wallballs @10# and burpees – 96 reps (15 + 6 burpees)

    Looking foward to the challenge! 🙂 I stopped way too many times during the ladder

    Good job ladies who did their benchmarks too! Thanks Joanna for timing us. 🙂

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