Dragon Boat


Dragon Boat

May 25th – Greater Moncotn Dragon Boat Festival is on! CrossFit Moncton has entered a team and we need paddlers. All you need to do is raise at least $100. Of all the money raised, 60% goes to Lion’s Sick Kids, while 40% goes to our charity of choice, the Moncton SPCA. We came in 4th last year and raised a total of $2500. Let’s see if we can top that this year!

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800m row
30 Burpees over bar
21 Thrusters (135/95)
15 Pullups

V-snap action

V-snap action

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  1. Amanda

    Strenght: cleans

    5x 85-90-100-105-110 (pr for reps)

    WOD w/ 70#
    Thanks for the push Jeff & Maria

    Fun classes, great job everyone!

  2. Maria

    Strength Thrusters x 5
    45-55- 65-75-85 (3) 90 (2)

    WOD @ 75
    Time 11:15

    Fun doing this side by side Corinna and Amanda.

    1. Amanda

      Yeah, fun! I wasn’t going to do the wod yet but when I saw you two sitting on the rower, it was go time!! 🙂

  3. Jeff L

    400m Run
    WU X 1

    OHS X 5



    800m Row
    30 Burpees over bar
    21 Thrusters 135#
    15 pullups w/ black band

    Time – 12:12

  4. Corinna


    WU x 1
    400m run
    500m row

    Warmed up with Thrusters: Thanks for sharing your bar with me Sarah

    WOD: RX

    800m row ( felt nice running outside…smiles..)
    30 Jump Over Bar Burpees
    21 [email protected] 95 lbs (sets of 3) Took too long between sets but wanted to get 3 reps per set. Note for next time; pick up bar more quickly.
    15 Pull-ups

    Time: 11:07

    I was really nervous to do this one RX so thanks Amanda for encouraging me to do so.

    Fun morning!

    Great coaching Patrick!

  5. Laura K

    Ran 400m 2:20
    Wu x 1
    Wu Row 500m
    Strength: practiced Thrusters
    WOD: 800m row
    30 Burpees Bar Hops
    21 Thrusters @ 30lbs (weight up by 5 lbs from last week. My back was fine. I will keep building. YEAH.
    15 blue band pull ups ( first time with blue in a WOD.
    Time: 11:08
    Cash out: 400m run

    Thanks Pat for the nice class. Also thanks for the laughs with my rowing buddies Jenn B and Sarah.

  6. Lora

    WU x 1
    500m row

    Strength: Thrusters x 5

    WOD @ Rx
    800m row
    30 burpees-over-bar
    21 thrusters @ 95#
    15 pull-ups

    Time = 10:11

    Burpees-over-bar psyched me out. So afraid to trip over that bar, I was jumping over it like it was a live wire or something. Weird. Thrusters were done in sets of 3. Might have been able to do a few sets of 4 or 5 but would have been awfully close to “redlining it”….loved rowing outside.

    Great class Patrick! I don’t often (ever?) get to do your classes. Fun!

  7. Gillyon

    Press (3) 45-55-65-70-75 (2)

    WOD @ 65lbs (would have like to have gone heavier, but my body said no)
    Time: 9:39 or 9:34

    Thanks for the push Amanda and the compliment while doing the thrusters. It is nice to hear when your form looks good.

  8. Jack

    WU x 1
    400m run

    Strength: dead lift x 5
    135,225,315,345,355 (10# PR)

    Trophy case lift
    375 x 1 (for prep)
    405 x 1

    800 m row
    30 burpee of bar
    21 thrusters @ 135
    15 pull ups

    9:26 RX’d

  9. Mario

    Tough Mudder WOD … sorta…

    AMRAP 20 mins
    – 100m (approx) Uphill Run
    – 10 Burpees
    – 100m (approx Downhill Run
    – 10m Turtle Walk Left
    – 10m Turtle Walk Right
    – 10 Grasshopper Pushups

    Score = 5 rounds + 3 burpees

    Wow… looked great on paper… done behind LaFrance Residence at UdeM, uphill run from parking lot to the big white tree.

    1. Valérie Arseneau

      Let me know next time you do some up hill training. If I’m available I will go to. Got Spartan race coming up and it will double as my frisbee training.

  10. Tania

    800m row
    30 burpee of bar
    21 thrusters @ 65
    15 pull ups

    Time: 9:36

    Great class Patrick! I enjoyed rowing outside 🙂

  11. Chris

    400m Run
    WU X 1

    Practiced muscle up transition

    WOD Rx

    800m Row
    30 Burpees over bar
    21 Thrusters 135#
    15 pullups

    Time – 11:15

  12. Sarah

    400m Run
    WU X 1

    Practiced Thrusters

    Practiced Toes to Rings – 3 sets of 10


    800m Row
    30 Burpees over bar
    21 Thrusters 55#
    15 pullups w/ blue band

    Time – 12:07

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