Saturday WOD


Saturday WOD

30 OHS (95/65#)
30 Box Jumps (24/20″)
30 Wall Balls
30 KBS (53/35#)

Stretching out after a WOD

Stretching out after a WOD

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  1. Kevin

    Sunday’s will be posted. The reason we don’t post Saturday’s is because we never know how many people will be there. If people would register (and not cancel), we would program them in advance and post them.

    For instance, last Saturday, there were 11 registered at 9pm the night before. I woke up, there were 8. Then we got to the gym, there were 17.

  2. Laura K

    Wu x 2 Mobility
    My new nick name is Hypochondriac…geez I tweaked my back last Saturday. I had to modify big time but never the less I was really happy that I could do what I did. My back is not too bad I feel happy about that.
    30 OHS with a dowel
    30 step ups with 18 inch box
    30 wallballs with 4lbs
    30 Russian KBS
    time 7:32
    I took note that Joanna was done her OHS with 65lbs before I was done mine with a dowel. lol Enjoy this sunny day.

    1. Ron

      I love your direction with the scaling for your WOD’s, no matter what, you always find a way to make it work as efficient as possible.

  3. Corinna

    Great team warm up!

    WOD: Rx

    30 OHS @ 65 lbs
    30 BJ’S @ 20′
    30 Wall Balls @ 14 lbs and 10 feet
    30 KBS @ 35 lbs

    Time: 8:09
    The OHS and Wall Balls were tough for me this morning! Joanna had finished 30 OHS in 59 seconds…wild!!!

    Fun morning.

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