AMRAP in 5 minutes
Goblet Squats (53/35#)
HR Pushups

Rest 1 minute

AMRAP in 5 minutes
Box Jumps

Rest 1 minute

AMRAP in 5 minutes
OH Lunges (45/25#)
Flutterkicks (4 count)

Nice bench Marc

Nice bench Marc

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  1. Jeff

    Due to a sucky job I’ve missed the holiday season at CFM. 🙁 Wish I was able to be there with all of you for today… HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!

    1. jeff

      thank you corinna.. miss being there, hopefully now i’ve got work under control and will go back at it tomorrow with some new desire! 🙂

  2. Lance

    Jasons comment just made me realize there was only 1 class today… that i was signed up for… goddamit i wanted to do this wod! day= ruined now 🙁

  3. Corinna

    WOD: RX

    Total reps: 317

    Messed up my numbers on the flutter surprise… When I have to count and breath at the same time it all goes to hell in a hand basket pretty!

    Happy New Year everyone!

    1. Laura K

      Mob wux1
      WOD: 208
      I thought I was moving fast until I saw everyone’ score lol.
      Looking forward to starting 2013 with you guys tomorrow. This will make me happy.

  4. Crystal

    Sorry I missed this one…my birthday and all! Was looking forward to seeing some of you do some birthday burpees! lol
    Unfortunately something came up at work and had to cancel.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

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