Sunday Musings


Sunday Musings

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our new hours. Please see Zenplanner or this link for details.

We are one day down and one to go for the Olympic Lifting cert. Definitely learning a ton of stuff and can’t wait to put it to practice. One big take-away is the importance of the starting position. If you start in the wrong position, the rest of the lift cannot go right. We’ll be hammering that down…so just something to expect.

Another take-away is mobility. How can you get into the proper start position (or finish position) if you don’t have the proper mobility to do so? Flexibility is one of the 10 components of fitness. Is that your limiting factor? Are you trying to get stronger without improving your mobility? If so, you have your priorities backwards. Be mobile, then add on the weight. It will be a much easier road to travel.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

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  1. Mob + WUx2

    Volume – EMOTM 20 mins – HSPU, kip
    = 40 (20 x 2 reps)

    WOD Rx: (Home WOD from May 21, 2012)

    – 10 Lunges, alt.
    – 10 Squats
    – 10 Burpees

    = 4:51 (PR by 51 secs)

    Cashout; 400m jog

  2. Heather S

    The Olympic Lifting Cert was the most amazing experience. The instructors are so knowledgeable and well prepared that you couldn’t help but get tons from the experience. I learned so much!! PR’s in both snatch and c&j; finally can clean without the horrible bent elbow; and feeling so much more confident. (Ask anyone who has seen me since it ended – I’m enthusiastic to the point of nausea 🙂 )

    I hesitated for the longest time before signing up: too much time and money to commit; how much impact/improvement could there be for a “masters” age lifter; blah blah blah. Seriously
    whatever your reason for not signing up for this – you were wrong! Start planning now to go next time. You’ll never regret it!

    Thanks Bryan, Nick and Rich – you guys have a great thing going here. And Kevin and Jo, as usual you guys make all the great stuff happen!

    To anyone who wasn’t at the cert – if you’re feeling like people are staring at you now when you lift – it’s not paranoia, we’re practicing what we learned!! Creepy and helpful at the same time 🙂

  3. What a weekend. I learned so much I don’t even know where to begin.

    1) Learn to teach a lift, and you’ll become a better lifter
    2) Start position is the key to a good lift
    3) Mobility is more important than strength.

    Those are very basic points and pretty much “common knowledge” in the Olympic Weightlifting world. But on top of that I learned my weaknesses and my strong points. By attacking my weak points lift after lift with some of the best trainers in the country watching me, getting better was pretty much inevitable 🙂 That was a great feeling.

    I did get a PR on the clean and jerk, which wasn’t even a priority for me. It just happened and it was the cherry on top of a great weekend 🙂

    Thanks Bryan, Nick and Rich for an awesome class.

  4. Amanda

    Oh my gosh, what an amazing weekend!!

    At the end of yesterday I was feeling a little frustrated because I what I learned the most about was how much work I need to do on my Snatch. But I have SO MUCH knowledge about it now. I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned to my lift and keep practicing!

    As for today, I’m still on a lifting high. I got to spend the whole day working on my very favorite lift (clean), and I discovered how much I love the split jerk!

    These guys doing the cert were amazing.

    I would encourage ANYONE who is interested in getting better at their Olympic Lifts to sign up for this when they come back to town. Well worth the money!

    I was so lucky to have shared a bar all weekend with Heather Steeves and Chantal LeBreton, who were awesome coaches. And in case you all didn’t know, Chantal has an amazing snatch! (haha?) Really great form. And she makes the squat clean look SO easy!

    The highlight of my weekend? Seeing Heather Steeves do cleans with her arms STRAIGHT! Even when they got heavy. Great job Heather!! For those of you who don’t know her, she’s been struggling for 2+ year to get her arms straight on the clean. I can’t believe I got to witness it!!

    THANK YOU Kevin for encouraging me to do this and for bringing the opportunity to us. I’m so glad I did it.

  5. Kevin

    Six years into CrossFit, and I still learn new stuff all the time. I am so glad I was introduced to Bryan and had the luxury to host his Oly Cert. Bryan, Nic and Rich were outstanding coaches and I picked up a lot of new stuff.

    Some of my big take-aways…

    Advanced = Mastering the Basics. Often, we attempt to lift more without having a solid grasp on the fundamentals. Taking a couple steps back will translate into a few steps forward.

    Mobility is King – If you practice a lot with crap positions, you will not improve. Lifting more weight with shit form is not being better…it’s just lifting more. Working your mobility to help you get into the proper positions, and then making your practice perfect – now that’s improvement!

