Friday’s QOD


Friday’s QOD

I saw this quote the other day. Do you agree/disagree? Why?

“If money cannot buy happiness, neither will PR after PR. The joy is in the doing.”


21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlifts (225/155#)
Handstand Pushups

Compare to July 6/11

Lisa with some solid KB form

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  1. Heather S

    QOD: I’m sitting on the fence…

    I think a PR feeds our competitive natures – witness the cheering, congratulations and “joy” when someone gets a PR. But that comes beacuse a PR is tangible recognition of all the hard work – “the doing”.

    And after yesterday’s lunges, there’ll be “joy” if I can even do a deadlift today…my butt hurts!! 🙂

  2. Heidi

    WU x 2

    OHS x 5

    DL @ 130#
    HSPU with [email protected] plate & ab mat
    Time = 8:34

    Pretty happy with this. While I’ve done a few WOD’s with HSPU, I think this a first for this many reps in a WOD.

    Yay for long weekends. Make it a good one everyone & don’t forget to pay your respects to veterans and those serving in our armed forces.

  3. Amanda

    As for the QOD…I’m not sure I agree. When it comes to the gym, I’m driven and motivated by PRs, and when it comes to being ‘happy’ at the gym, getting PRs makes me happy. In my mind, getting PRs means I’m getting fitter and healthier, and therefore improving the quality of my life. 😀

  4. Melanie

    WU x 2

    Strength : Shoulder Press 20-25-30-35-35

    Diane 21-15-9

    Deadlifts @ 45#
    Push ups

    Time = 5:43

    Getting better with the push ups, hopefully won’t need to put my knees down soon 🙂

  5. Kevin

    QOD – It’s soon going to be 6 years since I found CrossFit. PRs for me are few and far between. But I still get them and it does make me happy.

    Most of you don’t know that I also paint and draw. I enjoy the process. The making and the doing. The final product is great. You can stand back, look at what you’ve done. Show others. But it’s the creating that’s the most enjoyable.

    And I guess that’s how I see myself with CrossFit. Yes, the final product (a PR) is great, but it’s the creation of the PR that is truly the best.

  6. WU x 2(sub pullups for deadlifts)

    Push Jerk x 5

    DL @ 140#
    HSPU with 25# plate & ab mat(first 4 were with just ab mat)
    Time = 10:27

    QOD – Interesting QOD as my progress has dramatically slowed down due to a couple of variables. Without reading today’s QOD I had a mine set on not doing a PR in Push Jerks, as 165# is simply a heavy weight to tackle. As far as the wods go I’m still sore without PRs.

  7. QOD – I think here the thing is that if you keep getting PRs constantly, you they are not going to feel special. Just like money. The joy should be in the effort put into it and getting a meaningful PR. I guess this could translate to saving money for a trip or something you really want.

  8. Joanna

    QOD – I’m in the same boat as Kevin, PR’s for me don’t come often. When they do happen of course I’m happy…however…..

    I’ll also use a similar analogy. I build tables (with a little help from my lovely husband). It starts off as a pile of lumber (2×4’s ect). After some cutting, gluing, screwing and cursing it loosely resembles a table. It’s functional at that point, but not pretty. After many many hours of sanding, prepping, staining and finishing it becomes a pretty cool piece of furniture. This does not happen overnight it takes days, even weeks from start to finish. I can stand back and admire the finished product, I’m happy. The thing is, if the finished product didn’t take me hours and hours of work to accomplish I would not appreciate it nearly as much. It’s not easy like going and buying one in a store, but it means more to me knowing I’ve done it myself.

    The same goes for PRs for me. I have to work so much harder to get a PR now as compared to when I first started, but those PRs mean more to me now than they did then because I realize how much hard work and determination I’ve had to put in. In the end even when I get a PR it is not the “finished product” or end of the road because what happens now? I start the journey toward the next PR. So yes, for me the joy is in the doing because the doing is never done.

