First Sunday!


First Sunday!

It’s official. Our first regular Sunday class. We’ve heard you and we listened. We hope these classes will benefit you.

250m Straight Arm Row
3 rounds of:
25 Double Unders
25 Squats

Love this old school video showing how scalable CrossFit can be. Mary rocks!


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  1. Blake

    So happy for Sunday classes! It will be hit and miss for me most of the winter, but I very happy to have the option! Way to go CFM!

  2. Lance

    20 wallballs #20
    30 DUs

    250m row straight arms

    3 rounds
    25 DUs
    25 Squats

    Time: 4:32

    Worked on Handstand Pushups got 15 unbroken RX woohoo!

  3. Frank

    20 wallballs #20
    90 singles

    bench press x5
    nice sharing the bar with you Shane

    250m row straight arms

    3 rounds
    75 single unders
    25 Squats

    Time: 5:02

  4. Corinna

    WU x 1
    20 doubles and 20 wall balls

    Strength: Squat Cleans x 5

    45-65-85-95 First time doing squat cleans since my back injury so I was very nervous, but I took time and really tried to concentrate on my form.

    WOD: Rx

    Fun and quick!

    Great seeing you today Gillyon.

    Heading out to Calactus for a Marc Burger, then a dog walk and the rest of the evening we will be preparing meals for the rest of the week. Busy times..smiles..

    Congrats to Wendy on her first official Cross Fit class today. Nice having you at CFM Wendy!

  5. Ron

    Awesome official Sunday WOD, was lots of fun and everyone had the intensity going on.

    Welcome new member Wendy who did fantastic with both strength and the WOD.

    I tackle the WOD at the end
    Time = 3:52

    Did the skipping unbroken till the 3rd round but only broke it once, special thanks to Corinna who helped me months ago and with practice it is my most fun skill to do.

  6. Mobility
    WU x 1
    20 Wall balls
    20 DU’s

    Deadlifts x 5

    WOD: 250m Straight Arm Row

    3 Rounds
    – 25 DU’s
    – 25 Squats

    Time: 5:36

    DU’s were painful today, I could hardly string more than a few until mid-second round.

  7. wendy

    Hey gang
    Did my first WOD as an official member of CFM YAY!!!!!
    Wod (singles)
    time 7:14
    Thanks to Ron for showing me wallballs and great support .
    Thanks to everyone that was there I felt the love and the BURN !!!!!

      1. Laura K

        Welcome aboard Wendy. You are doing great.
        I am happy about the Sunday WODs. As a shift worker it will help me schedule in my work outs for the week. Yeah.

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