More hours!


More hours!

We are very happy announce that we are adding 2 full classes on Sundays! The classes will be part of our regular programming. One class will be 10am and the other at 11am. You can currently reserve your spots on ZenPlanner.

The Sunday classes, along with other additions to the schedule, will add 100 time slots to our schedule. We are hoping this will address some of the busy classes.

Goat Day”

AMRAP in 20min of:

Your top 3 Goats (things that kick your butt)

Have them picked before you come and you’ll find out the reps when you get to the gym

If you’ve done this workout before (June 13/11), you may want to try it again to see if you’ve improved.

Do any of these things belong to you? If they are not claimed by the weekend, they will be donated to charity.

111 Responses

  1. Mobility
    WU x 1

    Front Squat x 5

    The set of 125 was not planned.

    WOD: “Goat WOD”

    AMRAP 20 mins

    5 Thrusters at 75#
    7 Pushups
    9 Toes 2 rings

    Score: 7 Rounds + 13 reps

  2. Gillyon

    Sunday hours??!!! That is awesome news!

    Foam roller

    WOD – triple ew
    AMRAP 20 mi utes
    5 ring dips
    7 OHS (35lbs)
    9 toes to bar

    5 rounds plus 4 ring dips
    No bands!!!

  3. Shane Hayes

    Goat day!
    Wu x1
    Strength OHS
    55/65/75/75/75 x 5 just starting back at these since my shoulder injury, felt good

    5 box jumps 24”
    7 wall balls 20 lbs
    9 DU’s
    12 rounds 4 box jumps
    Du’s started coming around near the end… Yay

  4. Natacha

    Wu x 1 (skipped pull ups… Couldn’t even do one after Monday’s chests to rings!!)

    Back squats 5 rm to 130#

    20 min amrap
    5 ohs(35#)
    7 ring dips (1st two if each set with small band… Next 5 with med purple band)
    9 wall balls (10# over 10 feet line)
    8 rounds + 4 wallballs

  5. Michelle

    WU x 1

    Push Press x 1 60-65-70-75-80 (PR)

    WOD: “Goat WOD”… Bââââ

    AMRAP 20 mins

    5 Pull ups (Blue Band)
    7 Toes to rings
    9 Wall Balls (10#)

    Score: 6 Rounds + 8 reps

    I am a very happy camper! 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t do Toes to rings at all. Perhaps the ridiculous grunting, swearing, and self-talk (out loud) helped, sincere apologies to those around me.

  6. Jeff L


    WU X 1

    Push Press X 5

    135-155-175-195-205 (1)

    WOD – Goat Day

    5 pullups w/ black band
    7 OHS @ 65#
    9 Box Jumps 24″

    Total – 6 rounds

  7. Caleb Richard


    WU X 1

    Push Jerk

    65-75-85-65-65 half way through I was doing the wrong movement lol…
    Stayed at 65lbs for technique.. Duhhhh..

    WOD – Goat Day

    5 Burpees
    7 Push Press @ 65lbs
    9 Box Jumps

    Total –7 Rounds + 5 Burpees

  8. Kevin Mack


    WU X 1

    Push Press X 5

    45-55-65-70 (thanks for the wrist flexibility tip Lora)

    WOD – Goat Day

    5 DU’s
    7 OHS @ 25#
    9 Wall Balls 14#

    Total – 5 rounds + 1DU

    Was great having you coach the class Lora. It’s been awhile.

    1. Lora

      I swear, that wrist mobility exercise is MAGIC! All credit goes to Kevin and Joanna…they shared some pearls from the Oly Cert 🙂 I’m happy it helped. Nice work this morning.

  9. Josh

    WU X 1
    OHS X 5
    65-75-85-95-105…been trying to break 100# for a long time

    AMRAP Goat

    5 HSPU…45# weight and ab mat
    7Ring Dips…purple band
    9 DU’s
    5 RNDS 12 reps …..This was one of my favorite WODS…..I have never done HSPU’s in a wod and I strung together the most DU’s ever…….Needless to say I left smiling( and sweaty), who would of thought that doing what you suck at would feel so good..