  9. Amanda

    I think the joy is in the ‘achieving’, not in the ‘doing’. I think if it weren’t for the PRs, the ‘doing’ wouldn’t make us nearly as happy. You can’t have one without the other.

  10. Blake

    Money can buy bacon which in turn makes me happy.

    PRs are icing on the paleo cake! Fitness is definitely a journey, but PRs or PA’s (Personal Achievements) are those benchmarks along the way that allow you to realise just how much progress you have made and that the “doing” you put in every time you come is working (that along with more energy, less sickness, better physique, weight loss, mental toughness).

    Now that my PRs are less routine I focus more on “doing” things properly knowing it will be more beneficial to me in the long run.

    I enjoy the PRs, I enjoy the journey, I enjoy the doing, and I really enjoy the bacon.

  11. Michelle

    WUx 2
    Strength Cleans x 5
    70-75-80- 85-95 (PR for reps!)
    DL @ 105#
    Push ups
    Time = 7:28

    Have a good weekend everybody! Thanks for the great coaching, Amanda!

  12. Valérie Arseneau

    WUx 2
    Strength Back Squats x 5
    90-95-100-105-110 (PR of 5#)

    DL @ 855#
    pike Push ups on knees
    Time = 8:46

    Struggled with the pike push ups today. Not sure why. Last time I had a WOD with pike push ups, it wasnt as hard as this AM. ah well 🙂

    QOD : Not sure. Money doesnt buy happyness but it can sure help. I mean it allows me to pay my membership which makes me happy. lol. I do enjoy getting PRs and doing mini celebration dances. So I will have to disagree with the statement.

  13. Elba

    WUx 2 (deadlift instead of pull up)

    Squat Cleans 5’s
    70-75-80- 85-95

    DL @ 135#
    Push ups
    Time = 8:42

    Good WOD!! Good Job Coach Amanda and I am so happy I did a wod with Leesa finally!! 🙂 Amesome crew this morning, Melanie I am so glad you made it to the 6am class again, hope you come more often!! 🙂

  14. Natacha

    Push jerk 5rm to #80

    Wod @ 105#
    hspu with ab mat under head and 25# plates on each side (1st 6 rx’d with 45# plates)
    Those hspu sure took a lot out of me

  15. Maria

    QOD: I like getting PR’s of course! but it’s not what keeps me coming back day after day. I enjoy learning new movements, working on skills, the people. And it’s SO much fun that’s what makes me happy.

  16. Darsey

    Max rep pull ups: 25. Pr of 10 thanks Rob for getting a song for me.
    Wod modified
    42-30-18 sit ups on ab mat
    21-15-9 handstand pushups on abmat
    Time 8:13

  17. Frank

    WU x 2
    25 burpees for time = 49.66 sec

    OHS x 5
    80-90-105-115-130 (PR for reps)

    Diane scaled
    DL @ 205#
    Time = 4:09
    PR of 0.22 sec and 20#

  18. Joanna

    Dianne Rx’d

    1st time doing Diane Rx’d! Only took 2.5 years! 29 sec PR and 20# weight PR. Wasn’t expecting any PRs today so it was a nice surprise 🙂

    Happy weekend all!

  19. Blake

    WU x 1

    Push Jerk x 5
    Tweaked my knee somehow on last set, stopped at 3…PR next time.

    WOD: “Diane”
    Deadlift @ 185#
    HSPU w/ 25# plate and abmat

    TIME: 11:12

    First WOD with HSPU!!! Pretty pumped! Thanks to everyone for the encouragement on the last set!!

  20. Chantal L.

    WU x 2 – deadlifts instead of pushups

    5x cleans
    85-95-100-100 and did no continue, I was very sore, and I kept landing incorrectly. Ouch @ my neck!

