Wednesday WOD


Wednesday WOD

EMOTM for 20 minutes

Even – 5 HSPU (10 HR Pushups)
Odd – 5 Cleans (185/135# or 75%)

Did you learn anything new about the bench press yesterday?

Did you learn anything new about the bench press yesterday?

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  1. Michelle

    Wux 2
    Push press x 5
    60-65-70-75-80 (x 3), %3 PR thanks for the tips Pat, and for not letting off the hook

    Hand release push ups
    Cleans @ 75#

  2. Kelly B

    WU x 2

    Strength: Shoulder Press x 5

    WOD: EMOTM for 20 minutes

    Even – 10 HR Pushups
    Odd – 5 Cleans @40# (should have gone heavier)

  3. Trent

    Picture Question: It wasn’t so much as learning something new, but a reiteration how various movements can build overall strength. We rarely do Bench Press but every time I’m able to lift more, compared to the “other gym” Bench Press was done almost every second day with little to no improvement.

    1. Lora

      I love this post Trent. What you are saying is true. Although we don’t “bench” every other day, we are gaining strength while doing other weighted and unweighted (body weight) movements…..movements that are functional and come in handy in real life. Its a really nice, unexpected bonus, isn’t it? 🙂

  4. Maria

    No strength foam rolling. Hamstrings are a hurtin.


    WOD: EMOTM for 20 minutes

    Even HSPU with Abmat
    Odd Cleans @ 85#

    This was fun!

  5. Rob Brydges

    Strength x5 over head squat
    WOD. EMOTM for 20 minutes
    Even – 5 HSPU (10 HR Pushups)
    Odd – 5 Cleans (185/135# or 75%)
    135lbs /60 % hspu’s the rest push ups
    Rob Brydges

  6. Julie J

    WU x 2

    Strength: Shoulder Press x 5


    WOD: EMOTM 20 Min

    Even: 10 (KPU) Hand Release Push ups
    Odd: 5 Cleans @ 45 #’s

    Cash out: 15 McKenzie pushups

  7. Kevin Mack

    WU x 2

    10 Wall Balls 20#

    Strength: Push Jerks x 5


    WOD: EMOTM 20 Min

    Even: 10 (HSPU) Scaled to Hand Release Push ups
    Odd: 5 Cleans @ 120#

    Managed to complete every round, but had my doubts after the second round. I love that I’m starting to win the majority of the mind battles with myself.

    Cash out: 15 McKenzie pushups

    800m Run

    1. Heather S

      Congratualtions on wnning the mental battles – this is HUGE!! Of all the things Crossfit has given me, mental toughness to win those battles in my head is my favorite “functional movement”. I often find myself editing “can’t” out of my vocabulary OUTSIDE the gym – and that’s life changing.

  8. Ginette

    WU x2

    Strength: Shoulder press X5

    WOD: EMOTM for 20 Minutes

    Even: 10 hand release push ups
    Odd: Cleans #35

    Cash out: 15 Mckenzie pushups
    Fun workout this morning, nice sharing the bar with you Barb!

  9. Kevin

    Press x2
    65-80-105-110-115-116-118-121-123-126 (pr for reps)

    Pullups x5
    27-32-36-39-41 (pr for reps)

    WOD rx’d
    Unbroken 🙂

    Thanks Christine for letting me workout with you.

  10. Shawn Johnson

    WU x 2
    (10 Wall Balls 20# on 2nd WU—#25 plate PUs on 1st WU, #45 plate PUs on 2nd WU)

    Strength: Deadlifts x 5

    160-185-215-235-245 (switched to mixed grip on last set)

    WOD: EMOTM 20 Min

    Even: 5 HSPU Rx 🙂
    Odd: 5 Cleans @ 110#

  11. Heather Colleen

    WU x1
    Extra lacrosse balling on achilles/shins

    Strength: Push Press x 5 (1 arm dumbbell)
    20-25-30-30-35 (f) -30

    WOD: EMOTM 20 Min

    Even: 10 KPU
    Odd: 5 Cleans 70#

  12. Maddy

    WU x 2

    Foam roll / lacross ball instead of strength

    EMOTM 20 mins
    Even : 10 HR pushups (6 1/2 rounds strict, 3 1/2 rounds from knees)
    Odd : Cleans @ 75# but could have gone a little heavier

    Really different not to be doing a WOD for reps or time! Nice change!

