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150 Kettlebell Swings

Compare to June 27/12



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  1. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Push Press x 5

    WOD: 150 Kettlebell swings @ 40#
    Time: 7:25

    Glad I scaled to 40#, my back is really sore now

    500m row: 1:40.5 (2 seconds slower than my PR)

  2. Maria

    Strength cleans x 5

    WOD Rx’d

    Time= 8:32

    A minute slower than last time, but used more weight. Very happy to have done this Rx. Good job on the paleo benchmarks this morning!

  3. Michelle

    Benchmark WODs

    Burpee and KBS – 5.29
    2k row – 8:29.2

    So happy I had others to do this with today! Thanks Gill and Jackie!!

  4. Michelle

    Oh, Kevin… I didn’t officially sign up, but decided to do the challenge. Will get the $$ to you. I don’t need a book. Hope that is OK!

  5. Nice picture Gilles
    wu x 2
    strength – Push press x 5
    45, 55, 60, 65, 70×2, 70×1

    WOD :
    150 KBS (20#)
    Time = 7:47 (PR 18 sec.)
    cash out – Mackenzie push ups & arm rolling

  6. @ Home

    Run 1 mile w/ the puppy = approx. 8 mins (PR for Stark)

    Guess I found a running partner, I had to really push it to keep him actually running! And he loves it. 😀

  7. Blake

    Mob / WU x 2

    Double Under Practice … still struggling. Got to the box late so I wasn’t super-focused.

    WOD Rx’d
    Time: 8:44

    40 seconds slower, but 20# heavier than November 2011 so I am happy with the progress.

  8. Heather Colleen


    WU x 2

    Strength: Back Squats

    WOD: 150 Kettlebell swings 25#

    Time: 8:58

    26 burpees in 2 min for weekly member challenge.

    Holy freaking shoulder/arm burnout.

      1. The Open is worldwide. You either do the WODs at a Crossfit affiliate, where they will validate your scores, or submit videos of your performance online.

  9. Caleb Richard

    Strength Push Press x5
    150 Kettle Bell Swings (53/35) @ 40lbs
    Cash out rowed 1k 3:54

  10. Kimmy

    Strength Front Squats
    150 KBS
    Time: 6:58 Rx
    Did this one as my first Rx WOD ever back in June with the time of 8:36. That is a PR of 1:38. Woohoo

  11. Chantal Guerette

    WU x 2

    Strength : Push Pres
    5 x 45-55-60-65-65

    – 150 KBS (25lbs)
    Time : 6:18

    Sooooo happy !!! When I did it back in June my time was 7:50 with the same weight. That’s a PR of 1:32 ! I was not sure if I should take the 30lbs kettlebell or just try to beat my time with the same weight but I’m glad I took the same weight. That way, I was able to really compare 🙂

  12. Wendy

    WU X 2
    kettlebell #20

    2000m row

    Very glad two be done really had myself worked up. Also glad to have had others to
    do this with !!!
    Gotta go it’s time to get ready fir bed 🙂

  13. Laura K

    Mob Wu x 2 (blue band)
    Strength Cleans wu 30lbs 35lbs
    5 reps 40 45 50 55 60
    Wod: Kettlebell swings @ 25lbs
    That was tough but fun. I was thanking God during this work out that I put back the 30lb kb before the Wod started. This program has made me closer to God lol.

    1. Chantal Guerette

      Haha I did the EXACT same thing with the 30lbs kettlebell !!! I took the 25lbs and I was happy with my choice 😛

  14. Frank

    wu x 2
    strength – push press x 5

    WOD : 10 min cap
    150 KBS (45#)

    Time = 9:55
    PR as I only did 130 at 45# last year

  15. Heather S

    WU x 2
    Strength: back squat

    150 KBS 35# (Rx)

    Time: 5:57 Unbroken

    PR of 6 seconds. Don’t you just love KBS!?! Favorite wod ever 🙂

  16. Mob + WUx1

    Paleo Benchmarks:

    1) 21-15-9 (Burpees + KBS 53#) = 3:27 (24s PR with +18# on KB)

    Rest ~10 mins

    2) Row 2k = 7:49.5

    Both painful… now I have 6 weeks to crush these scores.

  17. Sarah

    wu x 2

    lot’s of stretching, no strength

    150 KBS @ 30#
    Did them in sets of 25

    Time: 6:18

    PR of 54 seconds with same weight from June 27/12

    Thanks for the tips in making a strategy Corinna, it definitely helped me to break it up and keep going!

    PS tried the simple vinaigrette tonight on spinach salad – YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

    1. Chantal Guerette

      Exact same time but I used the 25lbs.Too bad we were not in the same class… I always copy you for the weight. You would have made me push myself a little harder haha 😛 Great job Sarah !

  18. jeff


    strength deads x 5
    95-135-135-155-155-155 first time without the leg braces and no pain, woot woot!!

    Wod Rx
    a minute off my PR but very happy with this time as no leg braces for second wod in a row so starting to get some confidence back just have to keep reminding myself to keep the progress slow!

  19. Gabriel


    Strength – Back Squats x 1
    195-215-235-255-265(PR of 10#)

    WOD at 40#
    Time–> 7:40

    Thanks for recommending scaling to 40# Corrina, on the last 10 to 15 reps, back got a lil tender.

    Great job 6:45 crew!

  20. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Strength: Back Squats @ 5 x 35-40-45-45-35

    Corinna – Thanks for keeping me true to proper form instead of going for weight. 🙂

    WOD @ 15#

    (It’s what I was using before I went MIA from CrossFit a little while ago, so I know I need to be more consistent so I can be up for a bigger challenge.)

    Didn’t finish in the 10 minute time cap…SCORE = 126

    Setting a goal for the next time this comes up, though!

  21. Shane Hayes

    Wu x 2
    Srength practiced form on push jerks at 135
    Wod RX
    8:32 first 50 were real good next 25 were good then i got winded, a bit.
    Thanks jeff for the recommendation on the kb swings and the help with the butterfly pullups.

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