    WOD @ 155#, regular pushups – 7:32

  21. Eric N.


    WU x 2 (DL @ 135# instead of pull-ups)

    Strength : Deadlifts (why not) x 5

    WOD @ 145# and HSPUs Rx’d

    Great job 5:30

  22. Gabriel


    Burpee Chalenge: Time –> 48.66

    Foam rolling
    Daily Planks to 5min

    WOD “Diane”

    21-15-9 reps of:
    Deadlifts (185#)
    Handstand Pushups(Ab mat +45#)

    DNF- was at 15’s for HSPU and did 1rep.
    Back started tightening after my struggle with the 1st 21 HSPU.
    Better to throw a WOD than a back!!

    Great job 5:30 crew!

    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  23. Jeff L

    WU X 2 – Sub deadlifts for pullups

    Strength – OHS X 5


    WOD – Diane


    Deadlifts @ 185#
    HSPU scaled to pushups

    Time – 3:51

    40# and 3 sec PR over July 4th 2012

  24. MOB, WU x 2 with Deadlifts

    Strength: Push Press x 5
    105, 120, 130, 140, 150

    WOD: Diane

    21-15-9 reps of:
    Deadlifts @ 155
    Handstand Pushups Scaled to PU

    Time = 3:14

    It was a hard week at CFM and I had to super scale my WOD. Looking forward to a rest day.

  25. Marie-No

    Today was my first Crossfit failure. I knew it would happen sooner than later. It’s due in part from being tired from a very long and stressful week at work, due to Angie who hurt my right biceps area tendon as well as from stuburness.

    I started this workout rx’ed and couldn’t push myself all the way up starting in the later portion of the first round. This frustrated me and and played with my head. I finished this wod with push ups since the motion if extending my arm was painful.

    I’m glad I pushed through it but made me realize the importance of training your mind and its toughness as well cause no matter how strong you are physically you are, real strength is also all about conquering your thoughts and pushing through even when you think you can’t anymore.

    Pressing the reset button and focussing on tomorrow’s workout. Great job 5:30 group!!!

    1. natacha

      hspu definitely play with your mind… that’s an example of why Crossfit is excellent for pushing not only your physical but also your mental limits… not to be underestimated… beau travail mental!!

  26. Chantal Guerette

    WU x 2
    Foam Rolling and other stretches…
    WOD “Diane”
    – Deadlifts (75lbs)
    – Pike Pushups

    Time : 4:55

  27. Jeremy L

    WU x 1 (dead lifts instead of pull ups @ 95#)

    push press 5 x up to 125#


    dead lift @ 95#
    pike push ups from knees on a box
    time : 4.03

  28. Amanda

    WOD w/ 125# and 25# plate for HSPU

    Time: 13:35
    Around two minutes off my PR. I haven’t been doing HSPU’s enough lately and it was evident today.

    I sometimes have days where I’m extra proud to be a member of our gym, and today was one of them. I struggled through this wod and was the last to finish and being the last person finished I had a cheering section. What was awesome was how many of them were new members. I could hear all of their words of encouragement, and I love how they’ve adopted the Crossfit Moncton ways of support and community so quick. Great members & additions to our community. Thank you for helping me through my final round today!

    1. natacha

      Good job Amanda! I finished first in a wod this week and it felt nice, but today I also finished last in the 8:30 class and it felt awesome to hear all the encouragements from the group…hmmm… maybe I’ll start trying to avoid all pr’s to get this rush again!!

  29. Lora

    WU x 2 (deadlifts instead of pullups)

    Strength: Cleans (x3)
    Thanks for sharing the bar, Frankie!

    WOD “Diane” scaled
    Deadlifts @ 155#
    HSPU’s with 45# plate and abmat
    Time = 6:47

    Because of a neck issue, I am not able to rest my weight on my head and kip the HSPU’s so moved back up to 45# plate from 25# plate and must do them strict. First 10 or so were great…then ended up with mostly doubles and singles for the rest of the WOD. Deadlifts all unbroken.

    Cashout – 20 McKenzie pushups

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