Games Athletes: Reminder to register by 8:30 tonight. Also, today should be a rest day. Doing a full strength and workout today will NOT help you to do 150 wall balls tomorrow. This is your warning.

3 minutes of Cleans
2 minutes of Snatches
1 minute of Thrusters

Weight is 95/65# or 60% of snatch

Score is total reps

Chantal has her deadlifting socks and her cleaning scarf

Chantal has her deadlifting socks and her cleaning scarf

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  1. Chantal Guérette

    Yeahh !!! I should start a business and make “Crossfit Scarf”. I could call them “Scarfitt” GET IT ??! Dragons Den, here I come 🙂

  2. Caleb

    Bergener wu group
    Strength Power Snatch

    3 minutes of Cleans
    2 minutes of Snatches
    1 minute of Thrusters

    Score=55 Rx

  3. Wu x2
    Bergener Warm up
    Group Mob

    WOD Rx – 76
    3 min Cleans 52
    2 min Snatches 14
    1 min Thrusters 10

    Thank you Amanda and Laura for helping me find efficient, quick, and safe way for low weight/high rep Cleans. An old enemy “Arch Back” has been creeping up lately.

  4. Tania

    If we are signed up for a class and we are in the games, can we still come in and do a strength and practice some at 14# and some DU, or is it just better not to come in?

    1. Amanda

      I don’t recommend the strength but come on in and practice a few wall balls and doubles. Don’t do too many wall balls though. 🙂

      1. Tania

        Thanks! Do I still stay signed up or open it for someone else where I won’t be doing the WOD? Sorry … lots of questions today! 🙂

  5. Heather Colleen

    WU x2 (some modified or replaced movements)

    WOD (with left hand)

    3 mins cleans #20 dumbbell
    2 mins snatches #15 dumbbell
    1 min thrusters #15 dumbbell

    Total reps: 87

    It felt AWESOME to be back and doing the WOD, modified or not!!

  6. natacha

    wu x 2

    practiced a few wall balls and new rope (WOW! what a difference… don’t know why I resisted so long… was afraid of the scars, but my,my it makes a HUGE difference…)

    6 min amrap
    10 burpees
    10 DU (unbroken!!)
    6 rounds and 5 burpees

    tried a MU… not close…. hopefully I will get a little bit of time to try a few tomorrow at the end of the game wod!!

    see you tomorrow!

  7. jeff

    WU x 2

    practice DU.. Many thanks to Amanda, Patrick, Marie-no, and Lora for all your help and your patience! so many tips, but near the end Marie came up with a key that helped, will find out tomorrow during practice if it stuck or not! :)..

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