    As a coach, be relentless – Fight tooth and nail to get members into the best possible positions. As Patrick said, that start position will determine the rest of the lift. Don’t let shit form happen.

    On a final note, I am very proud of the trainers and members that participated in the cert. It’s not just about getting better at YOUR lifts, but now you have an eye for it when others lift. Our members will truly benefit from your willingness to step up and take this course. And I’m also impressed with all of your lifting improvements. Congrats on all your PRs.

  6. Joanna

    I have a new(ish) love (I’ve always liked it but after this weekend it’s Love), Olympic lifting. I’m pretty sure if we had a good oly lifting program around here I would nearly stop CrossFit (what?! blasphemy right?) and take it up full time. Sure I’d still do a couple CrossFit type metcon WODs a week but my main focus would change.

    Why you ask? I love the simple complexity of it. It’s mind numbingly frustrating when you just can’t get it to click but then when it does, oh it’s GOOD. It’s amazing to me how the most technical lifts can be broken down and deconstructed. Over the course of this weekend I learned a lot, and most of what I learned were small, previously would have maybe seemed insignificant, ways of making my lift better. Shifting your weight forward or back even by an inch, retracting your shoulders just a little bit more, flaring your knees, really listening to when your feet hit the floor.

    Someone said at the end of the weekend that ‘it’s not practice that makes perfect, it’s perfect practice that makes perfect’. It’s not necessarily the amount of practice you do, but the quality of movement with which you do it. If you’re practicing with shitty form you’re just going to get better at doing a lift with shitty form no matter how many hours you spend doing it. Like Kevin said, advanced = mastering the basics. Don’t be impressed with the amount of weight you can lift, be impressed with the form and technique you do it with.

    We were lucky to have three amazing coaches for the weekend. Huge thanks to Bryan, Nick and Rich for all of your coaching, correcting, pep talks, encouragement, and for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

    Congrats to everyone who stepped up and took this course. It was 150% worth it. Everyone walked away with something at the end of the weekend, even some PRs! It was great to see so many people make so much improvement. Golf claps all around (inside joke – Marie-No).

  7. Chantal L.

    First off, I would like to thank Bryan, Nic and Rich for the Oly-Cert. They are no joke when it comes to Olympic lifting and coaching and they absolutely have a good eagle eye. From the minute they started working with us I was very comfortable with them and they were very good at helping us help the athlete doing the lift.

    Takeaway points:

    -If at any point your position is wrong, the rest of the lift will go wrong. You might succeed at putting some weight overhead and lock it out, but it will be ugly, and you will have to work extra hard to bring your sh*t together.

    -Mobility is way more important than I thought. Like, you can never get enough. Every athlete should do mobility twice a day. And I’m not talking a little lacross ball massage on the back here.. I’m saying real fascia release techniques, they crazy hurt! If your mobility sucks, your positioning will suck. Please refer to my first point.

    -Never assume you are good at something. Even if you are strong and people tell you you are strong, it doesn’t mean anything. Please refer to my first point.

    I’m am sooooooooooo glad I got to do this and was so happy to partner up with Amanda and Heather. Amanda is an awesome coach, she also has that eagle eye! And Heather, I was so happy to share your success and improvements this weekend, just amazing! I loved being able to troubleshoot and give feedback to my peers. It is certainly a confidence booster…maybe a Level 1 cert in the near future… maybe!

  8. Gillyon

    I have started, deleted, restarted, deleted this post several times because I just don’t think I can fully explain in words how beneficial this cert. was for me. I am not a Crossfit Moncton coach, but decided to take this cert. just for me. I wanted to get better at the things that I don’t do well. And, in all honesty, it was the best Crossfit Decision I have ever made.

    My Big Aha Moments:
    1) Bryan hooked me in on his opening line “Advanced means mastering the basics.” Its not about being fancy, it is about doing the simple things well.

    2) The constant, constructive feedback from Bryan, Nic and Rich. They saw everything. I still have some work to do on my snatch and C&J , but feel like I am on my way to lifting heavy. I finally realized that my problem with these two lifts is not my extension, but my pick up. YAY!

    3) The importance of mobility. The mobility warmup and drills were so beneficial. I was so sore walking into the gym on Sunday morning. I was worried that my back would give out, but after the warmup I felt great. My squats looked pretty awesome too….even ask Kevin.

    4) Knees out on the dip. Wow…just wow. What a difference that made.

    Thank you, Kevin and Jo for making this all happen. You are doing great things at CFM. Keep it up!

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