Strength Day


Strength Day

AKA. work on technique day.

Hang Squat Clean

or Games Competitors can practice the snatch.

Cash out – 30 Burpees for time

Amber gets her chin over the bar

Amber gets her chin over the bar

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    1. Personally, I’m pleased, burpees dont phase me anymore, snatches went well last year, and we are taking on the longest time domain week 1. Both long WODs in 2011 and 2012 crushed me, hoping for shorter couplets/triplets to show up later. Maybe one other with something heavy.

      Also, I WILL NOT be doing heavy deadlifts in a WOD the day before 13.1 … that never helps! 😀

  1. mobility
    wu x 1
    350m row
    hip mobility

    75×6 / 95×6 / 115×4 / 125×6 / 135×6
    The last couple @ 135 were smooth, lets hope they come together as nice for 13.1 too.

  2. Kevin L

    Morning WOD

    Member Challenge: 15 over the rower burpees + 350 m row = 2:01

    Strength: Back Squat (5×5 in kg) (45×10)-55-65-85-95-(105×1)

    Double Tabata DU’s

    score: 371

    Man I wish I had a Tabata clock for this one! Almost lost track of the time cause I was focusing on the DUs haha.

    Gonna go back later tonight to do another WOD and practice Snatchs, hopefully 13.1 won’t kill me on Saturday but I doubt it!

  3. Caleb

    Hip mob and burger wu
    HPC 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2
    Cash out 30burpees for time

  4. Amanda

    I would like to remind/suggest everyone to do lots of hip & shoulder mobility tonight for the snatches tomorrow! It will help your lifts!

  5. Gillyon

    Did some snatch practice at home
    10 sets – 15lbs
    10 sets – 35lbs
    10 sets – 45lbs
    5 sets – 65lbs
    5 sets – 65lbs
    Tried 75lbs (PR) and got 3.

      1. Gillyon

        Probably not 30 of them…but my game plan is to speed through the WOD up until the 75lbs snatch and then take my time and try to get a few up.

  6. Jack

    WU x 1
    Foam Roll and foam roll some more

    Hip mobility

    Snatch practice:


    Burpees for time: 1:58 (wasn’t exactly pushing on this one)

  7. Corinna

    WOD: 13.1 CrossFit Las Vegas

    154 reps.

    Happy to have made it to the 100lbs.. Failed one rep, but got 4..

    Thanks Laura for being my biggest fan!!!

  8. Heather S

    I cancelled my Thurs class for a rest day before tomorrow and now I’m in a panic about not being in there to practice snatch! If I want to drop in to do some MOB and snatch should I book in on zen planner?

  9. Melissa H

    WU x 1
    350 m row

    Group hip mobility
    Burgener warm-up

    Practice snatch: 25# to 55# (20# PR)

    30 Burpees for time: 2:12

  10. Kimmy

    CrossFit Games WOD 13.1
    AMRAP 17 mins
    40 Burpees
    30 Snatches 45#
    30 Burpees
    30 Snatches 75#
    20 Burpees
    30 Snatches 100#
    10 Burpees
    Max Snatches 120#

    Total 136 reps.
    I made it into the 3rd set of burpees which was way farther than I had given myself credit for. I definitely took a lot of breaks. Probably longer ones than were necessary….

    Good Luck to everyone who is doing this tomorrow/Saturday!! You will feel great about 5 mins after it is over 🙂

  11. Danial

    WU x 1

    Hip mobility

    Strenght : Snatch X5

    45 65 75 85 95

    First time doing the snatch . Was a little worried about it for the Open but thanks to Patrick Arsenault made it easy for me . Thanks for the tips .

    Cash Out : Worked on technique on the snatch and stretch

    Lets get er done . Good luck to everyone today and tomorrow night


    Enough said

  12. Melanie B.

    WU x1
    350 m row
    Hip mob

    Hang squat Cleans modified to using a kettlebell 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

    3 rounds : 20 squats and 50 singles

    Cash out : 15 one handed burpees for time : 1:59

  13. Blake

    Would like to do 13.1 tomorrow at 7 AM if there are judges around.
    Sorry I missed today…I heard you all have lovely snatches.

  14. Kevin Mack


    WU x 1

    Group hip mobility
    Burgener warm-up

    Practice snatch:
    35(5)-45(5)-65(3)-75(3)-85(1)-95(1)-100(1) Previous best 1 was 80# so I’m pretty happy.

    Member Challenge:

    15 Over Rower Burpees & 350m Row
    Time 2:23

    Thanks for all the help with my snatch Joanna.

  15. Tania

    WU X 1
    350m row

    Snatch worked from 35# – 75# PR of 25# 🙂

    Cashout: 30 Burpees – 1:20

    THanks Kevin for correcting my form and “trying” to help me… hopefully there is hope for me to get these one of these days… gotta learn to slow down and speed up at the right times Ughh.. thanks for being so patient! 🙂 God help me tomorrow haha

  16. Heather S


    Snatch practice

    45 (5)
    75 (2) wanted to see how the jump to 75# would feel
    65 (2)
    75 (5)
    85 (5)
    90 (1- fail-2) PR
    95 (2) PR
    100 fail

    Cash out 30 burpees for time: 1:47

    Friday should be interesting. Good luck everyone and remember “Work until the time is up – every rep counts!”

  17. Natacha

    Group mobility
    350m row

    Practiced snatches… Starting at 15#… Got a few(2-3) @ 75# and then one @80#

    Wod 13.1: 121 reps

    Thank you Amanda for judging ( and giving me helpful tips)

    Thanks to my 3 boys for moral support…

    Few! One down…

    Good luck to everyone tomorow!

  18. Natacha

    Having a hard time submitting score… When i try to log in with password it just comes right back to the same page asking me to log in… Any ideas?

  19. Jason Gagnon

    WU x 2
    Burgener WU

    Snatch to practice for the games

    45,65,95,115,135 x 5 first time i hit 135.

    Member challenge
    15 burpees over rower and row 350 m

    time : 1:49

    stop and there was 100 m left good thing coaches scream at me.

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