  10. Shawn Johnson

    WU X 1
    OHS X 5
    50 – 55 – 60 – 65 – 70

    3 Goats AMRAP

    5 HSPU 25# weight and ab mat
    7 Box Jumps (1 round 30″ the rest 29″)
    9 DU’s

    10 rounds + 5 HSPU & 2 Box Jumps

  11. Gilles

    Wu x 1
    Strength – Dead lifts x 5

    WOD : Goat WOD
    AMRAP in 20 min.
    5 OHS (45)
    7 Wall Ball (20#)
    9 DU

    Total = 6 rounds & 4 wall ball

  12. Rachel

    Wu x 1 add 10 sec. x 2 Figure 4
    Strength – Front squats x 3
    65, 70, 75, 80, 85

    WOD : Goat WOD
    AMRAP in 20 min.
    5 Pull ups (blue & purpel band)
    7 Lunges
    9 Box jumps (12” & 25# plate)

    Total =12 rounds

  13. Corinna

    WU x 1

    Strength: OHS x 5
    Fun sharing the bar with you tonight Sarah.

    WOD: AMRAP 20 minutes

    5 OHS @ 65lbs
    7 toes to bar
    9 box jumps @ 20′ ( step down to avoid compression of lower back)

    11 rounds + 1 OHS

    Fun WOD considering the nature of today’s WOD.

    1. jeff

      nice job on the WOD Corinna, we could pair up on some of these since we are both going at it kinda gingerly! lol.. slow and steady, want ya healthy and around the gym! 🙂

  14. Frank

    WU x 1

    shoulder press x5
    95-105-120-135-150 (1)

    WOD: “Goat WOD”

    AMRAP 20 mins

    5 Thrusters at 85#
    7 box jumps at 24″
    9 Wall balls at 20#

    Score: 9 Rounds

  15. Darsey

    Felt great to be at CFM and get a wod in after 20 days of zero physical activity, besides walking. Still on road to recovery but getting better.
    Wod goat
    5 strict pull ups
    7 squats
    9 arm switch plank? Not sure if that’s the correct name
    12 rds

    1. Lora

      Welcome back, Darsey. We’ve missed you. Great job on your goat WOD. Hope the rest of your recovery goes well and we keep seeing you.

    2. Blake

      Glad to hear you are back bud! I’ve been trying to “Darsey” the hell out of the WODs but we all know I am just a pretender to the throne!
      Welcome back!

  16. Joey

    WU x 1

    Deadlifts x5

    WOD: “Goat WOD”

    AMRAP 20 mins

    5 Pull-ups (with Beige Band)
    7 burpees
    9 box jumps at 24″

    Score: 8 Rounds

      1. Joey

        Thanks! and thank you for sharing the (pull-up) bar. For some reason, this morning my left arm is sore from either the pull-ups or the Burpees! I guess the WOD kicked my butt!

  17. Chantal Guerette

    WU x 1

    Strength – Back Squats 5 x 75-80-85-90-95

    WOD “Goat”
    – 5 Pistols (with small box, a plate of 45lbs and a plate of 25lbs… I know…)
    – 7 Ring Dips (2 tiny bands)
    – 9 Deadlifts (80lbs)

    13 rounds and 7 Ring Dips sooo 285 reps 🙂 I’m happy with that !

  18. Heather S

    MOB X 2
    WU X 1
    Strength front squat 5’s
    105-110-115-120 (feeling light headed so stopped)

    Goat WOD (Did same wod as last time)

    5 14# wallballs @ 10′
    7 OHS 45#s
    9 DU’s

    9 rounds even (last time 8r + 1 ohs)

    7rounds of DU’s were unbroken – tripped once in 3 r and choked in the 9th round trying to get the round finished – I may still have been in the air on the last one when Jo called time! Might be time to sub these out for box jumps on the next GOAT Day.

    Happy with this since I was sick over the weekend and haven’t yet really started eating and drinking again. Felt like crap right after the wod and seriously thought I would be the next name on pukie’s wall – but mind over matter (ie bitchiness) prevailed and I feel better now 🙂

    1. Lora

      That’s a great PR Heather! Hope you were able to spend the rest of your evening relaxing and that you are back to your old self soon….(Not “ancient old” but “regular old”…you know what I mean!)

  19. Heidi

    WU x 1

    Split Jerks x 3
    These felt really heavy this morning…even the first round.

