Various CrossFit gyms from the Maritimes will be performing this Hero WOD today. We are asking for a donation to participate, which will be given to a fitting charity for the victims of Newtown, Connecticut, on behalf of the Atlantic Canada CrossFit Gyms.

Thank you in advance for your support.

5 rounds
10 Thrusters (95/65#)
14 Box Jumps (24/20″)
12 SDHP (95/65#)
12 Burpees
27 KBS (53/35#)


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  1. Lance

    Mobilty WUx1

    WOD “Victoria”

    4 Rounds 10 Thrusters 14 Box Jumps 12 Burpees

    Sooo close to finishing it only had KBS left next time ill get it though. Great job today on this extremely painful wod everyone.

  2. Chantal Guerette

    Hum… First one here…

    5 rounds of :
    – 10 Thursters (45lbs)
    – 14 Box Jumps (black box)
    – 12 SDHP (45lbs)
    – 12 Burpees
    – 27 KBS (25lbs)

    I finished 4 rounds and 6 box jumps. This WOD made it to my top 3 most difficult WOD since I joined CFM 😛

    All my thoughts go to Victioria and all the people touched but the tragedy that happened on Dec. 14th 2012

  3. Lora

    WOD “Victoria” as Rx

    5 RFT of
    10 thrusters @65#
    14 box jumps @ 20″
    12 SDHP @65#
    12 burpees
    27 KBS @35#

    DNF in the 25min time cap – had 9 KBS left at the buzzer.
    Tough WOD! Box jumps (jump up, step down) slowed me down a bit and I took a few too many little “rests” (trying not to pass out) throughout the WOD. I will get this one next time. 🙂

    Awesome work this morning, EVERYONE!

    1. Laura K

      This Wod will be smashed by you next time. As hard as it was to hold back on the box jumps, your injury had to be your priority today. Great work.

    2. jeff

      you did great today, so proud of you that you didn’t give up your “step down” to save your achillies and of the effort you put in.. great job!

  4. jeff


    10 thrusters
    14 box jumps
    12 SDHP
    12 Burpee
    27 KBS

    had a few equipment malfunctions on this one.. my knee braces wouldn’t bend enough for me to comfortably jump to a 24″ box, so took them off, start of second round realized after 1 thruster that I wasn’t comfortable without the braces so put them on.. lol.. switched to step ups for remainder and kept the braces on.. 🙂 like this wod and would like another shot at it at some point..
    3 rounds 6 burpees

    great job this morning everyone for a great cause!

    1. Corinna

      I so admire how patient you are with yourself. Braces on and braces off and you just keep chipping away at the WOD’s. Great job!

    2. Lora

      I am so proud of you for pushing through and not getting frustrated with how the braces were limiting the box jump movement. Very hard to do mid-WOD. You did awesome today! Next time, with healthy knees and no braces, you are going to fly through this!

  5. Maria

    Victoria scaled
    5 rounds of :
    – 10 Thursters (55#)
    – 14 Box Jumps
    – 12 SDHP (55#)
    – 12 Burpees
    – 27 KBS (30lbs)

    DNF on my last round had 30 reps left. It was great to see many people come out for this. Thanks Kevin and Jo for organizing this! She was a true hero.

  6. Kevin

    WOD rx’d

    All I could think about during the workout was Victoria using her body to protect her students. I gave it everything I had. Being a former teacher, I’m very happy to see so many people come out and participate in this worthy cause. Thank you!

    1. Laura K

      Wow. What a time. Congrats.

      Regarding Sandyhook, I can hardly think about Victoria and the other victims without crying. Dec.14th….What a sad day for the world.

  7. Jeremy L


    10 Thrusters (70#)
    14 Box jumps (24)
    12 SDHP (70#)
    12 Burpee
    27 KBS (45#)

    scaled to 3 rounds time was 23.13

    great job every one !!

  8. Corinna

    WOD: VIctoria: RX

    Time: Between 23:31 and 23:55

    Did this WOD @ MCF on Christmas Eve in 24:07.

    Thank you Marie Noel for keeping me motivated to finish this WOD. You did great girl!

    Great seeing so many people out today.

    The students of Sandy Hook Elementary School returned to class Thursday. Their new school is a refurbished school in a neighboring town. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the 20 first graders and 6 teachers killed in this horrific massacre.

    1. Laura K

      Way to go Corinna and Marie Noelle. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun keeping up with each other. I admire you both so much. Great work.

  9. Chris


    5 RFT of
    10 thrusters @95#
    14 box jumps @ 20″
    12 SDHP @95#
    12 burpees
    27 KBS @53#

    DNF – had 20 KBS left at the buzzer

    Everyone that tried this wod today did really great! This was one tough wod. Was nice to see so many out for such a good cause.

  10. Sarah


    5 RFT of
    10 thrusters @45#
    14 box jumps @ 18″
    12 SDHP @45#
    12 burpees
    27 KBS @25#

    DNF – I also had 20 KBS left at the buzzer…. starting to regret trying to keep my pace with Chris… haven’t left the couch all afternoon! One reason I never set up next to him! lol My thrusters were horrible!! All I could think about during the wod was how brave Victoria was to protect those children and I couldn’t let myself stop until time ran out no matter how hard it was!

    Great job everyone!!!

  11. Jeff L

    WOD – Victoria

    5 rounds

    10 Thrusters @ 95#
    14 box jumps 20″
    12 SDHP @95#
    12 Burpees
    27 kbs @ 35#

    3 rounds and 7 burpees @ 25 min cap

    Amazing turnout today. Everyone went out of their comfort zone today for sure. Congrats to those that finished under the cap. Thanks Kevin and Jo for organizing another great event at CFM.

  12. Tania

    WOD – Victoria

    5 rounds

    10 thrusters 35#
    14 box jumps (black – 18 I think)
    12 SDHP 35#
    12 Burpees
    27 KBS 20#

    Time: 22:13

    Well done everyone. So nice to see so many people out today in honor of a very courageous teacher/lady! My heart goes out to all those who were affected. Thanks Kevin and Joanna for organizing this event!

  13. Marie-No

    Thank you Kevin and Jo for putting this together! Great work everyone today! Awesome effort by All! Once again crossfit Moncton gave it their all!!! So proud to be part of this awesome family and so proud to have done such an important wod on my 1 year anniversary at crossfit Moncton. January 5th 2012 was my first ever crossfit workout, holly does time ever fly when your having fun with such a great bunch!

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