  13. Tania

    WU x 2 (thanks Amanda for the pullup advice)

    Push jerk 5x 85,95,105,110,115

    EMOTM: 20 min
    10 HRPU
    5 cleans @ 85#

    Got to start putting HSPU in my warm-up
    I really liked this WOD, nice change of pace. Good coaching Kevin!

  14. Jackie Cantin


    Strength: Shoulder Press
    5×30, 35, 40, 45 and 2×50

    Even-10 HRPU
    Odd-5 Cleans @ 45 (could have added 5 pounds more…I’m a machine! Ha!)

    Cashout: 15 MacKenzie Pushups

    Fun workout. Nice to share the bar with you Kelly.

  15. Mob + WUx1 (sub pullups/deadlift) + Shoulder Mobility

    Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

    WOD Rx (HSPU + Clean 185#)

    Cleans got heavy real quick, had to do sets of 3-1-1 after 3-4 rounds. HSPU were solid throughout.

  16. Melanie


    Strenght: Press x5 55-65-75-80-85(PR 5lbs) – Need to work on getting my feet off the floor!

    WOD: EMOTM – 20 minutes

    odd – HR push ups/HR push ups on knees
    even – Cleans @ 65lbs

    Completed the first 10 minutes doing HRPU on toes then switched to knees (was ‘snaking’ too much).
    Cashout: 15 MacKenzie pushups

    Thanks Kevin for the tips on cleans.

  17. Frank

    cleans x5

    WOD. EMOTM for 20 minutes scaled
    Even – 5 HSPU (10 HR Pushups)
    Odd – 5 Cleans (135#)

  18. Melanie B.

    WU x 2

    Strength: Shoulder Press x 5


    WOD: EMOTM 20 Min

    Even: couldn’t do push ups so I alternated doing 10 sit ups/10 v-snaps
    Odd: 5 Cleans @ 30#

    Ran 2k in 15 minutes

  19. Laura K

    Mob Wux2 10 ten pound wallballs
    Cleans 35 45 55 65 65
    [email protected]
    Pushups from toes.
    Kevin filmed my push ups. My push ups looked like hell lol. For the first time in my life, I have been told my knees are loose. Try not to read into this!
    Thanks Kevin for the tips.
    800m 4:37.96

  20. Amanda

    No strength today

    Cleans – 95#
    HSPU – RX – I am delighted that I finished all of them!

    Very disappointed about the deterioration in my form on my cleans as of late. Going to fix it asap. Thanks Kevin for your help.

  21. Chantal Guérette

    WU x 2
    Strengths : OHS
    5 x 50-60-70-75-80 (yay!)
    WOD “EMOTM” for 20 minutes
    Even minutes : 5 HSPU (25lbs, 10lbs and ab mat)
    Odd minutes : 5 Cleans (75lbs)
    Reallllly love this one 😀

  22. Lee

    WarmUp x 2

    Strength: Front Squart x 5


    WOD: EMOTM 20 Min

    Even: 10 (KPU) Hand Release Push ups
    Odd: 5 Cleans @ 55 #’s

    Cash out: 15 McKenzie pushups


  23. Craig H

    mob wux2
    Push Jerk

    WOD EMTOM 20 min
    Even: SHS 45#+abmat (4 rounds 5th round fail)
    switched to PU for remaining time.
    ODD: Cleans 90# felt good throughout the wod

    Cashout 15 McKenzie pushups

  24. Amy

    WU x 2

    Strength push press x 5
    I wasn’t sure I’d get the last rep. Thanks Kevin for the tips. As always I need reminders.

    WOD with 45# & pike push ups from the knees.
    The second last round of push ups I almost landed on my head. Kind of embarrassing. I need to keep my head closer to the box too. I noticed when I was getting tired I was getting farther from the box. So no longer in pike position.

  25. SilliJ

    Wow! Great job everyone. I actually can’t believe I’m sore from Monday’s sprints. I’ve never become sore from sprints before….looking forward to tomorrow!

  26. Corinna

    WU x 1

    Mobility: 10-15 minutes

    Strength x 3: Cleans



    Cleans @ 115lbs and HSPU’S with 2 X 45lbs plates on each side, abmat and 25lbs plate under abmat.

    Both the cleans and HSPU’S became tough quite fast! Enjoyed this WOD!

    800m cool down run!

  27. Tracy

    M + WU x2

    Strength – Push jerk

    WOD – EMOTM for 20 minute
    Even – 5 HSPU (10 HR push up from knees)
    Odd – 5 cleans (75%) @ 65lb

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