    Goat WOD
    5 Pull Ups (No Bands)
    7 Toes to Bar
    9 Double Unders
    8 Rounds + 3 Pull ups

    I don’t remember the last time I cursed so much during a WOD. Probably last time we did goats. Hands are feeling the effects of the bar & double unders have regressed..WTF??? More practice I guess.

  20. Marcel

    WU x 1

    Shoulder Press x 3


    Goat WOD – AMRAP in 20 minutes

    5 OHS 65 lb
    7 Pull ups
    9 Box jumps 24″

    10 rounds + 5 OHS + 6 pull ups

    A full round PR from last attempt at this WOD. Happy with the progress.

  21. Lora

    WU x 1 (minus pull ups…shoulders hate me today)

    Strength: Push Press (x1)
    45(10)-95-105-120-135-145 PR 🙂

    Was a little worried about push press because my shoulders weren’t feeling the best,but with it being my round of 1’s I thought how bad could 5 reps be? 145# felt pretty good.

    Goat WOD (stayed with movements that didn’t require anything overhead)

    5 Hang Squat Cleans @85# (Kevin picked the weight, not me!)
    7 Burpees
    9 Box jumps @ 20″

    Score = 9 rounds + 1 HSC

    This WOD wrecked me….but I loved it!!! I am still on a high because in round 6 I was able to figure out the rebound on box jumps! Rounds 7, 8 and 9 I did 9 reps unbroken each time! Finally, finally, finally! 😀

    1. Maddy

      On the few times that I looked up and had enough blood flowing to my head to see what I was looking at I saw that your box jumps and burpees looked awesome!

    2. jeff

      great work on your push press Lora, was nice to be there to see it, and your goat Wod could only have been more difficult if the squat cleans were thrusters.. have to try that one someday! not soon though! lol

  22. Maddy

    WU x 1 – First time doing 10 strict pushups (unbroken) in a LONG time 🙂

    Strength – Dead lift
    5 x 100 – 105 – 110 – 115 – 120 – 125 (PR)

    “Goat” WOD
    5 V-Snaps
    7 Plank switch (plank position on hands, elbows down, then back up to plank)
    9 Bar hops with a paralette bar – I realized at the end that I was counting 1 bar hop = once over the bar… I’m not sure if I was supposed to count over and back as one..?

    11 rounds + 5 V-Snaps

  23. MOB


    Strength: Deadlift
    Hurt my back (again) last week but recovered pretty quick. Did some “light” weight re-hab:

    “Goat” WOD
    5 Hand Stand Push UP (no kipping, with a 45# + abmat)
    7 wall balls (strangely easy?)
    9 back extensions on the GHD

    11 rounds + 1 Handstand.

  24. jeff

    warm up (for everyone!).. fix heaters in warm up room! lol

    1x WU

    push jerk x 5
    45-95-115-125-135-135 these felt kinda good with the new dip drive from JO and Kev
    Thanks Lora for sharing the bar, been at CFM for over a year now and think its the first time we ever got to share!! collective AWWWW :O)

    Wod 5-7-9 goats
    Power snatch @85
    7 rounds and 2 C2B

    really liked this wod as I felt I got stronger as I went along.. had a Jason Khalipa moment on the HSPU on the 6th round couldn’t finish off the 7 one.. after 3 attempts and a bit of rest, voila! lol.. like this Wod, although would have liked to have DU in there but not ready for them yet.. soon I hope

    1. Lora

      Awwww…it was nice sharing a bar with you, too. 🙂
      Great job on your goat WOD. Your shoulders must be cooked!
      LOL @ the “Khalipa moment”…

  25. Kevin

    Tried the Member Challenge tonight. Got 63 wall balls (with 4 no reps).

    Everyone should be trying these! It’s not just about the belt. It’s about testing your abilities. When we do the same ones again, down the road, you’ll have something to compare to.

    I’d better see more than 2 names on the board tomorrow!

  26. Blake

    Love the Sunday hours!
    Love the WOD! “Life” happened today but I think I will throw this WOD in instead of a strength sometime very soon.

    Top 3 Goats (there are others):
    Double Unders

  27. Rob Brock

    Wu x 1

    Overhead squats 5’s to 105

    “Goat WOD”

    5 Muscle-ups scaled to ring dips (You know it’s a goat when you have to scale the goat WOD!)

    7 pistols

    9 Overhead Squats #65

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