Saturday WOD


Saturday WOD

With a partner (completing one move at a time),
AMRAP in 12 min
12 Push Press (65/45#)
12 Wall Ball (20/14#)

Davey boy - one of the CFM originals

Davey boy – one of the CFM originals

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  1. Kevin

    Tonight is the night! Christmas Party!!!

    Come any time after 7:30pm. Yankee Swap (about $15 wrapped gift) will take place around 8:45pm.

    59 Coronation Dr., Moncton (if you plan on taking a cab home and don’t want a ticket park down the street at Subway or behind Rallye Motors).

  2. Laura K

    Conversation on the drive home. Corinna lets me know that she got a basket every time she shot the medicine ball in the warm up….I got none. Musical medicine ball warm up…I was the first one out. Oh it gets better! Corinna told me she did the WOD unbroken. Leslie had to put a cold cloth on my forehead inbetween my wallball attempts.

    WOD AMRAP in 12 minutes
    12 Push press 35lbs
    12 Wall balls 10lbs black line on the wall.
    4 rounds and my partner Lesie was working on deadlifts number ?

    Leslie was as fresh after the work out as she was before the WOD. I was the weak link.
    She popped out the 12 reps like she was throwing a balloon in the air.
    Thanks for laughs

  3. Corinna

    Fun morning. I loved the medicine ball toss and the musical medicine ball game!

    WOD: AMRAP 12 minutes with Marie-Noel

    12 push press (45#)
    12 wall ball (14lbs @ 10 feet

    7 rounds + 16 push press.

    Awesome doing this team WOD with you Marie Noel and a huge congrats on passing your Cert 1 Test!

  4. Lance

    mobility group WU

    WOD with Dave as my partner
    AMRAP 12 mins

    12 Push Press #65
    12 Wallballs #20

    7 rounds 30 reps

    Great being partners with you again Dave i could tell your shoulder was acting up later in the wod but you pushed through great work πŸ˜€ And great job everyone else very fun workout today and you all killed it. Hope to see you all at the party tonight.

    1. Rob Brock

      Shane and I demand a recount! or a re-match!

      mobility group WU

      WOD with Shane as my partner
      AMRAP 12 mins

      12 Push Press #65
      12 Wallballs #20

      7 rounds 29 reps

  5. Heidi

    Group warm up

    WOD with MC as my partner

    12 Min AMRAP

    12 Push Press @ 45#
    12 Wall Balls @ 10#

    7 Rounds + 18 PP.

    Push presses were unbroken until round 5 or 6 and then I had to break them up. MC, on the other hand killed them….all unbroken. I was hoping for more rest in between sets, but MC was really fast.

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